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For example therea€™s a pre-installed news app called AP Mobile which sends news stories from the Associated Press news stories.
As the T528g stops just short of being a smart phone, here are a few more that share that quality.
The Samsung S390G was one of the few if not the only QWERTY phones with WiFi access available as a prepaid phone. Tracfone has finally come out with a couple of prepaid Android handsets that are compatible with their low-cost plans by offering data access through a separate set of refill cards.

You can check out the Virgin Mobile coverage map at the street-level to see if it works for you.
So the chances are that your Virgin Mobile coverage map will be good enough for you, but make sure you check first, because there is no roaming, you're either covered or not.
You're better off with two cans and a string! I recently began service with Virgin Mobile (03-14-11). Tracfone gets its coverage from the major providers like AT&T, T-Mobile or Verizon depending on your location and phone.

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