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Most other services only give you locations for callers, or they don't even have caller information.
Landline phones are easy to maintain, so long there is the cable wire, you will not have problem in continuously using it. Landline phones are easy to install and once installed it is there until you want the service. Your safety is even more enhanced because with landlines, the operator can easily track down your location. Connection with overseas calls and inter-country calls are easy especially with the direct dialing function of the landline phone.

With the present technology, you can have other added landline functions like call waiting and call barring. Landline phones are no different now with cellular phones, they also carry text messaging function. Statistics show that even with the advent of cellular phones, the landline phones had continuously flourished.
From the time of its (debatable) inventor, Alexander Graham Bell, the utility of this means of communication had consistently and increasingly gained acceptance. As landline phones are transmitted through cables, the reception using this as communication is better.

So in cases of emergency, even without completing your call to inform your place, you can be tracked down. Because even if people are equipped with cellular phones, they never have their landline phones disconnected. You are not bothered by issue on low battery – ┬áthat needs to be recharged from time to time.

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