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For now, Boost Mobile has revealed that both iPhones will be compatible with Boost’s $55 unlimited talk, text and data plan.
Other versions of the two Apple’s flagship phones can also be purchased from Virgin Mobile but are available online only. Now that IPhone 4 and 4s are officially allowed for activation on PagePlus, customers who have one of these two phones, but were not that bold to do it illegitimate way, can now activate their iPhone with Page Plus’s prepaid service plans.
On the official side, Page Plus now activates all Verizon iPhone 4 and 4S versions providing they come with a clean MEID number and aren’t reported lost or stolen.
Consumer Cellular, the number one rated prepaid mobile phone service provider for AARP members, has announced adding Apple’s flagship phones to its prepaid offerings. Customers interested in purchasing Apple handsets will be able to pay them off through Consumer Cellular’s EasyPay financing program. Unlimited data on Boost include 2.5GB of high speed data per month after which data are throttled to 256 Kbps.

In addition to unlimited messaging and data, the $35 plan has 300 voice minutes, the $45 plan offers 1200 minutes while the $55 plan includes unlimited talk.
As long as customers did not mention that phone they want to activate is an iPhone, it was possible to do it. The new owner has promised to Page Plus dealers and customers that changes that they will experience will be “access to an expanded selection of devices and more resources in general.” It seems that positive changes are slowly happening. Through this program, customers are paying a down payment for the phone and the rest of its cost in $25 monthly installments, without any interest charged during that period. After it, the amount of $25 per month will be added to user’s regular monthly bill for the service until the remaining cost of the phone is paid off. Users of voice plans have free in-account calling between all phones that are on the same account plan.
Both Boost iPhones will become available beginning November 8 but for how much its customers will be able to purchase them, it’s not disclosed.

If customers decide to pay for the service through Auto Pay option, monthly plans are $5 cheaper per month. Also, their customers are receiving free usage alerts when their monthly voice, text and data allowances are close to being spent. As a result, users can avoid overage fees by switching between the plans at no additional cost whenever they need to. In addition, Boost features Shrinkage plan that shrinks customers’ monthly bill after every six on-time payments for $5 off.
In total, customers can have unlimited service for just $40 per month after 18 on-time payments.

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