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One thing I am never afraid to do is speak up when I feel that I am paying too much for something.
Use sites like My Rate Plan to compare rates based on your usage so you’re well informed on what the competitors are offering for when you call your cell provider. After evaluating my bill, I called up Sprint and let them know that other providers were offering better prices for comparable plans.
If I’ve traveled out of the country and have some crazy data or usage fees, or if I simply went over my minutes one month, I take the time to call Sprint and get these charges reduced or wiped completely.
Ashley is a model living in NYC who loves sharing tips for saving money and advice on enriching your life. I am so happy I found your site today (thanks GMA!) I already learned how to cut our cell bill which was worse than my PG&E (electric) bill!! Below is a graph I created from the data collected in the survey about the change in monthly cell phone bills from 1989 to 2011. 1998 was the best time to receive a cell phone bill, as the average cell phone bill was only $39.43 per month.
It’s interesting to note that 1999 was the first year that text messages could be sent between different operators, which I presume is the reason for the increase from 1999 to 2004. Subscribe by EmailSubscribe to Tatango's SMS Marketing Blog to receive great SMS marketing content delivered right to your inbox. My husband and I have been looking for ways to cut our expenses and the cell phone always comes to mind. What an amazing difference on one phone and if I add a second line to it the price my total is  $75.00 a month. So when I was offered the opportunity to try out the plan, I was jumping for joy with excitement. My continued quest to reduce my cell phone bill — you can never have too many smartphones around. Back then I had begun testing a VERY low-cost cell phone structure, combining a Freedom Spot Photon 4G Mobile Hotspot with very low-cost prepaid (but auto-renewing) cell service from AirVoice. I’ve done quite a bit research since then on possible low-cost cell phone options and tried to keep track along the way. The negatives were that I had to pack a separate piece of electronics around all the time (not that big of a deal), and that the FreedomPop’s coverage was extremely limited (much bigger deal). So while I got used to the hassles of this set up  and didn’t even think much about it after a while, I began to consider my next test. Ting has one of the most interesting models for reducing cell phone costs that I’ve so far found. The way Ting works is they bucket your actual usage and charge you for what you actually used.
It’s important to keep in mind that keeping my cell phone costs so low is only possible because I use Google Voice as the carrier for my main phone number. Phone conversations are sometimes choppy and there is that annoying slight delay that causes the two people to occasionally talk over each other.
Frustratingly when on a recent call with a consulting client, I had to give up on Google Voice and call her via my Ting line. I have found a lot of difference between the various apps that exist to support Google Voice.
While it has some great benefits, using Google Voice is a fairly extreme way to drop your cell phone costs. Red Pocket Mobile offers coverage on both GSM and CDMA networks so this could save you from having to buy a new phone if you want to test out a low-cost cell phone carrier.
While I’m a huge fan of the Ting business model, the Republic Wireless model is probably my second favorite. At some point in the year 2007 I was kicking back watching a flickering image on a bulky CRT television when a breathtaking commercial appeared on the screen. Fortunately for my little Razr, I had at least enough willpower to hold off on buying that first generation iPhone. With shiny new phones iPhones in hand, mine in black, hers in white, we proudly strode back to her car, excited to try out the new device.
My love for my iPhone waned when Apple pushed out the 4.0 iOS update to my phone, rendering it nearly useless. Well, when I finally left my crappy corporate job last year to get ready for Pretired Baby, we wanted to tighten up our finances everywhere we could, but we still had quite a bit of time left on our two-year contract. Unlike when I was working as a big-shot, always-on, digital marketing genius, I no longer needed to have absolutely reliable cell phone data. I also needed to be able to make reliable outbound cell phone calls when needed now that we have no home phone line.
Combine that package with a Freedom Spot Photon 4G Mobile Hotspot (Black)*, a small WiFi box that becomes my data package. It took a few weeks to get everything dialed in and I have it working OK now, although I’m still tweaking the set-up all the time. Groove IP – This app substitutes for the Google Voice App for making and receiving calls. The really good news is that Google Voice combined with cheap monthly data options (and the spread of public WiFi) are quickly dismantling the cell phone providers’ overpriced billing structures. The only thing I know for sure right now is I’ll never be trapped in another two-year contract again.
