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Once in life, everyone need to face a situation like, you may have lost your mobile phone or it is stolen. This is one of the Best free cell phone tracker helps you find and track your lost or stolen phone. All mobile phone has unique identification number called IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identification). Once you switch on your mobile, the SIM card will try for network and register your IMEI number to network service providers server. To block IMEI number in mobile network, First you need to register a police case about this. Eg: If you blocked IMEI number in vodafone, automatically it will be blocked in Airtel,reliance,Idea and all other mobile networks.
Please my phone was stolen Samsung GT-E1200Y Kindly block it for me IMEI-359880068302944 – thank you very much.
Please my phone was stolen Samsung Galaxy J5 and the culprit is using it to send nudes to all my contact. In India, lakhs of mobiles are being stolen or lost every day and only a few people are having the information on how to trace the stolen mobile phone. Each and every mobile phone will have a unique IMEI number (International mobile equipment identification) which could be used in situations like mobile theft.
Inorder to find your mobile’s IMEI number, simply dial *#06# and note down your IMEI number for future reference.
Contact your mobile network provider (customer care) and ask them to block your mobile number using the IMEI number. Once you provide the required documents, your network operator will then block your mobile using IMEI number.

Now even if the thief has changed the SIM card, his location will be tracked easily by the authorities using your IMEI number and your mobile will be recovered & handed over to you. That is great and I must share this knowledge to my close ones so that they can easily locked their IMEI number of mobile phone and recover it.
What is IMEI Mobile handset comes with the International Mobile Equipment Identity or IMEI is a unique number.  Nowadays even satellite phones are also equipped with their own IMEI number. If you lost your mobile just ask provided to block your cell by giving your IMEI number, everyone should fallow this because this will minimize the mobile theft. Some excellent information prepared on this site you must be a full-time blog writer definitely? Subscribe and ConnectEnter your email address below to receive updates each time we publish new content.
That smartphone may contain sensitive data, user password, logon information and personal data. Please note that; only do this after checking with police officers because police is using same IMEI number to find  thief. Rest of the people are ignoring it and making up their mind to purchase another Smartphone. As the IMEI number is not SIM card dependent, you can easily catch hold of your mobile even though the SIM card has been replaced. IMEI number can be used by the network provider to impose a sort of “ban” on the stolen cell phone,i.e, debarring it from accessing any network.
If he does not have it, well nothing can be done just forget blocking your mobile for unauthorized usage.
You can find out the IMEI number from your mobile box which comes with when you purchased your new mobile.

A recent launched Google app; Android Device Manager which is best to locate and manage lost Android devices. If you lost or stolen your phone, you can ask your service providers to block your IMEI number in that network so that you can avoid misuse of your mobile. After getting FIR copy information, the network providers will block the IMEI number from network. If once such a ban is imposed on any device then you cannot use any network whether u change the SIM card or not.
This can also Remotely lock or wipe the phone memory,take photos or listen to audio of the phone’s surroundings.
The network provider has a shared database known as EIR(Equipment Identity Register).The network provider then puts ur IMEI serial no. Otherwise, if not blocked; IMEI number helps to tracks the handset and the police should be able to retrieve it.
Your IMEI number will be added to Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR).CEIR also known as IMEI database is the central database system for various network providers. So, in this article, I am going to discuss few tips that can help you in recovering your lost or stolen mobile phone in India.

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