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Your Shopping Cart is empty.Give it purpose - fill it with tablet, cell phones, electronics, and more. To ensure that a person, not an automated program, is filling this form, please enter the characters you see in this picture. If you qualify for FREE Shipping but your order also contains one or more ineligible items, you'll be charged shipping fees for those ineligible items. Free Shipping may slower than Express Delivery, the expected delivery time may takes about 10 - 25 business days. If you want to get fast delivery, you can choose the Express Delivery Option on product details page. Other payment methods contains: Wire Transfer (Bank Of China, HSBC), Moneybooker, WesternUnion, MoneyGram. We don't collect your paypal account information when you checkout, your transaction is safe, because the pay transaction is do on paypal official site. We don't accept pay by credit card directly, you can use paypal to do credit card transactions.

You can use Paypal Mass Pay for your order and please seek the advise of your paypal account manager on how to make payment by Paypal Mass Pay.
We will confirm your Paypal payment within 24 hours, for Bank Transfer payment, it usually takes 3 business to confirm. Nokia E97 is a concept design by Fabien Nauroy, shows an incredible thought and a stylish phone.
P-One Modular Concept Phone by Bilal Khan P-One modular concept phone was conceived at the IT university Lahore, Pakistan by Bilal Khan. My mom had a phone that was a razr knockoff so I would chill around middle school and borrow it from her when I had to stay late for clubs. We will lauch an immediate investigation and try our best to beat the price if it proves to be the same product. All orders have to be paid in full before the process of shipment to your country destination. We use HackerSafe and Trustwave to protect your data, you can view our privacy policy from here.

This concept phone has a complete keyboard in an AZERTY layout and there is a small LCD display above the keyboard. There are many features equipped within this phone in order for both low literate and […]Targa Florio Concept Smartphone Is Inspired by Classic Automotive Style Targa Florio, a concept smartphone that combines classic automotive style and hi-tech digital (rotatable display touch screen).
The parcel post like packaging of this phone has made it even more attractive and the best part of this concept phone is the futuristic pull-out LED display that can be used as a storage device and can create and share files or pictures. The concept not only incorporates the shape, but […]Clip-It USB Drive Makes Life Easier By Getting Integrated With The Life Itself How many times have you forgotten to take your USB drive to the office? Now, how many times you have forgotten a […]Edge Concept Phone for Fashionistas Great innovation from Chris Owens for fashion design oriented people.

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