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During a press event in New York City, T-Mobile finally revealed its move to nuke the typical ball-and-chain contract by simplifying its lineup of consumer rate plans into one "incredibly affordable" plan for unlimited talk, text and data. For starters, T-Mobile introduced the Simple Choice Plan which offers one line at $50 per month for unlimited talk, text and 500 MB of data. So, in a nutshell, for $90 per month, T-Mobile customers can have three phone lines with 500 MB of data. That $99 pricetag won't be just locked to the iPhone 5 either: T-Mobile will offer that price with the Samsung Galaxy S4 (May 1), BlackBerry Z10 and HTC One LTE-capable phones. Chief Marketing Officer Mike Sievert said on Tuesday that if the consumer decides to leave T-Mobile after one payment or after ten payments, they can leave with no obligations save for the price of the phone. In addition to announcing its new plan, T-Mobile switched on its 4G LTE network in Baltimore, Houston, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Jose, Calif.
T-Mobile also introduced HD Voice which delivers nationwide crystal-clear high-definition calling and significantly reduced background noise. So, essentially you sign a contract to buy the iphone and pay month by month for cell service?
So I am on a contract, does that mean I am on prepaid now, or do I finish out the contract and then its prepaid???
At the beginning of the month, I shared my first post in this series, which was how to live well on less-saving money on cable, internet and phone.
We continued to pay for another year of service, but realized that we just weren't using our cell phones very often. I feel like the popularity of cell phones were just starting to really take off right as we canceled our plan, and I was happy to be able to focus my time and attention while I was away from home on my growing family. I wanted to make sure that during that time my kids had my full attention and that they weren't sharing it with someone on the other end of my phone.
We carried on without cell phones for around 7 years, but as the kids grew and their activities started taking us in several different directions, we were finally feeling the need to be able to communicate to one another. My husband spent hours researching the best plan and realized that having a pre-paid plan through T-Mobile would probably be the best plan for our family. We found that we weren't big cell phone users during that two year period that we had cell phones, so we didn't think we would be talking excessively on our phones.
One of the requirements of the T-mobile pre-paid plan is that we had to add to it each year. In our three years of owning the phones (we had 2), our TOTAL for both phones over the life of the phone was $300.

That comes to around $8 per month for 2 phones, and I know you are smart people, so it's a no brainer that each of our phones cost around $4 a month or $48 for the year. If you don't use your cell phone as your main phone line, and don't use an excessive amount of minutes, then a pre-paid program might be worth looking into. Which is why when we bought my son a new phone for his birthday, we decided to stick with the pre-paid route and got new phones that could text. Texting seems to be how kids these days are communicating, and we didn't want to hinder our son's ability to communicate with his friends.
I could imagine that an iphone would be a good combination of all of the things that I could use (google maps, e-mail whenever I needed, texting, coupons!, information at my fingertips). Not to mention the cost of the actual phone (which I hear is important), which could set me back several HUNDRED dollars! I could live my life without a cell phone, but remember, this series is not about living a depressing life, it's about living well on less.
In my experience, having a smart phone with a data plan is the most expensive type of cell phone plan you can be on. If you currently have a smart phone and are trying to save money, reevaluating your plan with less minutes, or less features is worth taking a look at. There doesn't seem to be a way to save too much money outside of going from the most expensive plan and downgrading to a lower level smart phone plan, however, like I mentioned, for one phone you are still looking at around $80 a month. We stayed with a pre-paid phone plan but started with unlimited texting for $15 a month for my son. We quickly learned that if our son was texting, we would be texting, so we upgraded all three phones to the same unlimited texting plan.
We pay around $45 a month (total) for three phones (we use minimal talking minutes now, but do still have them paid for in the plan).
They may not work for yours, but for us, it's been a way to have a cell phone and save money. I don't know of too many contract plans, even with the simpilist of phones that still costs as little as we pay. I've had a smartphone for over a year now and I can honestly say I can live without it (although it is nice and very convenient to have a phone with such a nice camera). Cheapest Best Smartphone Cell Phone Plan EVO V 4G Virgin Mobile Review Signal PROBLEM FIXES! The company also finally debuted its 4G LTE network service in seven major metropolitan areas across the nation.

A second phone line can be added for another $30 per month, and then $10 for each additional line. Those who need more data can shell out $120 for three lines and 2.5 GB of data, or $150 for three lines and unlimited 4G data. After passing a credit check, customers can pay $99 up front, and then $20 per month on top of the cellphone bill for the next 24 months. The older IPhone 4 and 4S models will also be available and likely sold at a lesser up-front price point. Customers with bad credit can pay at the beginning of the month whereas those with good credit can take advantage of the deals and pay at the end of the month.
Although my father forgets to buy more minutes when he needs them and that can get annoying.
The only reason I decided to get one was because I had had non-smartphones and they all had problems.
2 GB of "high speed" data can be added for $10 per month for each line, and unlimited 4G data can be added for $20 per month for each line. But when compared to buying the phone through AT&T, consumers will supposedly pay $1,000 less in the end.
If you bought a brand new GS4 off-contract it would run you around $700 (same with iPhone 5, I think).
Now that I think about it, it would be cheaper to just sign up for the 2-year contract since you only pay $99-$199 for most phones versus their phone loan program where you pay $579.
This is why acquiring this important gadget require intelligence to avoid inappropriate expense.
To keep from going over my monthly data limit, I only turn the data on when I need to check my bank account or email and I turn the data off when I'm done.
I have a Samsung Infuse 4G with AT&T and the monthly cost for the phone itself to be in service is $10. Any smartphone besides the iPhone is fairly affordable to have and most of them on the market today have just as many, if not more features than the iPhone.

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