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There are lots of drawing and painting apps on the iPad but most of them aren’t really designed with toddlers in mind.
Once you finish colouring your masterpiece, you can share it by emailing it to your friends and family, or you can save it to view it later.
Flash Sentry is a male Pegasus pony who first appears in My Little Pony Equestria Girls as a Crystal Empire royal guard. In Three's A Crowd, Flash Sentry makes a non-speaking cameo as one of Princess Cadance's royal guard escorts and smiles before getting back on the Crystal Empire train. Flash Sentry reappears in Twilight's Kingdom - Part 1, where he has a speaking role introducing the Duke and Duchess of Maretonia. When Twilight returns to the Crystal Castle at the end of the film, she bumps into Flash Sentry a second time.
In the My Little Pony Micro-Series Issue #10 story The Day Shift, Flash Sentry appears on page 5, having been startled by an opossum. Flash Sentry also appears on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Issue #30 cover RI and Issue #32 page 10.
A mini-figure pony toy of Flash Sentry has been displayed at the 2014 American International Toy Fair.[5] The toy was released as part of the eleventh wave of mystery pack toys and collector cards. Gilda • Trixie • Boy Bullies • Diamond Dogs • Discord • Flim and Flam • Ahuizotl • Garble • Queen Chrysalis • King Sombra • Big Boy and Runt • Larry • Sunset Shimmer • Snips and Snails • Buck Withers • Plunderseeds • Dr.
8-bit • All Aboard • Blossomforth • Bulk Biceps • Charity Sweetmint • Cheerilee • Cheese Sandwich • Cherry Jubilee • Claude • Clear Skies • Cloud Chaser • Coco Pommel • Davenport • Double Diamond • Fawn Doo • Filthy Rich • Flash Sentry • Flax Seed and Wheat Grass • Fleur Dis Lee • Flitter • Fluffy Clouds • Gaffer • Gallant True • Gizmo • Golden Gavel • The Headless Horse • Hondo Flanks and Cookie Crumbles • Hoofbeard • Hooffield and McColt families • Inkwell • Jet Set and Upper Crust • Joe • Junebug • Lightning Dust • Marcie Pan • Mare Do Well • Mayor Mare • Moon Dancer • Ms. I think I was about 7 or 8 years old when I was given a children’s encyclopaedia by an aunt as a birthday present.
I’m realising that my youth spent re-reading The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe and the BFG over and over may have been mis-spent somewhat.
Finally, ATSS has been on my To-Read list forever, I have just bumped it to top of the pile and will read it when I finish what I’m reading now. Thanks for all the comments – is great seeing what everything thinks of my book choices! I also read Under a Thousand Splendid Suns in a day, I just couldn’t put it down, and bawled my eyes out. The history of comic books is rife with the undercutting of creators in the credit process. You can now add to that list Gary Friedrich who recently attempted to sue Marvel Comics over creator rights for Ghost Rider, claiming copyright over the character which he overhauled into that which we know now, while working for the company as a freelancer in the 1970s. Forrest said Friedrich signed two contracts in the 1970s which, together, ceded all rights to his employer. Strangely enough, Coyote would migrate to another creators-rights-contracted company, Epic which happened to be a Marvel imprint.
Another thing, although they tried to keep Epic and it’s more mature material separate from the established Marvel Universe, the poor buggers just couldn’t leave that stuff alone.
So in among all of this are series like Marada The She-Wolf, the aforementioned Dreadstar and Coyote, The Sisterhood of Steel, Six From Sirius, and more, all free to expose breasts, blurt four letter words and skull-crack, and some of them were right to indulge in that amount of freedom. Having had decent success with their ongoing Star Wars comic series, Marvel yet again saw potential in a property and developed a series based on the toys.
Of all the people that creator rights should be conferred upon, given what is likely a massive health care price tag involving what will be twenty years of facility life, Mantlo definitely deserves it. He helps her up and jokingly states that they need to stop meeting like that. When Twilight's friends say that she must have a crush on him, Twilight denies it but blushes.
In My Little Pony: Friends Forever Issue #9, he appears on pages 2—as an Alicorn—and 21. His in-game description states "Flash Sentry is a high-ranking Pegasus pony in the Crystal Empire Royal Guard. And all those books (The Magic Faraway Tree, Mallory Towers) are ones that I read many times and loved. And it was a total revelation – now I didn’t just know the things I learnt at school or saw on TV, I knew other things!