Legal DisclosureWhile information and commentary on this site is frequently of a financial nature, nothing should be construed as professional financial advice. Please note we may have a financial relationship with some of the companies and products mentioned. If you're already using your phone, take a close look at your plan, examining the calling, messaging, and data options you've chosen.
On the other hand, if where you exceed the 450-minutes-per-month maximum just once during the life of your two-year service plan--even if you exceed it by a lot that one time, you still come out ahead with the lower limit overall.
And it is possible: When my iPhone 4 suffered a fatal fall recently, I went back to my elderly flip phone and relied on an iPod Touch for apps and Internet services. My pockets were heavier, in part because I was carrying two devices around, but also because my pockets had more cash in them thanks to my lower monthly bill.
Also, find out what apps are claiming most of your bandwidth; the culprits may be obvious ones like Pandora and Netflix, or sneaky ones like Google Maps or free versions of games like Angry Birds that increase your data usage by serving up ads. IOnavo Extend can help you with data costs.t runs in the background on your phone, compressing your data by routing it through Onavo's servers and stripping out the extras.
Boost Mobile offers low-cost unlimited Android and BlackBerry plans.Signing up with a smaller carrier, like Boost Mobile or US Cellular, can cut your monthly cost significantly.
In contrast, opting for a similar plan from Sprint, which is one of the only big carriers still offering an unlimited data option, will cost you $99.99 a month for unlimited voice, data, and messaging. Amazon Shop buttons are programmatically attached to all reviews, regardless of products' final review scores.
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His report shows that New Yorkers pay ten cell phone taxes and fees—more than any other major city in the country.
For a $50 phone bill, the average New Yorker pays more than $10 in taxes every single month.
Weiner is a cosponsor of the Cell Tax Fairness Act, which would prevent state and local governments from singling out wireless services for new taxes.
I heard that the 911 tax that we pay goes to the cellphone company but then where does it go?????????????????Does anybody in cyberspace have an answer???? We've sent you a confirmation email, please click on the link in the email to confirm your subscription. As part of our 10-day series on Total Financial Fitness, we’ve developed six quick workouts, inspired by the popular exercise plan that takes just seven minutes a day.
The use of software that blocks ads limits our ability to provide you with the journalism you enjoy.
Consider turning your Ad Blocker off so that we can continue to provide the world class journalism you have become accustomed to. I’ve learned that sometimes all it takes to save a little money on your bills is to simply ask.
I was patient and pleasant and noted what a loyal customer I have been (Sprint customer for 7 years even though everyone insists they suck), and told her that I simply could not really afford the new price (this sob story is usually a winner for anyone with a heart). Some of your articles have definitely pointed out ways in which I could lower my overall monthly costs. I called my long-time provider and with the aid of a helpful service rep, we analyzed usage and identified a plan that would save my family about $50 a month.
Our good friends at the CTIA have released their results from their most recent semi-annual survey, showing what the average U.S. I have 3 phones on the sprint plan and I pay close to 250 a month, Unlimited Data & calls. If you’re looking for ways to bring down your monthly costs and are still dealing with an overpriced monthly contract plan, it may be an interesting read for you. The results of my search for ways to reduce my cell phone bill are below, if you want to just jump ahead.
The positives were that I could keep my same phone, which I was happy with, the low cost and the fact that I had no contract. Basically it gets a nice, strong signal in the main city, but anytime you leave the heavily populated areas, say 15 miles from downtown in any direction, it completely loses its signal. There is a bit of a price war going on right now so real prices for cell phone service have been dropping rapidly, just as I predicted they would.
I highly recommend trying it to just about anyone because it’s very likely they could save you a lot of money right away.
By channeling the majority of your calls and texts through Google, you can greatly bring your costs down if you choose a low-cost cell phone. Republic works by utilizing WiFi for its calling the majority of the time and then uses a cellular network when WiFi is unavailable.
