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If you are using an iPhone that will need to be jailbroken, this must take place before the software is installed otherwise it will not work. Only users who are running 6.x Windows operating systems on their smart phone can use the software.
Upgrades happen often, so if you own a phone with Windows operating system that does not run the Mobile Spy software, check back for user updates.
The software is offered for Symbian devices that run OS versions all the up to 9.5 editions, including 3rd and 5th edition of Symbian S60 as well as Symbian^3. If you wish to own a device that is compatible with the Mobile Spy software you can purchase one at a retailer who sales mobile devices. If for any reason you have questions regarding the compatibility of your phone with the Mobile Spy software contact our support time at 1-888-0475-5345 available 7 days a week from 9 am to 5 pm EST or engage in our Live Chat option available through the Mobile Spy web site.
Number portability helped marry customers to their cherished mobile numbers a few years back, but being hitched to a carrier for years seems to be anything but marital bliss. WIND Mobile launched only a few months ago and declared that contracts were not part of its business plan. Should someone want to take over a contract, the process can be done over the phone with the carrier in as little as 15 minutes (or longer depending on red tape).
A popular online service where you can post the carrier, contract terms, plan and even the handset on CellClients for others to respond to should they want to take over.
With a flashier interface and a few more options, CellSwapper works in very much the same way as the others, though it does have a myriad of listings. Just a heads up, I had spoken with Telus retention and loyalty because I am moving out of the country but they wouldn’t budge on ETF negotiations for canceling my contract. Verizon carriers must purchase the GPS package in order for the GPS function to work correctly. These devices must have an internet connection available and iPhones must have a data plan in place.

The Symbian device must have an internet connection available so log can be recorded to user accounts. The Smart Phone must be equipped with a data plan or the option to have internet in order for logs to be delivered to the Mobile Spy account. There’s a bitter irony in that it binds the carriers to their customers, and yet its terms are usually the flashpoint for the endless derision the latter aims at the former.
It’s no surprise from the carriers, given that they only start to make money from each customer after 18 months, on average. With a network that could span the country, WIND’s entry into the wireless landscape might have had more of an impact on the state of contracts in the business. There are ways to get out without paying a dime — so long as you can find someone willing to take the rest of it off your hands. If someone does respond, then the process can be done over the phone with the carrier in as little as 15 minutes, or longer depending on bureaucratic wrangling.
If a carrier takes away any part of your monthly plan (texting, voicemail, etc.) for no discernible reason, then you may have grounds to get it terminated. You might be able to make a few bucks selling your phone, which might help offset the cost of buying a new one without a contract.
Moving to another country where Canadian carriers naturally have no presence should be enough to entice your carrier to cancel your contract.
It’s understandable that your carrier annoys you at various times, but if you’re ready to give them an earful, do it politely.
We provide news, reviews and features by some of Canada’s best tech writers, run regular contests for the hottest new products, and keep our readers current with the latest tech news with our monthly newsletters. Cell phone contracts are the same as car leases, meaning you can transfer them to anyone willing to take the rest of the term off your hands.
These three websites help connect you with people looking to pick up what you want to leave behind.

The main thing for you is that you can browse to see what’s available, and if you want, post what it is you’re looking for. It’s the only site that includes geo-mapping, so you can see where the ads originated from in the country. A little diplomacy can go a long way to tailoring your plan or contract a bit more to your liking.
This is a minute price to pay when trying to get the answers you need about suspicious activity. That’s why you see $100 minimum termination fees, or $20 for each month left on the contract’s term. When asked, our opinion about purchasing a phone that will load the software easily, we recommend an Android, BlackBerry, or iPhone. You can easily run up a bill of a couple hundred dollars to literally buy your cellular freedom. So, while it’s not really free in all cases, it might be possible to get the transfer fee waived if you ask nicely.
You will have to open an account and pay $19.90 to post the ad on CellClients, but they will refund your money if no one bites on what you’re selling after 30 days. Here is a guide that will ensure you have a phone that will be completely compatible with the Mobile Spy software.

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