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January 12, 2015 By Billa 17 Comments The default caller screen on Android is really bland. These apps are designed to give you an edge when receiving calls from known and unknown numbers.
Note: The 6 best caller ID apps for Android were tested on a Samsung Galaxy Note III smartphone.
Caller ID & Block is the number one app on the list because it delivers what it promises. What impresses me the most is the Spam ID feature of the app which is a life saver (sleep saver for me).
The wonderful thing about this app is that it can be used in conjunction with other dialer apps. I wish I had this app back in high school when my number became wildly popular (I had a girly voice). For example I like to call my mom from university to know what is for dinner; the app automatically brings her number up at that specific time. Just as the name implies, this is just a simple app which displays a full screen caller picture.
The full screen display is great but the icons kill any sort of class the app might have had. The app can automatically grab images from Facebook making it easier to identify your caller. Phone Warrior or as it is called Caller ID & Block Calls, Texts on the Play Store page is another competent app. This app was one of the first to have support for Android 4.4 Kit Kat and this is when I was introduced to it.
The app displays important social media updates right on the screen so you can always carry an interesting conversation. The app systematically updates and cross check contact data with connected social networks. About BillaBilla shares knowledge about Android apps and technology in exchange for the right to play video games whenever he wants to.

Happy that you found an app hat works for you and will definitely look into the app, thanks.
Please tell me the very best free backup for my Android LG for all contacts, photos, document, Gmail, Etc.! This app is a good way to track any of incoming call, caller name, who is calling you & sim registered location and then you can decide whether to pick the call or not.Who Calls Me checks the number in its offline database and shows you result.
Don’t get me wrong it works just fine but when you need something more than just a name and a number, it fails. A simple call screen might be enough for many but for those who need to go the extra mile; we recommend the best caller ID apps for Android. My carrier likes to call me at 9 in the morning to sell some overpriced LTE packages, which is unfortunate because that’s the time when I go to bed.
I used Contact+ as my dialer and this app intuitively displays a bubble of information right over the call screen.
This app is much more intelligent and provides services which are never to be found on stock contact books. Basically it notes who you like to call at what time and place and then suggests to you the number as you open the app.
There is not much to the app other than being able to display giant high definition images of the callers.
Anyhow, if you are looking for a good and stable full screen caller ID, this is the simplest app available. If you are having problems keeping people out of your life (pesky ex), this app is highly recommended for you. Oddly the app page on Google Play mentions in-app purchases but none were to be found when using the app. This is a no fuss app which replaces your default caller screen into something a bit more useful. If you feel like recording certain calls, the 5 best apps for phone call recording will help. I suggest that you experiment with all of the apps and select one which best serves your needs.

Instead of changing your number on a semi-regular basis, use these apps and receive calls from those who you actually know. The caller ID can identify calls from numbers you don’t know before you answer the call. The app is not just contact storage though; it helps in identifying unknown callers as well as block unwanted calls. The interface is one of the best I have seen in a long time and clearly the developers have given it ample time. There are 18 free themes bundled in the app and quite frankly the icons are of surprisingly low quality. This app will make you a much more caring and thoughtful person without the hassle of remembering dates. The app gives you a picture of the contact along with their name, number and sometimes address. The company’s Liquid M330 is a Windows 10 Mobile device that packs low-end specs and comes at a pretty affordable price.
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