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Glass display show case design for cell phone retail shop on customized sizes, View display cases for retail, Unic Product Details from Shenzhen Unic Furniture Ltd. My husband Ed and I prepared for a long time, and we finally went on the trip in October 2012. Tokyo has the highest population density of any city in the world — more than 9 million people in the core city area.
The only way that we could understand anything we saw in Tokyo was to remember that it’s a lot of people living on a tiny island. On the ground floor, where the new toys are, I found my first Sesame toy: crystal Cookie Monster and Elmo puzzles by Beverly Enterprises.
Heading downstairs, we visited Snoopy Town, which used to be a separate store but was recently absorbed into the Kiddy Land collective.
We finally found the tiny little shelf in Kiddy Land that had Sesame Street and Muppet merchandise. There were three Muppet items — a backpack and a sticker book imported from the UK, and a Kermit keychain from the US. The reason why is probably best expressed in this blog post by a fashion-conscious girl visiting Tokyo in March 2010. So over the next few days, I kept track of the characters that I saw the most in Tokyo stores. So you can walk into any given store in Tokyo, and if there are any products with cartoons or licensed characters on them, then you’ll find at least three of those five.
And the interesting thing about that list is that those characters aren’t necessarily current. In the US, a character’s popularity rises and falls based on the new movie releases and TV seasons.
The main activity in Akihabara was just to walk in and out of countless little stores, wondering what the hell it all means.
It’s mostly a place for manga, anime and science-fiction, with side interests in Disney animation and Hello Kitty. There was nobody else in the arcade at the time, so the guy running the machines took pity on the unskilled American.
There are four floors, all interconnected in surprising ways, so it was very easy to get disoriented. Most of the stores there sold second-hand plastic toys, either crammed into display cases or packaged in tiny plastic bags.
Okay, one more stop for today — the fabulous Mono Comme Ca, the only store in Tokyo where I actually found new Sesame Street stuff. Already added to cart sorry,for a reason unknown,temporarily sunning can't take your order(s).

Buyers can receive a refund and keep the item(s) once the item(s) are not as described or possess any quality issues by negotiating directly with the seller. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. I was doing some research for the wiki about international Sesame Street merchandise, and I discovered Chara Hiroba, a plush toy manufacturer that makes prizes for Japanese arcade games, especially claw crane machines. Back in my day, in the 1970s and 80s, there would be new designs for every product — like this plastic plate, which used three different pieces of original art.
This Elmo plate was made in 2012, and it uses the same clip art picture on the matching bowl and cup.
This is not even the entire stock of Disney cell phone cases in this store at this particular moment. You probably remember Snoopy’s brother Spike, who lives in the desert and talks to a cactus.
I bought a little Peanuts book and a magnet, and when I paid for my items, the clerk asked me if I wanted to pay in installments. The movie came out in Japan in May 2012, but there was no Muppet merchandise in the Disney area at Kiddy Land — and as we discovered later, there were no Muppets in the Tokyo Disney Store, or in all of Tokyo Disneyland. The Sesame merchandise amounted to some Sanrio leftovers — a few pencil cases, a little set of postcards from 2005, and three cups.
Keep in mind that two floors down, there was a huge endcap of merchandise based on Snoopy’s fat brother. Don’t worry, I have plenty of fun things to show you, especially at the Universal Studios theme park.
The best store we found was Akiba Culture Zone, a huge shopping complex for manga and anime fans, with two floors devoted to toys.
Each floor was kind of like the dealers’ room at a non-stop science-fiction convention, where all of the merchants have settled down, brought in furniture and started raising families. I did manage to find some scattered Sesame toys, including the Kubrick figures and two puzzle keychains. He opened the glass door and repositioned some toys, so that a little group of them was close to tipping over into the basket. Nakano Broadway is more like a shopping mall than Akiba Zone was, with lots of little shops packed next to each other.
Early on, I made the noob mistake of passing by a store with some postcards that I liked, thinking that I would come back for them later. The aisles were so small that they were practically two-dimensional, so I sort of crab-walked through the racks, scanning for interesting things. Your eyes drift past the display, and you let your instincts pull your attention to the shapes and colors you’re looking for.

The core design was based on a graphic of Elmo peeking into frame, which they turned into pillows, tote bags, coin purses and mugs. But from here, the rest of My Week is about the place where the Sesame lives — Universal Studios Japan. I looked at their site, and learned that for the last ten years, they’ve been making five completely unique Sesame Street toys every month, and those toys have become increasingly bizarre and abstract.
In fact, that Elmo pose has been on pretty much every Sesame product made in the last three years. And that was easy for us to believe, because it seemed like they were all out on the street at any given time of the day. That means that if you want any chance of making an impression, then you need to do it bigger and crazier than anybody else. But I was expecting a crazy avalanche of Elmo toys pouring out of every shop window, and it just wasn’t there. But the last Peanuts comic strip was in 2000, and I have no idea how the Moomins became as popular as they are. We basically walked around surrounded by racks and plexiglass cases, and if we found something that we wanted to buy, then we had to figure out which of the several nearby cashiers was the one responsible for taking our money. I put in another 100 yen, brushed the claw against that group, and four of them toppled down.
But unlike your typical shopping mall, Nakano Broadway has two different stores that sell nothing but doll eyes.
Computer-aided design has made it easy to copy, resize and paste that image onto everything, adding a backpack or a frisbee into the scene for variety.
In Japan, they’re so deep into Snoopy that Kiddy Land had a special merchandise display just for Olaf.
But if the Moomins can be this popular, then I have to imagine that Sesame Street will come back around sooner or later. It’s also possible that the store closed down while I was on another floor, and reopened under new management.
And #5, amazingly, was the Moomins, fantasy creatures from a series of children’s books published in Finland in the 1950s.

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