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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The mobile phone sales increase every year not just in a specific country, but it can be found in different countries around the world even in the developing countries.
Caterpillar, the heavy construction equipment manufacturer more commonly known as CAT, has come out with a tough waterproof Android phone. It features a rubber-cased aluminum body with few openings and the 4″ capacitive touch-screen display is covered by a scratch-proof Corning Gorilla Glass screen for optimal durability. As with other modern smartphones, you get WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, GPS, an accelerometer, proximity sensor, and ambient light sensor, a headphone jack, and both front- and rear-facing cameras (5MP and VGA). What’s disappointing is that, while the new phone can work on different networks, it can only support 3G and 2G network speeds.
The GSM cellular tech means this phone will work on AT&T and T-Mobile networks in the US.
If I ran a construction business or worked for the city and needed to supply a crew with phones, I might consider CAT’s BR15. Second, the comparatively low price tag for the unlocked CAT phone is indicative of the slower tech inside. There’s no 4G radio, and CAT boasts that the phone has smart features such as Wi-Fi, GPS, 3G internet and access to the Google Play Store.
So although CAT’s B15 phone looks very manly and can endure some attention-grabbing but rather unimpressive torture test stunts, think carefully before you buy one. For those of us who want more power under the hood, a regular smartphone coupled with a hybrid case, extended battery and tempered glass screen protector is more than enough to do the trick.
Looks like a Motorola phone in a waterproof case to me, just not an off the shelf Otterbox or Lifeproof. This EDC Keychain Wrench Beautifully Blends Form and Function Here's More Info About the New Porter Cable Tool Storage Combo New Dewalt Trades-Focused Tools: Electrical (Cable Cutter, Crimpers), Plumbing (Press Tool), Mechanical (Threaded Rod Cutter) Can You Remove Lug Nuts with a Cordless Impact Driver?
Luckily for consumers, this brought out the best no contract phone service plans the cell phone industry has ever seen! Between so many MVNO’s and the main carriers own prepaid no contract offerings, it’s almost impossible to keep up with the latest and greatest in no contract plans!
Reminder: This is geared for the major brand no contract service plans and doesn’t include many of the other MVNO providers that offer other packages that might fit your needs! Verizon now offers no contract plans and even allows you to purchase a device from them with some discount if you set-up autopay for your monthly bill.
You can additionally add extra data onto your plan as essentially a 2nd service package on top of the 500 MB of data already included. T-Mobile rocked the boat at last years CES show and was first to the punch on really offering out no contract service plans.
While these plans might be a little more expensive, they do include more data than other offerings and you don’t have to sign the ever dreaded 2 year contract. For those that talk and consume data, what seems to be a cheap offering could end up resulting in using all your data too quickly and paying a hefty price for additional data!
Sprint has recently entered into the no contract service plan offerings and has done a good job at offering a competitive price.
Their offering is more geared towards the heavy data user and those who are a walking hot spot. My ultimate choice would be Verizon because my data consumption varies from month to month and being able to add on more data if needed without going without or paying an arm and a leg would be worth the possibility of expiring data. Since the first Android devices came on to the market advances in technology and apps continue to improve with exciting new apps coming out from developers each year, Android Music Players in 2014 have really started to take things to the next level never before has the music loving android user had such a variety in choice.
One of the best Android music player apps out there providing that great mix of full features with a larger interface offering ease of use and gapless playback. Designed specifically and available only to Android this really is a true android music player with a 3D audio player is one of the most interactive players out there. Microsoft has spent the last few years struggling to gain relevance in the mobile world, which is an unfamiliar situation for the undisputed king of desktop software. It doesn’t have real multitasking, multi window support, USB OTG functionality, peripheral expansion ability, nor even the basic file management. The irony is that WP and Android don’t really compare since Android is actually far closer to desktop windows than WP is. I don’t think the average smart phone user puts any of those as number 1 on their list. And must say both have there own plus and minus points, but at the end of the day, i like WP a hell of lot better in easy to use. The moment that comes clear to the masses, WP could be the real winner at the end of the day.
Years ago i learned that my preferences, are not always the best pick for the average users. So for all those, the lack of those options is not a problem, and the easy use of WP is much more a plus. You can browse the structure of network PC’s for example, connect to a PC on the same network, and copy files to your phone using the file explorer. File Management is a way you find all your files like you would searching for them on your desktop computer.