Red Pocket offers both CDMA and GSM so you may be able to bring your existing phone regardless of your current carrier.
I’ve been around Apple products for long enough to know that they always hold back some must-have features for later generations. It devoured the battery within minutes of standby and it would take 3-4 seconds for a character to appear on-screen after being touched. I first tried TalkaTone based on some opinion I read online, but the voice quality was terrible (a lot of delays and cross-talk) and the interface was very poorly designed. My main use for this has been to set up a spam contact group so that I didn’t have to deal with all the spam calls that I started getting on my new AirVoice number (more below). In fact Groove IP often won’t connect to Google Voice at all until I restart the phone. I quickly learned to never answer that number unless I recognized the caller, but occasionally I forget and answer it on instinct. I fully expect the average price for a monthly cell phone bill to drop to $20-$30 in 2-3 years. The FreedomPop is still the weak link in the set-up so reliable incoming phone access outside the main urban area is nonexistent. Please consult a qualified financial adviser for specific guidance on personal finance and investing. This may include receiving payments, free products, services, giveaways, and other incentives. Find the right plan for you: Carefully review how often and in what ways you use your phone. Suppose that you incur $157.50 in overage fees one month but stay under the 450-minute limit during the other 23 months of the service contract. Trim the fat: Examine your cell phone to see what services you're paying for above and beyond your voice and data plans.
Yes, that means the company knows what data you're accessing; but that's the price you pay in exposure for the monetary savings you'll see on your cell phone bill.
Boost Mobile offers an unlimited Android Plan for $55 per month, and an unlimited BlackBerry Plan for $60. Our parent company, IDG, receives advertisement revenue for shopping activity generated by the links.
And because some of the fees are a set price, customers with smaller phone bills pay comparatively more in taxes and levies.
It would not, however, roll back or reduce current wireless taxes or fees, and current revenues derived from wireless consumers would stay the same. You pay the carrier's own bogus fees plus multiple taxes to EACH of the county, city and state; it's absurd. Verizon bills the "retail" value of your calls and the tax is based on all your calls even if your on a flat plan.The law does not permit this and it is against federal laws but nobody does anything about it. Use the sliders in the center of the screen to fill out the largest amount of minutes, data, and texts you used during a single billing cycle. The first person I spoke with was not willing to extend much of a discount (heartless), so I called back.
No lie, I just tell them that I didn’t’ realize that there were roaming fees or that I was over my allotted minutes and I would really appreciate if they could help me out this time and promise it won’t happen it again.
The trick is to move your main number to Google Voice and use the AirVoice number only for emergencies. Not being under a contract left me free to easily test without being committed to two years stuck with one carrier. And, remember, this is a no-contract carrier, so anytime I decide I’m unhappy, I can walk. Based on my mobile internet experience, however, I’d be very worried about the coverage map.
My once-amazing Motorola Razr blinked at me softly in the same way a pet might look at its owner before taking one sad, final drive to the vet.

My wife and I hopped into her car to head to the AT&T store to surrender to the irresistible siren call of unlimited data and a full internet experience on a portable device.
I spent days ruining my vision discovering new apps and exploring the world through this magical device.
I conduct most of my consulting work via email and my clients demand near-instant responses.
You can set it up with an auto-replenish so it essentially acts as a contract plan (with no contract). With Android, you can set it up so the phone asks you if you want to make a call with Google Voice or via the cell phone. It also saves me from having to constantly adjust settings on the phone or remember to turn off the FreedomPop. Also annoying is that I sprung for the paid app, but the free version had actually been much more stable.
Apparently having a prepaid number labels you as a poor person because the calls I’ve been getting and in-app ads are for things like immigration services and debt reduction services. Ideally, you should do this before signing a cell phone contract, but of course it can be difficult to know exactly how you'll use your phone until you spend time with it every day. Check several months of phone bills to see whether you pay for more minutes and megabytes than you use, or whether you regularly exceed your usage limits.
