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Looks like new wireless options will be available for those on the East Coast, as Eastlink will launch its 4G LTE network on Friday, reports the Globe and Mail. The company, a subsidiary of Bragg Communications, purchased $200 million dollars worth of wireless spectrum in 2008. One advantage Eastlink has over newer wireless entrants is the fact its network will have 4G LTE to enable customers a larger and wider selection of smartphones. As for subsidies on devices, Eastlink will bypass traditional term contracts and rather go with device tabs, taking a page from TELUS.

Eastlink plans to lure customers to its wireless network through bundles, where existing customers will get discounts for subscribing to multiple services; Bell currently uses a similar strategy in the region. Unless you indicate otherwise, I will assume I have your permission to post your comment, and to use your name in doing so. Rogers has 90% of Canadians covered with their 4G HSPA+ network as well as blazing fast LTE in major cities across Canada.
It is set to compete against the big three incumbents, who continue to aggressively invest and expand networks in the region.

Eastlink stores in Nova Scotia and PEI will start to roll out wireless products over the next couple weeks, but customers in Halifax can sign up on the network during Friday’s launch. Note that, in Nova Scotia, Telus uses Bell towers, and Rogers has frightfully poor coverage outside Metro.

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