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It seems every week one cell phone company or another announces lower costs on their cell phone plan. Secondly, prices in cell phone plans are dropping like a rock and locking yourself into a high priced contract ensures you won’t be able to take advantage of the lower prices we will have in the future. As a part of this change, I did a lot of research into the current offerings out there, and found some really innovating pricing done by small companies - many of whom offer much, MUCH better deals than the big 4 in the USA (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint). All of the below plans are prepaid plans (as prepaid cell plans are far cheaper than contract plans), but that means that you have to pay full price for your phone up-front.
My recommended plan: Their free plan - 200 minutes, 500 texts, and 500MB of 4G data for $0 per month.
The Verdict: It might be a great option for you, especially with the Samsung Galaxy S2 - free is free, after all. The Bad: The per-minute text and data rates are higher than some of the other options on this list, so I don't recommend this for a smart phone user, except for people who are VERY light users. The Bad: RingPlus doesn't offer roaming on any other networks, so the service only works where Sprint has towers. The Phone: They will sell you a Moto X for $299 (which is a decent price for an excellent phone - second only to the Google Nexus 5, in my opinion).
The Good: People say (I don't know from personal experience) that the service is good, and that the customer service is excellent. The Bad: I wouldn't say it's bad, but it is a reality of using Republic Wireless - they want you to connect to WiFi at home, work, and wherever else you can. The Verdict: If I had a teenager, this plan with the Moto G is almost certainly what I'd get for them - it's hard to argue with unlimited everything for $25, if you are content with Sprint 3G data speeds.
The Good: The same as the above, with the addition of 4G LTE data (up to 5GB per month, and slowed after that). The Verdict: An excellent option if you want an excellent phone and unlimited everything with 4G LTE service, without totally breaking your bank. My recommended plan: There is only one plan, and it scales with your usage as detailed here. The Phone: They have the largest variety of phones available for sale of any of the companies listed on this page, including just-launched phones like the Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, HTC One, and others.
The Phone: Any unlocked GSM phone will work, though obviously, you'd want one compatible with T-Mobile's 4G LTE service. The Good: T-Mobile earns props for being the only company of the big 4 that earns a spot on my list at all, even if it is a bit of a niche plan.
As you may have noticed, most of the companies listed on this page run their networks through Sprint. If you live in the middle of nowhere and simply HAVE to have 4G LTE data, paying full price for Verizon is your only option - unlike Sprint and T-Mobile (and, to a smaller extent, AT&T), Verizon doesn't give any small company access to its LTE network. Also, the above obviously only applies to my American readers - but if you're from another country and have found a sweet cell phone deal, feel free to share that in the comments as well. The young Vietnamese creator of hit mobile game Flappy Bird has removed it from the App Store and Google Play saying it ruined his life.
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Click here to read the latest cellphone plan comparison updated December 2015President’s Choice launched new cellphone plans with shorter-than-normal (18 or 30 month) contracts last week.
Three unlimited plans called Basic, Smart and Pro all include unlimited talk, text and 3G data. You can add international texting to the Basic unlimited plan for $5 per month or you can add the Cricket International plan to any unlimited plan for $5 a month to also get unlimited calls to landlines in 35 countries.For $15 per month, the Cricket International Extra plan adds 1000 minutes of calls to international cell phones in additional to unlimited landline calls.
You now get free calls to Mexico (both landlines and cellphones) on plans costing $50 and up. You can get ad-free music streaming from the Deezer music service for $6 a month with a 15-day free trial. There are no longer any activation fees when you first sign up for a Cricket cell phone plan. Okay service, decent phones I am not a huge fan of their service and plans, but it isn't horrible, either. They rope you in Not rated yetDon't sign up with Cricket they suck as far as cell phone providers are concerned. Coverage spotty but good phone and customer service Not rated yetI had a Cricket phone for around six months a few years back. Not Sure I Would Ever Go Back Not rated yetI have had their service a couple of times. As a plan that also targeted high-population areas only to begin with, MetroPCS also offered low-cost unlimited plans to make up for its (at the time).limited network. One plan that's been around and has a bit of a fan following is PlatinumTel (now known as PTel).