I am quite sure my next phone will be a WP since the development is quite good: less new features but added stability and speed. You try to make some sense but I only see flawed assumptions, heavy ignorance and prejudice. In order to change a setting, you need to do 3 steps in WP, as opposed to just one in Android. Further, you can set up widgets to directly perform almost any action, be it contact calling, direct messaging.

On Android, you can even chose SIMPLE UI setup, you can set up gestures for system wide actions.
You haven’t used Windows Phone, at least that seems like the case given your apparent ignorance on its features? My comment on Android being equivalent to Windows Mobile is that it is very customizable and I agree it is more customizable than Windows Phone, due to the Widget options, and the general ideology that comes with building powerful tools and features.
As for Phones, they either have Internet and work or they don’t have Internet and no longer work.
I don’t like storing in the cloud because my data is limited and cloud storage uses my data. To be unbiased as a user of all three platforms I love IOS the best and then Android, but with 8.1 all my problems with windows phone are solved (except the store) likely be the best OS for phone now.
It IS the easiest OS to use, if you put just a little effort and time in that too much to ask from any smartphone user these days? For example, even Samsung stock launcher gives you that ability by default – just press on the dots that are representing the respective home screens or screens in the app drawer. Uau dude you are insane if you think that android cluttered mess of a UI is the easiest to use. The mobile phones are always developed to make use of the advanced technology, cope with the latest changes in the world around us and to satisfy the growing demands of the customers. An Amazon customer complained that warranty support for his broken phone was very complicated and frustrating to deal with.
There are plenty of reasonably tough smartphones out there, and there are lots of waterproof and toughening case options for popular models such as Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy series phones. JCB and Land Rover have had partnerships with Sonim for years – a real tough phone maker. We’ll catch you up and let you in on the best service plans your money can buy for 2014!
The price tag is intimating , but heavy data users will be hard pressed to get a flat fee with any other provider.
While this limits the amount of phones you can bring to the network, Sprint phones are typically the cheapest to buy in the used cell phone market. Almost everyone provides unlimited talk and text plans (besides the lowest AT&T $25 no contract plan).
Just as with speakers not all music playing apps produce the same quality or effects, making it important to choose the correct one for your needs. For the more advanced users a 10-band graphic EQ gives the power user all the audio tweaking and adjustment options needed.
An advanced player that can create playlists as you listen and an internet radio feature to rival any.
As you would expect from the search engine giants a robust multi functional way of playing music. The only reason i don’t have an a Windows Phone now is because of all the lack of easy desktop style software features that Android has. It gives you access and easily able to find things you wouldn’t necessarily be able to locate with individual apps that populate things in their own way.
I am somewhat ignorant and prejudice as I really like Windows Phone and find it much simpler than iOS or Androids icons. On Windows Phone, you can remove everything from the screen, even the phone and text messaging. However, as a builder of web applications, people don’t care about files, they care about data. Windows Phone 8 devices (including the lowest end Lumia 520) are leagues ahead of WP7.x handsets. How would you access your things if the internet is down or if you don’t have internet access?
It is a device that needs network connectivity or it is no longer a phone, but a small tablet.
Even the app store is not very Tiny , microsoft is trying to make it big so I think the store will have all important apps soon. This is not even debatable, multiple screens, each one with a different design language, etc. There are specific mobile phone manufacturers such as Samsung, Nokia and Apple that are considered to be the largest in the world and are renowned for dominating the global market of mobile phones, but what is the company or mobile phone brand that is ranked as the best selling in this year.
On the other hand, there are a lot of reasons why I would never buy one of these phones for myself, even if they were compatible with Verizon’s network. Sure it’s a little bit older model but the price point is right on and a strong offering!
The cheapest plan being a bit more expensive than other carriers lowest no contract price, at $50, still has an advantage with the extra data that it provides. Mainly, because they’re not able to be exported to other countries or used on other carriers.
With that said, your typical data consumption is where one plan will fit you better than another. Saving you on your search for the good and best music player apps for android we will take a look at the best ones currently available in 2014. With a focus on sound quality, while not as easy to adjust as some other apps this is one of the best music player apps for highly customizable features.
