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Since that time, journalists and technology experts have reviewed what-might-have-been in an attempt to see how the tragedy could have been averted. GISWeekly examines select top news each week, picks out worthwhile reading from around the web, and special interest items you might not find elsewhere.
It’s tragically ironic that James Kim, a man who loved technology and wrote about gadgetry for a living, died in a remote, weather stricken part of Oregon, while trying to find help for his family. In light of this new information, although Bear Camp Road had already been searched, a new search encompassing 531 square miles was launched on December 4. Why, when we have so much technology, was this search and rescue operation so difficult and took so long? Satellite imagery would have been more useful earlier in the search, but was re-tasked to fly over on December 6, the day Kim’s body was found. Tech Tips for Wilderness Survival, satellite phones are said to be a better tool for emergencies in remote areas than cell phones or GPS. GeoEye has two high resolution earth imaging satellites, the IKONOS, and the ORBView-3 that both have ground resolutions of 1 meter, meaning they can see objects from more than 400 miles in space, that are as small as 1 meter in size or larger. The satellites move around the earth in a polar orbit at 17,000 miles per hour, and from the North Pole, under the South Pole, back to the North pole in 98 minutes, so they’re moving at 17,000 miles per hour, or about 4 miles per second.
Later this year, GeoEye will launch GeoEye 1, a satellite funded by the NGA that will have a ground resolution of 16 inches. Samsung and Apple continued to dominate the market, with the Korean giant selling 385 million phones in 2012, of which 53.5 per cent were smartphones, with Apple selling 130 million smartphones. Chinese company Huawei was third spot in worldwide smartphone sales for the first time in the fourth quarter, Gartner said, selling 27.2 million smartphones in 2012, an increase of 74 per cent.
Gartner said it expects sales of feature phones – ie any phone that is not a smartphone - to continue falling this year. It expects around one billion smartphones to be sold in 2013, with overall mobile sales estimated to reach 1.9 million units. Gartner principal analyst Anshul Gupta said: “The last time the worldwide mobile phone market declined was in 2009. In the fourth quarter of 2012, Samsung and Apple together raised their global smartphone market share to 52 per cent, up from 46.4 per cent from the previous quarter. The speed and scale of the world's love affair with mobile phones was revealed in 2009 in a UN report that showed more than half the global population now pay to use one. The survey, by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), an agency of the UN, also found that nearly a quarter of the world's 6.7 billion people use the internet. Some three-year-old handsets fetch ?50, it’s time to search dusty drawers and cupboards for the phones that time forgot. Finding the best price for your phone has got much easier thanks to a host of specialist price-comparison sites that have sprung up online. Most mobile phone companies sell on unwanted phones to wholesalers in developing nations, who in turn sell them on to shops, businesses and individual customers. Mazuma Mobile, one of the biggest recycling firms, said it had paid out ?68 million to consumers for their unwanted handsets since the site launched three years ago.

Use a price comparison site to find out which company will give you the most money for your phone, but this should not be the only factor when choosing who you’ll sell your phone to – the terms and conditions of sale, and the speed with which payments are made are equally important.
Some companies also deduct a lot of money if your phone is scratched or damaged, so check to see how the company defines a “working” and “non-working” handset.
After mapping a number of the indicators found in the World Economic Forum’s Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report, I realized that the results could make a particularly challenging geo-quiz.
It is often noted that inexpensive cellular telephones have revolutionized communications across much of the world, especially in poor countries that lack landlines. September 17th 2011 article in The Economist stresses the inadequacy of Colombia’s transportation system, arguing that poor roads hold back the country’s economic growth. GeoCurrents is a forum dedicated to exploring the peoples, places, genes, and languages that are shaping current events around the world. The aim of GeoCurrents is not to take sides on any of these events, but to help foster an enriching and respectful exchange of information and ideas.
Eco-Authoritarian Catastrophism: The Dismal and Deluded Vision of Naomi Oreskes and Erik M. If you have a great product or service you'd like to let our targeted audience know about, you can sponsor the development of this site with your promotion.
Most American phones can't get a signal in other countries, and when they do, the calls are still expensive. Because you're reading an article on international cell phones, I'm going to assume you're American. What this means is--with the right phone--you can pay local rates to call and text while you travel. CDMA is the dominant technology in America, but GSM is the dominant technology in the rest of the world. If there is at least one CDMA tower available in a country, they feel comfortable saying there is "coverage" in that country. If you are a customer of a CDMA provider, you can switch to one of their "world" or "international" phones, which work on both CDMA and quad-band GSM. The search began on November 29th when a family friend contacted the San Francisco Police Department.
Fuqua told authorities that the "ping" indicated that the Kim phone was within a 26-mile radius of that specific tower, in Glendale, Ore. Additionally, the search and rescue operations were complicated by the fact the search area was not defined until December 2, when Fuqua provided some information. The additional geographic probability software that Fuqua used was enormously helpful in pinpointing the region of the cell phone pings. The hardware has come down in price and the service is less expensive, plus satellite phones do not require a cell phone tower within a certain distance, as a cell phone does. Originally they had thought about using some archived imagery, but all of their images were cloudy, as is often the case in that region. Input your phone’s make and model on a site such as Compare My Mobile or Search My Mobile, and it will aggregate prices from partner websites to show who is offering the best deal.

The price of unwanted handsets is based on this demand, which explains why the value of some handsets can fluctuate. Look out for companies that pay you on the day they receive your phone and use a method that won’t take days to clear in your account.
If your phone fails any of those criteria, fear not – most major sites will still buy it from you, albeit for a reduced price. Many of the results seemed surprising to me, and as a result I am not sure if I would have done very well on the quiz. Confirmation of this development is found in the World Economic Forum’s 2013 Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report, which features detailed data tables for 140 countries. That's because if you get your phone from a carrier--no matter which carrier--it will have been programmed to only work on that carrier. On November 30, a 16,604 square mile search area was defined, extending along the entire coast of Oregon and several miles inland.
Some companies also sell mobile phones back in to the UK market, with reconditioned handsets often bought by insurance firms to replace lost or stolen phones, or by wholesalers to sell second-hand. On that day, the Oregon State Police, Portland Police Bureau and all Oregon law enforcement agencies got involved.
Kati Kim and her daughters were rescued on December 4, one week after they had become stranded. Our technicians said the satellite would be in the area the next day and it was supposed to be fairly clear. This card tells your phone what carrier it should communicate with, as well as telling the carrier which phone is calling. On December 1, the Oregon National Guard, Oregon Emergency Management, California Highway Patrol, helicopters and various other counties became involved in the search effort. This means that a cellphone built in Japan for an American market will not work if you take it back to Japan.
Josephine County Emergency Management stated there was no official search at that time, although some searches had already been made by them. An employee at the Wilsonville Visitor Center had given the Kims directions for several routes between Myrtle Creek and Grants Pass, over the mountain to Golds Beach. Eric Fuqua, a radio signal technician with Edge Wireless, had managed to identify a ping signal from the Kims’ phone and was also able to geographically locate where the phone had pinged at the time on December 26, which was in the vicinity of Bear Camp Road. Using the Edge Wireless cell tower map, authorities were able to identify the location of the pings.

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