Choosing a cell phone carrier is a bit of a balancing act, one with increasing complexity thanks to the advances of technology and intense competition. Read on to learn more, and scan through DexKnows cell phones listings to find providers near you.
The catch is that calling cards may come with a set amount of time in which to use the card, such as 30 to 90 days. There is also concern over insurance plans that may come with a deductible of as much as $150 in order to get a replacement phone if a phone is lost, stolen or damaged. Also ask about the speed of the signal, especially if you plan to use data services, and whether they have options such as the 4G network. Before deciding on a cell phone provider, put thought into what features you want, and determine what phones may fit your needs.
If you decide on a smartphone, don’t forget to check on the price of data services and how much data you receive before paying an overage fee. This is just some advice that can help you find your way among today’s maze of cell phones. Lake Worth Chiropractor: Thanks, Kurt for sharing from the wealth of your knowledge and experience. Writing an article trying to find the best cell phone plan is almost impossible because they change so often.  Instead, I wrote this calculator to help you figure it out for yourself. Because two years is the average time for a new cell phone contract (Even though I recommend you not sign a cell phone contract under any circumstances) and because two years is the average amount of time the average American keeps their cell phone. As I don't want all that research and knowledge to go to waste, I figured I'd write an overview of what I found and detail the best cell phone deal available (as of March 2014) for a bunch of different consumer archetypes - the odds are that you fall into one of the below buckets, and the odds are that you can save A LOT of money compared to your current cell phone bill.
However, even paying full price for a phone, you'll be saving a lot of money over the course of a two year contract with one of the big companies.
A decent, if dated phone - I used a Samsung Galaxy S2 happily for more than 2 years, and would have kept using it if I hadn't broken it. I have a wireless 4G hotspot from FreedomPop, and it works well enough and is indeed 100% free. And if their service is too bad for you, they offer a 30 day money back guarantee on the phone you buy. LycaMobile is also the only prepaid service I know of where your credit doesn't expire after a certain period of time (e.g.
Also, even though their coverage is nationwide, you can only sign up if you have an address in a city.
If you want the newest, top-of-the-line phone, I'd recommend a Google Nexus 5 (costs $349 and up - be sure to buy it straight from Google. This is fine in cities and along highways, but if you live in a very rural area, this service is probably a bad choice for you. If you combine RingPlus's service with a used S3, it's probably my favorite smart phone deal available right now, unless you need unlimited everything. They're about to launch the Moto G for $149 as well, if you are happy with a nice but more modest spec sheet. They offer some roaming (you can check their coverage map), so it may even be a good option for those of you in more rural areas.
When you're connected to WiFi, they route all your calls and data through WiFi, which is much cheaper for them. Republic Wireless's roaming offers coverage in many areas not covered by the above companies that don't have roaming agreements.
You can also bring almost any Sprint phone, and I'd recommend buying a Google Nexus 5 from Google and taking it to Ting to use. If you're in rural America, their roaming deal with Verizon has you covered for voice and text, but not data.
If you simply HATE Sprint irrationally (or if Sprint's coverage in your area is particularly bad), this plan is a cheap way to get lots of data.
I had an out-of-contract Samsung Galaxy S2 from AT&T and used it on this plan for several months until the phone finally broke (when I replaced it with a Google Nexus 5 and switched to the even-cheaper RingPlus plan). Unfortunately, Sprint recently changed it's "bring your own device" rules for most of the small companies that run their service on Sprint's network, so you can no longer activate Sprint iPhones with most of these companies.
If I were you, I'd get over my need for LTE data and go with Republic Wireless or Ting, but if you have to have LTE data in rural America, then you have no choice but to go with Verizon. If you already were a Cricket customer before the acquisition, you may still be on the previous CDMA network.
So, for example, if you add an additional two lines you get a $30 from a $10 discount for the first line and a $20 discount for the second line.If you have five lines then assuming a $50 plan, you only pay a total of $100 for those five lines or $20 per month per line which is pretty good!
You also get unlimited text and picture messaging.Previously, there was a different Mexico plan which included a bucket of minutes and the ability to set up a local number in Mexico so that your friends and relatives could pay local rates.
There is a $50 rebate in the form of a prepaid Visa card which brings the overall cost of the Lumia 630 or ZTE Sonata down to zero.
