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Whether you use it simply to call people, or have installed every app imaginable and use them on the regular, there is simply no way to exist anymore without a portable phone of some sort. In some cases, you obtain phone service by signing a contract with one of the big phone companies, good for a set period of time, and a set amount of money each month. Signing a contract will all but guarantee you access to the best and newest technology available, far earlier than someone who doesn’t sign a contact. In addition, you’re locked in to the rate you signed up for, and the phone company cannot alter that mid-contract. Also, though cell phone reception as a whole gets better and better all the time, there are still areas where reception can be less-than-perfect. Pay-as-you-go phones have many advantages, with the best probably being the pure freedom you have. In addition, pay-as-you-go technology, despite still being behind, is oftentimes almost as good as contract phone technology.
However, keep in mind that a cell phone contract is still a legally binding contract, just like one you would sign in a court of law. Finally, unless you have read all of the Terms and Conditions, and track everything you do on your phone, expect to get hit with random fees and unknown charges more than once. In addition, while pay-as-you-go technology is catching up with contract phones, you still have fewer options and models to choose from, and you’re still second-in-line for top technology. The choice of whether to sign a long-term contract for a phone, or to simply pay each month to keep your service on, is a shockingly complicated one. Pay-As-You-Go cell phones offer the convenience of a cell phone without the binding contracts. Prepaid cell phones are a great option for you if you have little to no credit or if you only need a phone for a short time, but there are plenty of reasons to consider them even if your needs are more long-term.
In this site, you'll find articles about prepaid cell phones, comprehensive reviews and a side-by-side comparison that will help you make an informed decision about which cell phone is right for you.
Not all carriers offer prepaid services, so we recommend researching local carriers' prices for prepaid plans. Pay-as-you-go cell phones should provide basic cell phone functions such as 3-way calling, speakerphone, voicemail, call waiting and caller ID. Even though a pay-as-you-go cell phone is not as expensive as a cell phone offered with a monthly contract, its design still needs to be fun and functional.
Even the simplest application can help its owner become more productive, thus making the phone an investment. How to Shop for Free; Shopping Secrets for Smart Women who love to get Something for Nothing!
I have Straight talk Unlimited everything $45 a month, now they are advertising you can use your unlocked Iphone with them too, they just send a new SIM card and you replace it and the pkg is still $45 a month Im scouting ebay for an Iphone!
Sharing daily deals and teaching you how to have the finer things in life without paying the high prices! While you may find a fair bit of information online about plans in the United States, it can sometimes be more challenging to find the best pay-as-you-go cell phone in Canada.
Getting your hands on the best cell phone plan in Canada will depend on your specific needs. In this way, the best pay-as-you-go cell phone in Canada is probably going to be the one that offers the most reliable reception, the cheapest per minute rate, and the ability to have minutes rollover for the longest period possible.
Many of the prepaid plans from Telus Mobility have features that are similar to conventional postpaid plans. Virgin Mobile has one critical advantage over some of the other prepaid cell phone providers in Canada.
Basic BlackBerry bundles include email and instant messaging, while the more comprehensive packages give more unrestricted wireless Internet access for checking out websites and streaming online media. With Virgin Mobile, possibly one of the best Canadian pay-as-you-go cell phone services, users have the choice between three kinds of prepaid rate plans. By-the-month: This is designed for those who talk a little more but do not want a conventional postpaid plan.
Available only in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec, Solo Mobile is wholly owned and operated by Bell Mobility. As expected, daytime minutes are typically more expensive than minutes used during evenings and weekends. Most people think of 7-Eleven as a convenience store for slushy drinks, hot dogs, and potato chips, but the company also offers a prepaid cell phone service called SpeakOut Wireless. Much like 7-Eleven's SpeakOut Wireless, Petro Canada Mobility is a service that many consumers may overlook when searching for the best prepaid cell phone plan in Canada. Anytime Plan: Designed more for occasional users, this plan ranges from $15 to $100 and offers between 30 and 365 days of service.
