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Walking out of a cell phone dealership with a free phone may seem like a good cell phone deal. Here at Quest Wireless Sales and Repair, we specialize in cell phone repairs of all types and brands. A damaged or broken cell phone can ruin your entire day or even week and damage can happen in a split second.
Whether you are an individual or a company, we assure you to deliver the most trusted and professional services at a very much consumer friendly prices with quicker time, whilst ensuring that all your personal data including your name, contact details and other stuff remains in the safer hands while we have them.

Simple Mobile sells SIM cards, not phones, which may make it a good choice if you like unlocked phones such as the Nokia N8. Whether it is about the diagnosis of your cell phone and mobile devices we figure out the right cause and give the best solution in no time.
In case, you accidentally spill your drink, accidentally drop your phone, or your phone simply stops working, we can help. You will not find a better team of master certified technicians who’s experience and expertise with all devices will keep your phones and tablets in top working order.

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