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T-Mobile boasts having some of the most powerful no contract smartphones on the market today.  To go along with them, T-mobile has some of the most flexible and best no contract cell phone plans to make your savings complete. No Contract Smartphones Available: Any Smartphone that can be used on T-Mobile’s GSM network. Cricket wireless SIM card will run you about $10 but now there's a special deal going on it so it will only be $0.99.

Page Plus is a very basic cell phone service offering coverage on the Verizon network at a very affordable price. Google voice is a service that gives you a free phone number and Google hangouts is an application that lets you use your number to send text messages and make phone calls. T-Mobile is the 3rd largest company of the big four US carriers and the 2nd biggest GSM provider, with more than 30 million customers.

The SIM card includes free two day shipping which is super nice and it will allow you to get up and running in no time.

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