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A used cell phone or a smartphone saves you a lot of precious money, but can also be a disaster if you do not know the parameters to check before buying it.
Whether buying used cell phones for personal use or for resale, there are bargains to be found on Craigslist.
However, buying a previously-owned cell phone is similar to buying a used car because you aren’t always sure what’s “under the hood”, or whether the device you are going to purchase is a lemon.
Note: The scope of this article is how to successfully purchase a phone on Craigslist after you have determined what you are looking for, not to compare and contrast which phone is best for you. Small cracks in the glass, scratches, and small chips in the plastic do not usually indicate internal damage, so how “well traveled” or pristine you want your phone to be is your preference. Other physical issues might include damaged pixels or lines of “static” going across the lcd screen, slide-out keyboards not moving smoothly or not sitting flush to the main body of the phone when retracted, or any loose-feeling removable plastic panels. A special note about Blackberry smartphones: many of these phones have a roller ball in the middle of the keypad, and about 1 out of 4 of these that I have tested have been less than perfect and were pretty frustrating to use. I recommended getting the seller to send you their IMEI or MEID number prior to ever going to meet them. Accessories – Many times, a seller on Craigslist will not only be offering their phone for sale, but will include any variety of chargers and accessories. SIM Cards – A SIM card is what attaches your phone number and personal account information to the phone that you are using. Storefront Account Swaps – With CDMA phones, it can be beneficial to have the seller meet you at your local service provider’s storefront. Safety – Exercise caution and common sense whenever you are meeting people from Craigslist, especially for popular items like smartphones.
Flashing was one of the only topics I left out of my article, simply because I have no experience with the process, and the legality of it is questionable at best. The Samsung Galaxy phones would be a distant second, but I’m mostly holding off on buying those until after the s4 is released in April and the resulting price drops on earlier models stabilizes. Just out of curiosity, what is a typical buy price for you for a 4 or 4s, and what is a typical sell price?
Prices are constantly declining (usually $10-15 dollars a month online), so the price I pay changes as well. Average sell price on the 4’s ranged from $260 to $300 and between $360 and $400 for the 4s, both ranges depending on GB. I’d say that 50-60% of my business comes from people contacting me in response to my wanted ads on Craigslist, and the other 40-50% is me frequently monitoring the craigslist posts in my area and jumping on any good deals immediately.
Most people who buy phones on craigslist are obnoxious, and ask sellers to meet them halfway or come to them, in addition to lowering the price. Unfortunately, other than blacklisting the phone, there’s nothing more you can do, unless you had some sort of GPS alert system set up beforehand. I’ve won a used phone in an auction and my question is, even though I was t.old that the owner is no longer on the account, why does their phone number remain on the phone? The Federal Government has cautioned those in the habit of buying used phones and pre-registered SIM cards from uncertain sources to desist, saying such items might have been used for terrorism and criminal activities.
He noted that the recent regional ministerial meeting convened to explore ways of achieving international cooperation in tackling the challenge of insurgency in the North-Eastern Nigeria had called for more action in tackling the menace.
The official added that the forum advocated strict sanctions against terrorist groups, especially the Boko Haram, while commending the effort of the Nigeria government in setting up the Victims Support Fund for alleviating the plight of victims of insurgency. The first person to be diagnosed with Ebola within the US has died, Texas hospital officials have said.
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To help you with all the concerns when buying used cellphones, I have prepared a simple checklist of what do when buying used cellphones. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.
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Cell Phones - Get great Cell Phones items on eBay!eBay is the leading place to buy and sell cell phones and cell phone accessories. Most of the dealers or people selling old handsets do not give a guarantee of even a single day. Authenticity: The first thing you have to know is whether the handset seller is not a thief.
Working condition: One of the most important thing is you have to check the working condition of the gadget. Demand: It is useless to buy a smartphone or a tablet which is out-dated, not in demand, or of a company whose handsets are not famous in your city or country.
Upon seeing the recently released iPhone 4s listed on Craigslist for $170, only one word entered my mind: Scam. My example was, of course, an extreme case, but thanks to the brilliant marketing of large corporations, most people purchase their handsets at  heavily subsidized rates with two-year contracts and are simply unaware of what their phone is actually worth.