In trying to find the best pay-as-you-go cell phone in Canada, be sure to not only check the per minute rate for your calls, but also the coverage area, any included bonus features, and how long your deposited money lasts before it expires.

The 2012 reviews of the best Android and smart phones with no annual contract or plan, come from prepaid, pay as you go, mobile cell phone and wireless carriers Straight Talk and Net 10. The LG Optimus Q Review from Straight Talk proves that Straight Talk can offer some of the best Android powered smart phones with their prepaid cell phone plans and with the unlimited data, talk, text and 411 bundle at $45 per month, the LG Optimus Q is a hit in this review! The main difference between Net 10 and Straight Talk as well as T Mobile prepaid is the cost of the unlimited bundle and whether it is really unlimited or whether the month to month, pay as you go plan is going to cost more than the stated $45 or $50 as published.
Net 10 is great and has excellent customer service like Straight Talk but Net 10 does not have the free basic cell phones and costs $5 more per month.
As such, tons of different companies have popped up, each one with a variety of plans to provide you service for a fee. However, in recent years, a second type of service has gained in popularity: the pay-as-you-go phone. Also, as part of the contract, you will almost certainly receive your phone at a deep discount. Unless they somehow get you to renegotiate, your rates should not change for the duration of the contract. If you’re in such an area, and you’re on a contract phone, you are considered first priority. You can get smartphones now without a contract, many of which function just as well as the kind you would get on a contract.
Most plans are cheaper without a contract; for example, a $100-per-month contract might net you unlimited talk and text, but you could easily get that for $50 or less on a pay-as-you-go phone.
Once you’re in, you’re in, and good luck getting out of it if you don’t like where things are going. If your credit score is bad, you might be forced to make a big down payment, or could be turned down completely.
Usually, this manifests itself in the form of roaming charges or data fees (such as posting on social media too much.) These charges can add up fast, and result in a bill way higher than what you might have expected.
If you purchase one that doesn’t specify the number of minutes and texts that you get, you might be in trouble.
So, if you want the latest and hottest machine that was just released yesterday, your only hope is to sign a contract, because that hot new machine won’t be available in non-contract form for quite a while.
It’s not just a question of “do I have the money?” It’s also a question of existing credit, what you’re looking to use the phone for, how up-to-date you want to be with the newest and hottest technology, and how committed you are to staying with the same company for years at a time. For example, these prepaid gadgets are ideal for senior citizens who may be intimidated by mobile phone technology, or for teenagers who must learn the responsibilities that come with owning a cell phone. The simplicity comes not only from the phone itself, but also through the idea that you prepay for minutes, so when they expire, you can either choose to buy more minutes or quit the service altogether. The best pay-as-you-go phones we reviewed are the Samsung Vitality, Motorola Citrus and HTC Freestyle GoPhone. Keep in mind that phones supporting prepaid plans are also limited, so you will likely not have the opportunity to choose the latest and greatest hardware. There is only one spot in Effingham , NH where I can not get service good service but even Verizon has trouble getting service there.
I actually gave it to my step daughter because I upgraded to a smart phone but she still has it and it still works fine.
With a smaller population sprawled out over a larger space, Canadians have a bit more of a challenge finding the best deal. While one person cannot live without push email, another person just wants to have a cellular phone handy in case of emergencies. Please note that the rates and plans described in this article are accurate as of October 2011. The "Favourite Numbers Plus Messaging" plan, for example, costs $30 for 30 days and includes unlimited talk and text to five numbers, as well as unlimited text and media messages. This is great for people who want the functionality of a BlackBerry without having to pay large monthly bills.
In this way, you'll find that many of the handsets offered by Solo are mirrored by Bell, as are their core features and selling points.With Solo Prepaid, you only pay when you need to use the phone. Also, because of its array of text message-oriented handsets with full QWERTY keyboards, Solo may be a good choice as a prepaid service for children and teens. This operates on the Rogers network, so there is a great assurance in terms of reliability and coverage. Even with a $25 voucher (good for 100 anytime minutes), the value does not expire for a full year. All Petro Canada Mobility plans include key features like voicemail and caller ID, as well as free nationwide coverage and Canada-wide long distance. Local calling is 25 cents per minute and outgoing text messages within Canada are 10 cents each. For example, some prepaid cards expire within 45 or 75 days, depending on the size of the card.

