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The iPhone passcode security to unlock the handset is always recommended for safe smartphone experience. Now, a new jailbreak app called CleverPin, is going to solve all that irritating problem associated with retyping the passcode to gain entry even for the owner.
The CleverPin works well with the native iOS passcode integration, allowing you to enter four-digit passcode easily and solving the issue of retyping without many hassles. Once installed, the app allows you to disable the passcode when hooked up to the home Wi-Fi. To minimize the chances of getting a declined reload, read Activate a Gift Card and Create a PIN (before visiting Walmart).
Update on the tactical effort of loading BB with One Vanilla cards at Walmart: (1) The self service kiosk at the Customer Service area always cuts me off when trying to perform the 4th consecutive $500 load (I use several BBs).
I agree that I have found that the fourth transaction in a row of transactions hits a glitch. However, a requirement to enter the four-digit pin always a botheration that keeps most of us away from the feature. Actually, requiring this four-digit code to enter the every time serves as a perfect tier of protection, but the minimal native options offered by iOS can at times turn out to be challenging when having to time after time enter the pass code to unlock the device.

The tweak allows users to enter multiple wireless networks as they can move between the selected wifi network with only a tap.
Bluebird has a $1,000 daily reload limit and a $5,000 monthly reload limit.  The monthly reload limit is on a 30 day moving time period. I hit my max on BB loads and went to Walmart to do the same loads but only to an H&R Block Emerald card.
I have been doing it fine and using the cancel buttons to bring up the debit transaction on the POS. For now, I’m forced to rely on FlyerTalk for my information, and those people are just plain hateful over there!
Despite the repeated requests from the users to make the feature, more intelligent and convenient Apple has failed to offer anything as far as passcode functionality is concerned.
The past has proven us that the best popular Cydia apps are those that work gracefully with iPhone to improve to overall feel for the user. You can also disable Passcode automatically once the iPhone is connected for charging, or when listening to the songs. CleverPin easily fits that category of perfect app that solves issues not addressed by Apple.

Rather than having to type in the pass code every time the unit is used, or after a period of inactivity.
If you see a small yellow box on the bottom of the screen that says something like Alternate Options, click that button really fast.
Supposedly there is risk of getting it shut down if you simply flush money through it, but if you take some cash out here and there at ATMs and use the BillPay to pay actual bills (vs writing yourself a check immediately) it should be fine. The employee- at the service desk said the computer is not optioning the debit button and hopefully it will be fixed later. They are starting to talk about it only Flyertalk… but wanted to see what people here are experiencing.

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