Allowing you to download album art and identifying music itself one of the best music player apps for visual experience without any effort it really goes beyond a basic shuffle an android music player for 2014. The Google play music app is more a service which also allows you to tune into and play your music library from anywhere with all the music stored online you are not limited by storage space.
Now Microsoft is taking aim at Android by ditching OEM licensing fees on Windows Phone and adding a plethora of new features seemingly designed to counter Android.

You can manage your files in one place, say you wanted to delete some pictures and documents, instead of opening the gallery and deleting the pictures, then opening the music app and deleting the music, just use a file explorer to do both? A file manager lets you find then you select an item select the menu option you want for the action you want to take and then it will give you the option of which app you would like to open it with. I am an IT pro, working with Windows, Linux and Android and I really would appreciate a more simple more stable and more phone focused device than my actual Nexus 4. I like the integration focus of Windows Phone better than the App Silos created in the other OSes. In web applications, data is stored elsewhere, with the web merely presenting it in different formats.
How would you ever have everything you own digitally stored on someone elses storage and maybe lose it all one day? Here are the top 10 best-selling mobile phone brands in the world 2014 to know more about the number of units that were sold and the market shares that their companies have. Android KitKat: CustomizationMicrosoft started with Windows Phone as a fairly static platform with slick design, but little in the way of customization.
It includes the simplicity (app store) and yet also the powerful (VPN, same core as Windows 8.1).
You want music, you look it up in the music app by artist, or genre, or album, or song title.
With 8,1 setting need just 1 click and folders exist in windows phone, but who gives a shit about folders? Folders are completely unnecessary in windows phone since you can fit so much stuff on screen at once. A real android music player in 2014 this powerful app remains one of the most popular music apps playing formats currently include: wav, mp3, mp4, m4a, alac, flac, ogg, wv, mpc, tta, aiff, ape, wma.
A top feature of this music app is the interface view of your music library maximizing the graphical use really does enhance the visual aspect of this player.
While it might not be as powerful as the other apps it’s one of the best music player apps for unlimited songs. People support Cloud because as technology grows security grows and cloud being a much better storage option people wont fear the loss of data.
This has been one of the main focuses in 8.1, and probably the one people will notice most.
Even youtube integration did not work until some months when you used google apps instead of a pure gmail account. With the way government and corporations are moving, the public is all that more adamant to move away from internet storage for personal storage.
I can fit 60 Small live tiles on my screen, and by using a mix of large, small and medium I have an average of 22 on each screen, all while looking awesome.
You can ask Cortana to find restaurants, then chain that together with a question about an item on the list like the time to reach it.
Backgrounds are a basic thing on most platforms, but it has taken Microsoft a long time to come up with an approach that jibes with the live tile interface.
I need my hi budget gaming PC to play all the latest PC games, I need my laptop for my work and other stuffs, and I need my phone for…. Need documents, then you can have folders and such, on MS products, OneDrive provides folders for documents–which apply to the cloud, more so than the device.
Well for instant messaging, phone call , meeting reminder, navigation service, listening to music, email, little before sleep browsing. Oh wait a minute isn’t that making it like windows phone homescreen where you pin everything to start? Cortana can do that too.Android has voice search built into Google Now via the official search app. Third-party developers have made this feature worth using on Android by developing very cool, information-dense lock screen content. Whereas Cortana is using Bing, Android is tied directly into Google’s search and mapping products.
You can ask for various bits of information and Android can provide it by producing cards from Google’s knowledge graph. I previously thought of buying a lumia, then I resisted myself because… Come on man, at least I need a little customisation like wallpaper. This is probably a little more practical for simple queries.Microsoft was keen to point out that Cortana learns about you and refines the data it provides. Summaries of information you might find relevant are presented by Cortana at convenient times. You might get traffic information when you have a meeting planned or flight information before a trip.
Of course, Google Now on Android does much more, but this shows Microsoft is thinking about ways to surface more data.Cortana also plugs into third-party apps like Hulu to give you control of various functions. Android 4.4 KitKat does this in a limited fashion, for example playing music from multiple apps. The framework is there in Android to do more, but it hasn’t been implemented to quite the level of what Microsoft demoed with Cortana. If this can be expanded to work with more apps, it could make voice interactions much more appealing on Windows Phone.

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