This option may not be available if you've purchased a smartphone that requires a data plan; but for some consumers it's a sensible move.
Check out Onavo's free iPhone and Android app, called Onavo Extend, which claims to make your data usage up to five times more efficient.
Because the buttons are attached programmatically, they should not be interpreted as editorial endorsements.
According to the CTIA-Wireless Association, smartphone users consume an average of 800 MB of data per month—less than the 1GB or larger plans pushed by most cell providers. Next, you’ll click through a series of drop-down menus to specify whether you require full-speed data at all times, want a monthly or contract plan, and which provider you use. Just like a girl in a long term relationship, we get comfortable and insecure in our cell contracts and stop caring that we’re being taken for granted and taken advantage of (uh no, im not sobbing uncontrollably right now).
The second representative I spoke to was much more willing to try to keep me a loyal, happy customer and applied a 10% employee discount to my account, every month. I also use the line that I didn’t realize my phone was roaming and I don’t think it’s fair to have to pay.
If you check out their Rates page, you can click the various boxes in their grid and the page will compute what your bill would be. I justified this purchase because I actually have long-needed a way to have cheap, handy WiFi available when I use my laptop or iPad in client meetings. So we should break even in 3-4 months, about three months ahead of our contract expiration so the total savings will be around $340 by breaking our contract early. This was my concern before I bought it but not being able to find any info out there I decided to give it a try.
Other alternatives are Republic Wireless,* which looks VERY appealing and is exactly what the industry needs, but I don’t particularly want to buy a new phone, when my current one works great. My main complain right now when I stay within the city core is the switching between my home WiFi and the FreedomPop.
We've assembled 12 simple actions that you can take to reduce your cell phone bill, so that some of the cash you now spend for service--maybe even half of it--remains in your possession. Click it, and you’ll see an overview of how many minutes you spent on the phone, how much data you consumed, and how many messages you sent per billing cycle. Or, if you want to stick with the same company (or must stick with them, thanks to your contract), have them downsize your plan or point out that a competitor is offering a better plan and request a discount. Clearly I do not work for Sprint, but they wanted to keep me as a customer and found a way to make it work. I don’t know if they just feel bad for me because they think I’m an idiot, but playing dumb is usually a pretty decent strategy. Her journey would not succeed without remembering to put Faith first, Family second and Work third. I’ve been wanting to take it out of town before I write my full review which I plan on having up by June 1. For quite a while GooveIP was great, although I was hoping for some software updates to correct some problems in maintaining a connection to Google Voice. The big negative, of course, is that you have to use their proprietary phones to make this work. However, I’m currently doing all texting via the Google Voice App and it works pretty well.
So shaky that once I reach the break-even point in a few months, I’m going to probably give it up for something a little more expensive. Other good options include payLo by Virgin Mobile*, Net 10 Wireless*, Straight Talk Wireless* or PagePlus. It takes awhile to find the connection and sometimes the GrooveIP seems to just give up even though the WiFi is connected. They actually did improve that massively in a few later updates, but unfortunately they also seem to have screwed up the call quality. This is not a worry from the perspective of making an emergency call since that’s what the AirVoice is for. Since these are no-contract plans, I may give a few of them a go and let you know how they work out. I’ve missed a few calls after returning home from an outing because the GrooveIP lost its connection when I came into the house (as the phone correctly switched the higher-priority WiFi), but it never connected again.
I’d have to wait a full six months to break even, about when my contract would be up.
However, this renders the map function useless (kinda important when you’re on the road) as well as any other data.
Therefore I frequently have to connect manually just to make sure it’s ready to receive calls. But since we did have the free phone from her work, it made sense to try this a little earlier than I otherwise would have.
Once in awhile I’ll have to do a full reboot of the phone to clear everything out to get it to connect up properly. In the case of voicemail, for example, your call log shows you the name and number of incoming callers, anyway--and that's free.
So, overall, still pretty sketchy, but it’s easy to see that as the technology catches up, this will be the default for all phones.

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