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Of course while in the electronics section I had to check out some of the things on my wish list too like the Samsung Galaxy S4.  I will be dreaming of a cell phone upgrade tonight! Once we had finished our fun shopping I was able to grab a couple of “essentials” we were running low on including milk and bread.
I didn’t get to do any boxing day shopping because we had to take our car in for repair. Sign up to receive email updates daily and to hear what's going on with Little Miss Kate & Co!

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Oh and ice cream sandwiches too (Hubs wanted them and they were on sale).  I love being able get everything I need at one store. Our biggest decision tonight is going to be which movie to watch.  Did you venture out and do any Boxing Day shopping today? She was a diehard shopper so this year I think I have purposefully avoided so that I can build new traditions.

We are finding it to be a great resource for economical shopping for families and for my girl’s clothing.

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