Factors that play into that choice include cost and signal strength as well as how you plan to use the phone.

It is better to overestimate how many minutes you need because overages can come with a hefty price tag.
The criticism is that they often come with a higher per-minute rate and may not include all the features enjoyed by consumers on traditional cell phone plans. If buying calling cards, make sure to see how many minutes are included and whether there’s an added cost applied to each call made. If you don’t usually make a few hours of calls a month, find a plan around 300 or 450 minutes a month rather than one up around 900. They also have very limited bring your own phone options (so limited as to be almost worthless, but they say they're working on that - but, they've been "working on" that for several months now).
I tried their free phone service when it first launched with an HTC Evo 4G, and it was so bad that I couldn't use it day-to-day - but, I'm not sure how much of that was the service quality, and how much was the extremely old cell phone.
These kinds of dumb phones can be bought used for $20 or less, or you may even have some of these lying around in a drawer somewhere. For example, my parents in rural Tennessee couldn't sign up for this plan directly - I had to have the SIM cards shipped to me in DC and had to sign them up with a DC phone number, though the service has worked fine for them in Tennessee for the past few months. Per-minute, per-text, and per-megabyte rates are all quite low (2 cents each), so even if you go over your monthly allotment, your monthly bill won't explode. They consider WiFi to be your primary cell phone connection, and the actual cell service as a backup for when you're not near WiFi. Ting offers free voice and text roaming on Verizon, so they have voice and text (not data) coverage practically everywhere.
If you're addicted to Apple products, I would recommend that you free yourself from your addiction, as Android or PC products offer more bang for your buck than Apple products. Are their plans really better?We wanted to know: how do Canada’s cellphone plans compare?We used a price comparison study conducted for the CRTC in 2012 by Wall Communications Inc.
In addition you can't use the Cricket International package to save money on international calls and texts, and you can't use the additional line discount. The amounts of high-speed data for the $40, $50 and $60 plans are 500 MB, 1 GB and 2 GB respectively. The only thing good that came from it is the fact that you did not have to …Click here to write your own. They come in a variety of options, including paying for a month of service, for only the days used and a set price for each minute used.
Therefore, as my parents only use about 60 minutes per month, their monthly bill with LycaMobile is approximately $1.20 per month.
If you're content with merely a great phone instead of the absolute best, the best smart phone deal available now is a used Samsung Galaxy S3 for $175. Your monthly bill scales to your actual usage, so if you use very little in one month, your bill shrinks dramatically, and then goes back to normal the next month. But, if you simply MUST have your iPhone fix, you can buy a new iPhone 5s (surprisingly cheaply, actually - $385 as of the time of writing) from Virgin Mobile USA (which uses Sprint's network). Search for deals including free overnight and weekend calls and a higher number of daytime minutes during what’s considered peak times. Depending on the carrier, customers may sign up directly with the carrier and pay a fee each month or get a cell phone card that includes a certain amount of minutes. Activation fees are often charged for starting a contract and may be charged for each time it is renewed. Find one that fits your needs, including whether you’re seeking local, regional or national coverage. The S3 was made even more awesome recently because of Samsung's announcement that they'd be releasing Android 4.4 for the S3 sometime, so eventually, you'll even be able to run the newest Android version. All of their plans offer unlimited data and texting, and you get 300 minutes for $35, 1200 minutes for $45, and unlimited minutes for $55 a month. When asked (only by Telus and Mobilicity) the user location was Toronto, Ont.“I’m looking for a new cellphone plan. If members of your family are going to have cell phones, consider seeking a family plan that offers a discount.
Ask around, especially if you live in a sparsely populated area that may have dead zones when it comes to certain cell phone providers. I'm also relatively certain that you can only sign up with FreedomPop if you live in a city with Sprint 4G service, but someone can correct me there if I'm wrong. LycaMobile uses T-Mobile's network (and it includes 4G access where available), so coverage is pretty good, especially in cities.
I had Virgin Mobile USA for more than a year back when the 300 minute bucket was only $25 a month, and it was decent enough, though the customer service was rather mediocre. I send about 200 texts a month, and I’d need enough data to check my email and Facebook throughout the day.

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