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The National Day of Unplugging is not a communist conspiracy to disrupt the world technology market.
That’s our takeaway from a Friday morning interview with Tanya Schevitz, the National Communications Manager for an organization called Reboot, who started the National Day of Unplugging 5 years ago. Yes, worldwide we have more than 200 community partners promoting events that over 13,000 people will participate in. Does it bother you that somewhere somebody won’t know what somebody else who lives a thousand miles away had for lunch?
What happens when you don’t get to see pictures of cats doing funny stuff for 24 hours?
In Miami, the most superficial city in America, what are people supposed to do without selfies? People should look at each other instead of at a camera while they take a picture of themselves, or at pictures of people looking at cameras taking pictures of themselves. I went into an 8th grade class, and the students told me how much it hurt to be ignored by their own parents when they go to tell them about something important to them and their mom or dad is too busy writing an email or browsing Facebook to even look up at them. France has already banned residents from making cash transactions of €1,000 ($1,114) or more.
Who wants to own stock in companies run by numbskulls who buy back shares in their companies at record prices just before a major selloff? Or maybe they’re wondering whether the world’s $200 trillion in total debt (roughly 300% of total output) can possibly be paid back? A less than joyous start to the new year: the DJIA has so far delivered its worst first trading week since at least 1900.
The DJIA, daily – maybe the rate hike isn’t as awesome as at first thought… – click to enlarge. The good Lord adds jerks to the mix to keep things interesting … we’re happy to report the operation was a success. The war in Iraq led to dozens of experiments and innovations — in the art of insurgency as well as in organizational skills and management.
But the worst thing that could come from an aggressive attack, we warned, would be victory.
We reported that the French had wisely, in our view, decided to stay out of it and suggested that Americans might be better off out of it too.
First, there is “the authorities must know what they are doing… besides, I have more important things to think about” camp.
The Dow fell back below 17,000 on Wednesday, after Wal-Mart warned that it was having trouble selling things to people with no money – at least online. A bad day for WMT on the heels of a bad year for WMT – neither do its customers have enough money to buy stuff, nor is WMT able to keep its margins intact while raising the salaries of low-skilled workers (which it has done preemptively to head off even greater demands) – click to enlarge. There must be hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of well-educated adults sitting on the edges of their seats… eager to hear what this rather ordinary functionary will say. Will Janet Yellen proudly put the Fed on the side of the angels, announcing that she and her crew have decided to move the Fed’s key interest rate to a more normal level… regardless of how much it costs the cronies?

According to the Fed, the conditions for a rate increase are “approaching” but haven’t been met yet. Poverty is better than wealth in one crucial way: The poor are still under the illusion that money can make them happy. We bring this up because it is at the heart of government’s scam – the notion that it can make poor people happier. After you have food, shelter, clothing, and a few necessities, everything else is status, vanity, and power. If the human race wishes to have a prolonged and indefinite period of material prosperity, they have only got to behave in a peaceful and helpful way toward one another. Here’s what she has to say about selfie culture, 1,000 mile sandwiches, and waiting at the bus stop. They helped bring on the worst bubble ever… with their theories of efficient markets and modern portfolio management. Keynes provided governments with the “scientific” fig leaf fore interventionism that economists had previously denied them. Instead, a “shadow government” of elites, cronies, lobbyists, bureaucrats, politicians, and zombies – aka the Deep State – is permanently in power. An economist whose economic theorizing is truly abominable crap (more on this in an upcoming post), a reliable, crypto-fascist, bought and paid for evil intellectual in the service of the Deep State. Reeling from the jabs of the last two weeks, expect a strong counterattack from the zombies and their allies.
And surely Wall Street shills will be in the news explaining how markets become unreasonably fearful from time to time. In a reverse repurchase – or “reverse repo” – agreement the Fed borrows reserve funds overnight from banks in exchange for Treasurys it holds on its balance sheet.
Mario “whatever it takes” Draghi is expected to goose up stock markets with more stimulus measures.
According to the Wall Street Journal, the expectation is for something targeting property purchases and another interest rate cut (which would make it cut No. But most people count on the feds to manage the economy, foreign policy, the future, and the government.
Because the difference between the outcome if they bothered to think about it and the outcome if they didn’t is the same.
Or that they have shifted trillions of dollars toward the rich while leaving Main Street poorer?
This economy will never recover – not as long as it is under the current Keynesian management. In the simplest form, government says to the masses: Hey, we’ll take away the rich guys’ money and give it to you.
People are overwhelmed by the expectation that they can be reached by anybody anywhere at any time.
It bothers me that someone feels the need to tell me what they had for lunch when they’re a thousand miles away.

They have both become lawless kill zones where blacks live off of welfare, deal drugs, and shit on the concept of marriage, working for a living, or conforming to social norms. The dealers all seem to be in East Baltimore… or east of Baltimore… so we drove out of Mulberry Street to Pulaski Highway and finally over to Merritt Boulevard. The first indication of it is the old stone prison at the bottom of the hill, first commissioned in 1801.
His “policy proposals” all have one thing in common: they are apodictically certain to restrict economic progress and individual liberty. And there are plans at the highest levels of government in Israel, India, and China to remove cash from circulation.
They have no ability to influence public policy… and not much room to maneuver in their private lives. Will she beg forgiveness for such errant policy decisions over such a long time and vow publicly never to interfere with the market again? But they are reluctant to say anything for fear that the admiration they get for being wealthy would turn to contempt. The entire world doesn’t need to know about every little funny insight or moment you experience. For more than 200 years, Baltimore’s jail has been a disgrace to the city and its correctional efforts.
We watch the people come and go… we listen to the friendly banter with the bartender… we read the news. But they also believe the system can be trusted to produce an acceptable, although perhaps not always ideal, outcome.
They depend so heavily on “the system” that they can’t afford to believe there is something deeply wrong with it.
But instead of atoning in a dank cell, these same economists strut onto the stage to congratulate themselves. Thinking it over, investors must have decided that Janet Yellen’s rate hike was not such good news after all.
From this point of view, it does as much good to take away a rich person’s money as it does to give money to a poor person. All it can do is to increase the power, wealth, or status of some people – at others’ expense. I don’t know who out there feels better about their life after spending an hour on Facebook looking at cats doing flips. I mean, occasionally it’s nice, but if you rely on it constantly, it becomes a hollow experience.

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