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On the iPhone you can block Caller ID for an indefinite period, or on a call by call basis. This is the standard code for North America and should work with all carriers, but internet forums have reported glitches in reliability. Our #1 recommendation to ensure that you are always able to block a No Caller ID call is TrapCall. This service has had a few bad reviews the past few months due to errors in the app, but if you have an iPhone, you can download the CallUnblock App and purchase a  subscription to find the number behind a blocked call. If you have a carrier that is not listed above it is not recommended that you use this App because your carrier is unsupported.
These days there are just too many friends and family members that call us and we need to see which one is calling, after all, some may invite us to a great party while others can be a royal pain that we would simply rather not talk to at the moment. This app will not only block unwanted calls, but also SMS messages and allows you to create a Blacklist.  This app does not use many resources and offers little drain on your battery.

Praised by a few publications, TalkSide not only is a Full-screen Caller ID, but grabs information on your caller from multiple places like Facebook, recent photos, chat history, birthday reminders and more, so you have a complete picture and info of your caller.  It will keep a chat history and always remember the last thing you were chatting about with an individual and displays that for you to see Рmakes you look pretty smart remembering all of those facts! TrapCall is an awesome service that was launched in 2009 that essentially unmasks the identity behind the unknown caller. In addition, be sure that you read the app details about he features of the app, some people have complained that the app did not do what they had originally intended because they misread the app description. There are just as many strangers out there looking to get a hold of us to sell something, maybe a bill collector, or an ex-spouse, ex-girl or boyfriend that just will not leave you alone. Let us know on our Google+ Page which Caller ID or Caller Block app you use and why you like it so much Рwe would love to hear from you. This is a PAID service that requires you to have either a yearly or monthly contract in order to use their service. The first type of call requires Caller ID and for the latter type of caller you could use Call Block to keep those kinds of calls from ever reaching your device and bothering you in the first place.

However, if you are unsatisfied with the service or it doesn’t work, contact TrapCall and they will work with you to ensure your complete satisfaction. The service works by using the company software to trace the call back to the carrier or landline, ensuring that the call is unmasked and presented to you, the person being called, right when your number is dialed. The TrapCall subscription also enables you to record the call as well, and also blacklist certain numbers from your phone regardless of whether they try to block the number or not.
There are a ton of extra features besides just blocking no caller id calls, it also works on almost every type of phone, Android and Apple, as well as certain mobile phones.

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