For me it succeeds where many books fail, it takes a love story and puts it into the most trying, unbelievable circumstances but triumphs at it.
Books that are well written, with a good story duelling our imagination & then make us take an action in our real life are the best. Brilliant list, I was obsessed with Judy Blume (and Betsy Byers, anyone remember her??) because she seemed to be inside my head, feeling all the things I was feeling. I used to love my Children’s Encyclopedia Brittanica, possibly more than is normal for a 12 year old kid.
Might just read Judy Blume now, surely she’s still relevant when I have a week left of my 20′s??! I have so much love for Judy Blume and still have copies of Are you there God, Deenie, and Forever.
Ghost Rider, or Johnny Blaze, is the stunt motorcycle rider who is overtaken by a demon of vengeance, and is transformed into a leather-wearing, death’s-head-flaming, bike-riding vigilante. Your next question would be, why would they make a sequel to a movie as poor as the original Ghost Rider was?
Essentially, his paycheck was fulfillment of his employment duties and the end product was just that; not a creation per se, but completion of a task.
Creators, being wooed by other comic book companies for the properties they helped create, and being hamstrung by the respective companies they signed on with when they wanted to assert creative control, found they had no claim to any of that. Steve Gerber’s solution to the Howard the Duck dilemma was a graphic novel (illustrated by the late, great Gene Colan) called Stewart the Rat, followed later by the series Destroyer Duck.
Jim Starlin, while purportedly disillusioned with his time with Marvel, nonetheless contributed the Metamorphosis Odyssey serial to their Epic Magazine, a sort of competitor to Heavy Metal Magazine. Epic Magazine wound up presenting material that would have been in their regular offerings, going so far as to cram Galactus and Silver Surfer stories in.
Most however were not and the efforts came across as exploitation in search of a reason to exist, and the properties themselves drifted from consciousness and were relegated to non-starters as saleable commodities. With the ringing of 1979’s toy store registers going non-stop for Star Wars toys and action figures, other space-minded creations were forged to get in on this lucrative market. From that came the eye-popping art of Michael Golden and the very realized microscopic universe forged by writer Bill Mantlo. Pinkie Pie accurately guesses that he reminds Twilight of a rock guitarist whom she met and liked in the human world.
My Dad has wall-to-wall book shelves in his study, boxes of books all around the house and probably is Amazon’s best customer.  One of my life ambitions is to have a house big enough to have a library. Friends who had to lie to their parents with frightening regularity and were juggling a continents worth of expectations as well as their degrees.   This book managed to address these issues and more with flair, humour and felt very real.
This is the book that taught me that love isn’t meant to be easy, but even when difficult it’s something to treasure. TTW and ATSS are the 2 books that have made me cry to the extent I can no longer see the words on the page. I was having a row with my husband and one of my best friends at World Book Night on Monday!
After that I went back and read some of the earlier ones with far more of an appreciation for the series.
However, I did read a ton of books by Paula Danziger, who I now suspect was the poor man’s Judy Blume.
The names that have been through this legal bind range from Siegel and Shuster (Superman), Bob Kane and Bill Finger (with Finger going largely unknown through most of the period as a Batman co-creator), Jim Starlin (Warlock) and Steve Gerber (Howard The Duck). He’s also a fairly small light in the Marvel Universe, but as movie audiences have come to find out, even if you’re a little dim, Marvel will still make a movie out of you.
Contracts such as these were the standard in the industry which, at that time, wasn’t a troubling compromise. Both of these came out through Eclipse Comics, as did the dream-team of Don MacGregor and Marshall Rogers with Detectives Inc. The company Mego make a collection of very slick, very 1980s kinds of toys called Micronauts, but few of the creations had personalities.

For a whole swath of fans, the characters we know are not the toys but Golden and Mantlo’s realization of them after the fact. He is still alive but has lived with irreversible brain damage ever since, in a healthcare facility. Mego made the toys and, obviously, they own the property and the trademarks and all of that.
I’ve complained before about in-app purchases, but not in this case, because the Options menu in the app provides you with an easy option to disable in-app purchases. The basic premise of the story (four children with no parents run away to a secret island and make a self-sufficient life for themselves while fighting a few baddies) was particularly appealing to me a child and totally fed my imagination. Like every British monarch since William the Conqueror or all the planets in the solar system (Pluto is still a planet, I refuse to believe otherwise). I felt like someone understood and made me feel that bit better about the awkwardness of my teenage self. I don’t get it at all, although having watched his Alzheimers doc he seems like such a sweet, brilliant man. I zoomed through the Discworld series, in fact my only criticism is that they’re too easy to speed through, I read them all in about 2 hours each!
Epic Magazine had a few things going for it including deluxe printing as a magazine, on full-color glossy paper, creator rights retained, and a hands-off approach as such.
Aside from the Darth Vader-cum-centaur Baron Karza and the Greek-based warrior Acroyear, the primary figures were blue and yellow, semi-transparent figurines.
However, even with the limitations of its time, Mantlo and Golden made a fully-realized world and characters to fill them. You simply tap the colour you want, and then touch the part of the drawing that you wish to colour in, and presto!
Twilight Sparkle accidentally bumps into him when entering the throne room, and he formally announces her arrival to the other princesses. I’m not easily deterred.  For now I have to be happy with two rather overflowing book shelves in the living room, affectionately known as ‘Zan’s Library’ (if you’re ever in the area, feel free to come borrow a book or two). It also made for some probably quite shoddy attempts at making my own house under a tree or two!
TV was the home for most of the properties crossing media streams, and it is dubious information to believe that too many were getting rich off those shows. Some defected and created companies of their own, with the tantalizing promise of property ownership in their grasp. While it had its share of sexuality and violence, it almost never went as lurid as Heavy Metal did (although an Epic story by Berni Wrightson called “The Potty’s Over” was pretty darn shocking anyhow. They provided the guts for the plastic shells, and if any of that final product has DNA from those Marvel Comics issues, this team is most deserving of some form of credit. Flash's human counterpart later appears in the human world as a student of Canterlot High School. The only problem with this was that they really didn’t have the infrastructure to push their new products into the marketplace and, therefore, many of these new properties were hard to monetize. I’ll let you hunt that one down yourself, thank you.) The point is that, in the end, many of the writers and artists that left Marvel and DC wound up coming back. It might be a bit too simplistic for an older child, but it’s perfect for a toddler like Little Man.
I would take out the maximum 6 books allowed, have read them all by Tuesday and then wait eagerly until the next Saturday when I could go back and get more books.

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