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BSNL is keen to increase rate,but no attention to quality of service.Right moment the LINK light of the modem Is converted to BLINK. Why are you posting against BSNL for this measure (as if you all are using only landline for calls)?.
I am using BSNL landline (with ULD 900 plan) only for internet and rare on net calls (just to finish off the 400 free on net calls in the broadband plan). 1)Before 2004 NDA government tried to private but they came to conclusion it is very tough because of tax. 2)See when hutch to vodafone deal done vodafone need to pay thousand of crore to government. 3)First here is Bsnl is making huge losses.Is any private company will be there to buy loss company?? 5)Finally BSNL asset are registered to president of india,president need to sign then Bsnl will become private company. In delhi, no body cares at all about MTNL, most recharge shops don’t even sell mtnl recharge cards. The reasons I put up with MTNL is my mobile is only used for Banking Alerts SMS,Funds Transfers PIN, not for voice and to give a number when asked for only. The bad service of bsnl is because of the work culture of the employees at the respective south india nad especially in kerala most people are porting to bsnl due to the good network and cheap plans. Its our laws that are at fault which doesnt have any tooth to protect the consumer.If there is accountability then theres no diff btw private or public. Also remember with private the only diff is that u pay more for a little better service and that too maybe.But i am sure that once even BSNL is gone we are gonna pay through our nose. Now i agree that their Landline and internet is a bit too costly in terms of the service.Thats because of the illogical thinking of babus or maybe an attempt to heap losses so that the govt can then justify its idea to privatize BSNL.
After taking a series of revenue boosting measures in the form of rent increases, freebie reductions etc.
Can anyone confirm if these changes are applicable all over India or just a select few circles?

I went to the BSNL Office today morning and their software is still showing 25 on net and 25 off net call for these plans (140 and 195).
Thanks sir for replying back, earlier I guessed that calls made through internet are on-net and those made through mobile are off-net but now I have my doubts cleared.Thank you sir once again. The Customer can select any One GSM Mobile number of his choice from the available numbers.
Now the customer is free to approach the nearest Customer Service Center or Franchisee and inform him the Mobile Number and PIN received to get the selected choice number accross the counter by submitting the requisite Documents and completing the formalities of release of New Connection. According to BSNL, As the demand is extremely high, these number pooled for auction so that every individual can make out a chance to grab the number of their choice by participating in the auction conduced on the website.
Earlier, BSNL introduced “Choose your Mobile Number” Portal for FREE on-line selection service for Normal prepaid Mobile number as per customers choice which received very good response and the sale of prepaid mobile connections under this scheme has crossed 1,20,000 within a month of official launch. Sanjay Bafna covers Mobile Operators, 3G, Broadband, 4G, LTE, Telecom Policies & Regulations and Mobile Phones. In due course such methods of number allocation will land the industry in problems of data handling, logistics, as well as technical snags in moving to MVN.
Andhra Pradesh Telecom Circle anounces the release of Prepaid GSM Mobile Numbers to the customers by choice.
2) Now the customer is free to approach the nearest Customer Service Center or Franchisee and inform him the Mobile Number and PIN received to get the selected choice number accross the counter by submitting the requisite Documents and completing the formalities of release of New Connection. For male candidatesShould be able to run for a distance of 1000meters in 4 minutes and 15 seconds in onechance.
Applications are invited from Male and Female candidates for the combatised post of Assistant Sub-Inspector (Stenographer-Grade-III) and Head Constable (Ministerial) in Central Reserve Police Force as per tentative vacancy position given below. I interview people, write analytical articles, highlight customer issues and review devices.
Will the service improve?If not, BSNL will loose existing customers.And that is some persons with vested interest want.
I think most of them are using mobiles and VoIP methods for calls and using landlines only for internet.

Use Glympse Express to create a link and track the Location on a Live MapThe Changing face of BSNL from a Customer Perspective.
In 2G there is literally no EDGE network anywhere in Kolkata and sub-urbs which fetches a speed of 4KBps on average. If BSNL has to survive, it should go in for Money through Mobile (mTm), a presentation on this was given by me to BSNL Kerala many years back. Data at all times is pathetic with 2G nearly useless and 3G paralysed by unresponsive DNS servers and down times. In Sarvapriya vihar, you would hardly get any coverage indoors whereas airtel has 3 towers – Bhavishya nidhi enclave, sarvapriya vihar, hauz khas enclave to cover these areas. Even the Data download speed is very slow, only name sake 3G but in peak even Vodafone 3G is the same inside my house. But tranparency of billing is 100% and STV Validity much higher and generous than Vodafone or Airtel.
And they have hiked rates for cell phones too but thats not a big matter as the hike is nominal(at least in case of 3G data).
Moreover, 2G signal strength is also very weak here, most of the time signal strength is 1bar or no bar at all.
More Instructions:-(The Numbers can be scrolled or searched for selecting the choice Numbers.
Customers in most cases would be allowed free calls equal to the rent amount they pay on a monthly basis. The customer need to input the 7 digit PIN in the web site confirming the selection is over and taken. Will somebody look into this matter and give detailed information in this column for benefits of all.

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