It is important to take the time to research what you’re looking for and to go through an inspection checklist in order to minimize the chances of having buyer’s remorse about your new $200 paperweight. Hardware Variations – The average consumer may not be aware that many of the newer smartphones are issued in multiple different versions, each bearing a unique model number and offering subtle variations. Carrier Customization – Sometimes manufacturers will make a customized model variant branded for a specific service provider, resulting in phones bearing the same brand name that scarcely resemble one another. External Appearances – It is also helpful to become familiar with the subtle external differences between the phone you are going to purchase and a similar model. Unlocked – Unless sold from a dealer as a “factory unlocked” phone, nearly all phones are “locked” to the carrier they were originally purchased and activated on. A Reasonable Price – eBay is a good barometer on what sort of price range is reasonable for a used phone. Time the Market – Unlike trying to guess when the best time is to purchase that next winning stock, you actually can know exactly when a used cell phone is going to be “on sale”. Physical Imperfections – If the seller has been accurate in their ad, then you should go into the deal having a good idea of what physical defects, if any, to expect.

However, beware of shattered or “spider-webbed” screens and large chunks missing from the casing, as these are usually caused by a traumatic incident. When buying any iPhone, be sure to check that the two screws on either side of the charging port are still in place.
Functioning Buttons – Next, you’ll want to ensure that all of the buttons are operating properly and cause an action to occur on-screen.
With this number, you can call the respective phone company’s customer service line and ask whether or not the phone is currently activated on someone elses account and if it is “clean” and ready to be activated.
Camera Check – I have come across a small number of phones whose cameras have produced consistently blurry or unfocused pictures or just did not work at all. An employee there will ensure that the device is functioning properly and will transfer the phone directly from the seller’s account to yours.
In my first year of buying and selling phones, I got burned in multiple different ways and treated each one as a learning experience for the future.
Those numbers represent my net income after online selling fees, so the buyer actually paid around 8% more than those numbers.
For most phones I have a price in my head that I know I have to pay in order to make a profit. How can I buy and sell phones for a short while to pay off a $4000 in debt and save $8000 for a car in a year?
Unfortunately I was reading so much and taking notes and by the time I got back to craigslist to send my email requesting the correct type of number after looking up your Wikipedia link, the ad is gone- my gut told me it was a pretty good deal and must have been- poof it’s gone! I am from Africa but reside in USA and planning going into used phone business to Africa countries. Omeri disclosed that the parley was convened to look into the level of implementation of the decisions and commitments made at the Paris Summit of May 2014 and the follow up meetings in London and Washington DC.
It is a platform to expand the national conversation; an avenue through which Nigerians home and abroad can air their views.
Please understand some old models have no new housing at present, so that we can not replace a new housing for it.
We will lauch an immediate investigation and try our best to beat the price if it proves to be the same product. All orders have to be paid in full before the process of shipment to your country destination. We use HackerSafe and Trustwave to protect your data, you can view our privacy policy from here. Cell phones are made of toxic materials and it is recommended to recycle them properly in order to reduce our carbon footprint.
The technology is developing so fast nowadays and even the latest mobile phones become out dated within few months, their prices decrease about 20% about 3 months after they’ve been launched. Find best value and selection for your Cell-phones-Buyer-tips-used-phone-buy- phones-eBay- search on eBay. Find best value and selection for your Cell phones Buyer tips used phone how to buy phones on eBay search on eBay. Nokia offers Internet services such as applications, games, music, maps, media and messaging through its Ovi platform. If you buy a handset of a brand which is not used in your country, you will face problems getting it fixed, as its spare parts wont be available easily. You have to keep in mind that as new model are coming every month, the prices of all electronics gadgets are decreasing steadily. You, the informed consumer, can take advantage of this anomaly and discover a great deal on a new smartphone. Usually, these are made in order to accommodate the different cellular radio bands, frequencies, and LTE networks used by different service providers and countries, but their hardware can differ slightly in other ways as well. To the casual observer, the iPhone 4 and 4s might appear identical, but as illustrated on this website, there are distinct external features, and being aware of these could be the difference between purchasing a $250 phone and a $350 phone. The best way to do this is to search through the recently “Sold Listings” and take note of the average sale prices for the last couple of weeks. This is thanks to companies’ successive product lines that encourage users to upgrade to flashy new versions of their “outdated” 6-month old device. Red flags should be raised if, upon arrival, you find that issues went unmentioned or were grossly understated.
