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As far as talking is concerned, Samsung r355c can be proud of the reception and signal strength that it provides. Mobile Web Access is allowed and reliable since it operates on Verizon network but browsing is basic and slow. This prepaid cell hone is equipped with decent 1.3mp camera that has all the little things like zoom, effects and frames. All of a sudden when I click reply to a text message, my phone automatically goes to reply with a picture text. For $45 a month, with unlimited text and talk (data too but not important right now), you will be able to enjoy texting and talking to the fullest.
For those who are looking for more internet activity this prepaid cell phone is bad choice.

Also, very good MP3 player is available as well as expandable SD card slot with maximum16gig memory expansions for storing your MP3s.
The only problem is that a volume loses a bit of clarity when at the highest volume settings.
However, for users who need to access their email accounts as Gmail, to update their status on Facebook, to read and send tweets, this is great option. The good news is that MP3s can be used as ringtone and the bad news is that you want be able to download pictures off the internet. Click image to get bigger picture, and if you find Best Prepaid Cell Phone Service Sarahs Guide interesting, you might pin it to Pinterest. Also, Samsung r355c has no any preset games and there is no possibility of downloading any.

In a way it functions, Samsung r355c is a basic cell phone as far as mobile web access is concerned. The shape of the phone is slightly tapered and has rubberized sides, that prevent slipping and makes handling it with one hand really convenient. Blootooth and standard 3.5mm jack is available (no adapter needed) if you want to listen MP3s with headphones.

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