T Mobile does not off the same and when we review prepaid cell phones like the Android smart phones offered by Straight Talk including the LG Optimus Q, the LG Optimus Black and the Samsung Galaxy Precedent.
But is T mobile offerring with their prepaid mobile wireless cell phones, a plan for month to month or pay as you go, with a TRULY unlimited bundle for under $50 per month? This model allows you to pay for new service every month, and cancel anytime, simply by not renewing.
Where you might pay $400 or higher for a top-of-the-line phone off the shelves, you could pay $100 or less as part of a deal. If prices go up, or minutes go down, you are not affected until it’s time for a new contract. You are therefore likely to get better, and more consistent, reception than those on pay-as-you-go phones might.
You might not be able to play games or chat on it but, if all you need is something cheap and basic, there’s no reason not to go this route. Most phone companies require at least two years of commitment, and will charge a hefty fine if you opt out early.
And, unfortunately, making timely payments on a cell phone contract does absolutely nothing to build your credit, as phone companies usually do not report good payments to the credit agencies.
If your goal is simply to buy a cheap phone, then you can easily find one for $100 or under. The best prepaid phones also include internet connectivity options, email and navigation tools and access to third-party apps such as games and customizable news services.
Almost all the phones we reviewed also have expandable memory slots to store additional photos, ringtones, or files, so we checked for the maximum storage capacity of each prepaid phone. I also love that there is no contract, I see no reason why I should have to commit to a 2 year plan, only to have to pay more out of pocket! CVS (and maybe other stores) has awesome Top Up cards that are reusable so every time you add money to your card it just automatically updates your phone and plan – rather than having to log in to VM and do it the long way and since you are at CVS all the time couponing – works out perfectly!! Choosing a prepaid cell phone in Canada is a better option for the occasional user, because heavy users probably won't be satisfied with the cheap cell phone rates that some providers offer.
They may change, so it is best to consult with the individual carriers directly to get the most current information. Additional local anytime minutes are 20 cents each, but this is only if you sign up for a 30-day rate plan.
Just like the Monthly Plan, these amounts are deducted from the prepaid account every 30 days. Straight Talk and Net 10 make it so that their smart phones and Android cell phones like the LG Optimus, LG Optimus q, LG Optimus Black, Samsung Galaxy S2 and the Samsung Galaxy Precedent, all work with their unlimited bundle for $45 per month.
I tried them last year and actually cannot remember what my reason for not liking their pay as you go mobile phone service was. This fine can be over $300 if you have a smartphone, effectively recuperating the cost of the phone that they ate when they gave you the discount for signing a contract. They will, however, report late payments, which can harm your credit score and make it harder to get another contract in the future. In other cases (even when the plan specifies how many minutes you get per month) you pay a lot for a little, such as $50 for 400 minutes. However, if you want to get the best possible contract-free smartphone out there, be prepared to shell out at least $300-$400, without any free minutes attached.
Bluetooth capabilities are also available on many of the pay-as-you-go cell phones we reviewed. By contrast, most major carriers require a $100 voucher purchase in order to get a 365 day expiry period. Over all, I still prefer the Straight Talk prepaid, pay as you go, mobile, wireless cell phones and plans. And that’s only for calls; you still get charged a certain amount for each text you send or receive.
However, if you seek the latest and greatest cell phones, have a tendency to talk on the phone for extended periods of time or just want the best value per minute, a traditional contract plan may suit you better. If the talk time is low on a device, daily charging will be required if you frequently use text messaging, phone conversations, internet connectivity or the music player. If you need more talk time you can just install a talk for free app like Viber and you’re good to go. The Android LG Optimus, LG Optimus Balck, Samsung galaxy S2 and the Samsung Galaxy Precedent, are just added bonuses with Straight Talk and their 3G, 4G network covergae rocks as well.

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