You will want to thoroughly test a phone’s functionality before purchasing a device in this condition. If these are missing, then it implies that the phone has been previously opened, and it’s anyone’s guess as to what might have been done to it..
GSM network phones have an IMEI number, whereas on CDMA phones this number is called the MEID number. Finally, when you have the phone in your hands, check to make sure the identification number they gave you earlier actually matches the number of the device they are trying to sell you. If you have a SIM card, you can pop it in and make a call from the device on your own number. Unless you are a tech-savvy user who is familiar with these processes, I would recommend staying away from phones in this state. Rarely do people inflate the original asking price to account for the extra gear, unless a heavy duty Otterbox case is one of the items included.
CDMA network phones do not use a SIM but have a unique identifier integrated into the handset itself. This has the double benefit of ensuring that you are not buying a blacklisted handset and having a trained professional give your phone a once-over.
Yes, it is a backdoor around blacklisted devices, because the blocked IMEI is overwritten and replaced with another.
Those were my average buy prices, every once in a while an outlier was much lower than the average. However, by being on the outskirts I have access to a variety of smaller cities that the guys in city don’t usually make an effort to drive to.
Also, I try to always meet a seller where they are, as trying to arrange a halfway meetup turns a lot of people off. If I see a listing within $50 of that price, I’ll tell them that I can give them $xx for the phone and can meet them in [wherever they live] today. I just purchased a used cell phone on ebay, and wonder how do you know that your information is private? I called the provider and black-listed the phone and I’m reporting it to the police and checking area pawn shops.
I’ve never bought any electronics off Craigslist, so I decided to do a little bit of research. Could you please help me with any useful information where I can be getting the phone to buy very cheap and in many quantities.
If your friend is selling a phone, then you already know how he was treating it and in what condition it is. Both two kinds are totally unlocked and already reset to factory default settings, the language is English as default, if you need another languages, please add in "note" when you check out online, if the phone can support the languages as your request, we will flash the phone to support for free.This phone come with brand new housing,it's the same as our product photos, you can purchase online directly. Usually, business people have at least two mobile phones: one for business and one for personal use. If we want to keep our soil and air clean, we have to think about how to reduce making waste of any kind. It may be blocked later through its IMEI number or you may be tracked down through its IMEI. The only things not covered in warranty is physical damage, which you can check yourself easily through physical inspection.

Of Course, you can buy even an old handset if that is what you prefer or are fascinated or fond of it. If you are into business of buying and selling used or refurbished phones, then consider that the handsets you bought will not sell until after 2 months. Upon making the phone call, I was met with a barrage of nearly unintelligible sounds loosely resembling the English language.
For example, the Samsung Galaxy SIII comes in at least 13 variants, with 7 being available in the United States alone.
In my experience with Craigslist, most sellers simply list their phone as a “Galaxy S” leaving you to figure out whether or not it is actually the phone you are looking for.
Even if unlocked, the phone is still limited to the radio bands of its hardware, and can only be activated on carriers that support that band. The information on product release dates are readily available online (or at least the rumors are), and if you wait until the next model’s debut to purchase an older phone then you’ll be guaranteed a bargain.
The few times I chose to purchase a phone in this situation, rather than walking away, I found other hidden problems later on and regretted making the transaction.
Also notice if you’re having to push the power button or a “home” button on an iPhone harder than normal, as this could indicate a possible wearing out or failure in the near future.
This Wikipedia article is a good source to determine if your service provider uses GSM or CDMA technology.When someone reports their cell phone as stolen, or breaks their contract without fulfilling all of their monetary obligations, their provider will “blacklist” the identification number of the device, and prevent it from ever becoming active on their network again. If not, and the phone is still active on the seller’s account, then have them call you from it to ensure that it connects.
Sometimes a jailbreak is irreversible, or when done incorrectly can cause the wifi to become inoperable or can permanently “brick” a phone if a factory restore is attempted. When purchasing a phone, be aware that it’s SIM card slot may require a smaller SIM card than what you are currently using.
