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The Dominican Telecommunications Institute (Indotel), the Attorney General and the telecoms companies Claro, Orange and Viva have signed an agreement to join forces to fight cell phone theft in the country. The agreements between the telecom companies represented by the international GSM Association (Groupe Speciale Mobile Association) and Indotel included the publication of a commitment to open the platform so that all the customers can verify their mobile equipment. Indotel adds that they have recognized the will of the private sector to increase internal controls in order to contribute to the fight against cell phone theft by adopting best international practices and especially their commitment to provide information for the GSM database on stolen cell phones in this country.

During an event held at the Jaragua Renaissance Hotel in Santo Domingo yesterday, Wednesday 9 September 2015, three of the largest telecoms companies in the country, Claro, Orange and Viva agreed to exchange information on the stolen equipment and to implement the verification of mobiles with Indotel so that all users can know if a mobile phone had been reported as stolen. The mobile phone service providers pledged to share the information on numbers that are available for the public, according to a press release from Indotel. The telecoms will connect to the GSM database that allows for the exchange of information on the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) of the mobile phone in order to block equipment that has been reported as missing.

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