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Imagine taking a call – or receiving a missed call – from a person or a company you never talked to before. With the number search facility in the CIA App you can search among millions of phone numbers worldwide for FREE!
My Profile allows you to control your digital identity and the caller ID name that appears when you make a call.
This gives you peace of mind and makes it SO easy to move your contacts when getting a new phone.
The award winning caller ID app CIA shows the name, address and other details right on your screen, while the phone is still ringing.
Your friend Molly is calling, and she really likes those photos of the baby wombat and kangaroo. You can also choose to beef up the app -- and this is how the WhitePages app really separates itself -- by connecting to Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, and Current Caller ID will display that person's latest updates on those social networks, if you two are connected.
The idea that you would want to know what a caller has been up to before you have a conversation isn't new: Remember the recent Nokia Windows Phone commercial with the woman who humiliates herself by not realizing that her friend had broken up with Carl? One can see the appeal, however, with certain friends and family members, of peeking at a recent Facebook status as a refresher or conversation starter before accepting a call. It's a great secret weapon for call screening or just to satisfy your curiosity about who's calling!

We're back again with another fabulous set of games more than worthy of gracing your Android screen. Click the button, then use a QR code scanner to download the app directly to your Android device.
This means all you need to backup, restore or move your contacts from one phone to another is the CIA App.
At its simplest, the app works as a more robust caller ID system: It shows the person's name and number, plus weather conditions and one local news headline in the city where the phone is registered.
That way, hypothetically, you'll be quickly informed of your friend's goings-on before your convo. Whether you want those social network updates shoved in your face with each call is (for now, mercifully) a choice, and one that Current Caller ID provides in a nice package.
If WhitePages can update its app to show the local weather from where the caller is actually located, rather than where his phone is registered, it will have created a legitimate, modern-world reimagining of its increasingly-obsolete phonebook business.
The popular developer has just announced that Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing will be the next ones to make their way into mobile. We've taken a look-back at our favorite stories of the week and gathered them right her for you to get your teeth into.
The App including the backup function is available both for Android, iPhone and Blackberry.

An automated process searches online for the contacts you already got in your phonebook and if more data is available it automatically add this to the contact. We are trying to get through to a business or a public office, but the line just stays busy forever. In this way you will always have a fully up-to-date phonebook, without doing any manually input. Or you might get connected but end up getting lost in that good for nothing automatic phone system.
There's also a neat infographic section of the app that visually maps the communication history between you and your contact: How many calls and texts you've ever sent each other, what time you generally get in touch, how long your average phone call lasts, and -- most dangerously -- a "text balance," which shows how many texts you've sent that person versus how many you've received. CIA helps you here as well, by suggesting obvious alternative businesses for you to call instead.

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