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Did I mention that all these 3 Verizon phones with video recording capability run the nation’s largest and more reliable 3G network? It’s hard to find the best basic Verizon cell phone these day when majority of the people are looking for fancy and sophisticated smart phones for emails, web, and text messages.
Luckily, we’ve found one that has all the latest technologies without the complexity. You can now find some of the best Verizon cell phones for video recording without the extra equipments and weight.

One thing we realize that a basic Verizon Wireless phone today was considered a fancy phone just a few years ago. Depending on the desired quality of the video and storage capacity, you can take anywhere from 30 seconds to an hour video recording. We want the best basic Verizon cell phone to do just what we intend to do everyday – talking, casual texting and emails. Although more expensive than the other 2 video recording Verizon phones, the Exilim C721 features a superior 5.1 megapixel camera.

The large color screen can also be swiveling 180 degrees which makes taking videos super easy.

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