Recently a couple have started popping up, but it hasn’t seemed to slow my business yet. I was basically clueless on how to check that it was not stolen and what I now know is blacklisted ?? Don’t see any on my local craigslist that look good to me, so I’m off to check out E-bay as you mentioned a few times- only thing is how do you trust sight unseen? It will be the same for any brand be it Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, Nokia, Sony, Blackberry or even a Chinese handset. If the seller insists you to buy it in the same condition then quote a very, very low price so that if at all it does not get fixed, you do not lose much!
I have found that Wikipedia is a good source for comparing similar versions of a device, and you can use this as a tool to research which model of the phone will offer full compatibility with your provider. Perhaps the most frequent use of unlocked handsets is done by T-Mobile customers wanting to use an iPhone that was originally locked for use with AT&T. If you want to search for  the prices of recently sold, used White 16gb iPhone 4’s for AT&T, then it’s a simple matter to check the boxes of those desired features on the sidebar.
You should not have to apply significant pressure to any of the phone’s buttons or have to press than more than once. This can double as your evaluation of the speakers to ensure that they are producing a clear sound. You can tell a jailbroken iPhone by its installation of the app “Cydia”, and oftentimes a rooted Android phone will have an altered menu interface or other edited features. If you do end up having to purchase some of these items, then buy online at sites like Amazon where brand new OEM accessories can be had for way cheaper than the in-store retail price. This can easily be ordered from your mobile provider, or can be cut down to size (DIY SIM cutting instructions can be found online), but it’s nice to have that taken care of in advance so that you can immediately start using your new phone. New facilities might be attractive, but if you have two or more mobile phones, do you really need all of them to be the latest models?
So it is very important and essential to check certain things before buying be it a mobile phone or a tablet. The best method is you should ask the seller for either its bill or the box which comes with the phone.
Be wary of purchasing devices that have been “jailbroken unlocked” or have been unlocked with a “Gevey SIM”.
Many sellers on Craigslist will set their asking price within the range of  those you may find on eBay, but you should be able to find several listed ads for $50-$100 less than the online rate.
Some phones, including all iPhones, have a “silent toggle” that switches the phone from silent mode and back, so check this as well.
People are usually honest about the status of their phone, and many view the jailbreak as a positive selling point, so just be sure to ask.
1st generation smartphones use a mini-SIM card size, and most currently being produced use the Micro SIM. This can also a considered as a guide for people doing business in used or refurbished phones. It is almost unlikely that the thief will also rob the box or the bill which the user never carries it along with him! These are temporary work-around solutions that do not permanently unlock the phone and can sometimes cause more headaches than they are worth. Lastly, be sure to engage all areas of the phone’s touchscreen to ensure a functioning digitizer. I have heard about these phones being successfully activated overseas, but I cannot speak from personal experience.
Some of the newest phones on the market like the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy s4 require an even smaller card called a Nano SIM.
Buying and selling used cell phones is better solution and we will mention just some of them. 15 minutes later I arrived to the scene of a spindly man in a wife-beater hauling junk from his aging one-bedroom home into the back of an old Chevy pickup. The only way to tell whether or not a handset has been unlocked is to insert your SIM card from another company and to see if the phone receives a signal. I have come across iPhones where certain regions of the screen had no reaction, whereas other parts of the screen responded just fine.
So, if you are planning to buy grandma, grandpa or your folks, opt to get used cellphones that are less complicated to use. Out of the pocket of his tattered denim jeans he pulled it out: An iPhone 4s in pristine condition with the original box and all accessories.
If you are buying used cellphones for you kid or for your techy little brother or sister, then buy used items like smartphones. Buy used cellphones which have the actual programs that you can rely on to complete you duties and can satisfy your techy cravings. Purchasing something with functions you don't really need could be a waste of money and energy.
This is because they are prepared to perform required maintenance if their product has system failures.
This is to confirm that the item you are going to purchase may be worth your hard-earned money and has no defects. All you have to do is to make an online search and browse articles concerning the How To’s of buying stuff on the internet.
Take advantage of the chance and buy the best device you will get.Do as instructed and make sure to read the company’s conditions and terms.

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