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These are some of the AT&T feature phones (non-smartphones) that don't require a data plan, sort by release date. But you have to note that  if you currently use a feature phone with a data plan and you upgrade to a smartphone on or after September 6th, you will not be able to keep your current MediaNet plan.
Founded by Ryan Wuerch, Solavei is a mobile service company that offers the opportunity to earn an additional, recurring monthly income by enrolling others in the program.
The Solavei mobile service is actually a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), which means it does not have its own cellular network, but is built on the backbone of T-Mobile 4G network.
Unlocked GSM phones (ones that use SIM cards) are ideal for Solavei’s service, whether this includes your trusty previous-generation phone, or the latest Galaxy SIII and iPhone 5.
In addition, Solavei also sells phones that are optimized for their service, which arrive unlocked, with the correct SIM card pre-installed, and with the Solavei MMS and internet APN settings pre-configured. Revised December 31st, 2013 - Effective January 1st, 2014, Solavei will no longer offer a 20-dollar recurring monthly compensation plan for every three members you refer (Trio).
As long as you are an active Solavei Mobile Service customer, you can then become a Social Member, which entitles you to your very own Solavei Visa PayCard, personalized invitation link, and access to the proprietary Outreach Manager program, which helps you share Solavei with others. Compensation Plan members have the opportunity to earn real money simply by sharing the Solavei service with friends and family. Earn income through Solavei, even if their Mobile Service is not available in your area. Much of your earnings are garnered through enrollment by your sub-members, which can cause monthly income to fluctuate. A $49 plan through Solavei will cost nearly $65 after taxes and fees and their 4G service is slower than 3G. Now the company is in chapter 11 bankruptcy and if you don't get out now you may lose your number when they finally close and shut the doors. They sell MetroMobil branded phones at the Solavei store and there are apps on them for MetroPC that can't be removed.
I have come to believe that Solavei is a pyramid scheme rather than a truly legit multi-level marketing system and I hope I am out of the way when it crumbles.
My marketing was great and I was generating about 10,000 hits a month to my Solavei member page. I contacted Solavei about the issue and they said there was nothing they could do outside of the 14 day window for sponsor changing.

As I said, Solavei seemed like a great deal on the surface, but ultimately, it was another Ryan Weurch - money grabbing scheme for those that signed on early.
These are some of the Verizon Wireless feature phones (non-smartphones) that don't require a data plan,sort by release date. The data plan costs $30 per month and applies to iPhone, BlackBerries, Windows Mobile, Symbian and Palm devices.
Instead, you will simply earn a recurring $5 per month for each individual member you bring to Solavei. Therefore, it appears that Solavei perhaps did not initially anticipate that it would draw so many particpating members on such a scale. All you’ll need to do is sign up as a Social Member, which is an option presented during the initial sign up.
If T-mobile service is not good in your area then I would not recommend Solavei Mobile Service to you either.
Our coverage in Richmond, VA is excellent so it was very easy for me to refer friends and family to this service. I switched jobs, and received a company cell phone therefore, I discontinued Solavei service on my personal iPhone. Having spent the last 5 years in cellular sales, I thought Solavei would be an opportunity for me, not the companies I worked for, to make some great money. They said they clicked the link that I sent them and signed up, but my account didn't show them as in my line - anywhere! I then told the people that had signed up that Solavei couldn't help and they would have to go to their sponsors for help because I was leaving the service. Currently the company is $100 million in debt and is under chapter 11 bankruptcy protection from their creditors. In addition, you can keep your existing phone number when switching to the Solavei network.
Therefore, you will no longer need to refer three members just to begin generating recurring income. Solavei operates using T-mobile towers so it is important to check your coverage area before making the switch. Sure, some people have had some negative experiences but it does not mean Solavei is not legitimate.

A little over a year later, I wanted to reactivate the same iPhone with Solavei service for my wife. So, now instead of being cheaper, it was actually more than the $50 unlimited plan that I had left - taxes and fees were included with that one. They did a sponsor trace and found that they were signed up under some of the original founders instead of me. The new member sign up requires a $300 buy in to get into the business aspect of the company - and even existing members had to pay this in to keep their business going! Tried switching to another GSM carrier and they couldn't get their sim card to load because the phone is locked. After about a month of service (dropped calls, dead spot in my kitchen, delay when answering and talking), I couldn't put my name behind this product.
I was able to get a refund of the first months payment that I had already paid for, but was not able to get refunded the UPS Next Day Air charges. I was even smart enough to tell them about the MVNO coverage map instead of the normal one on the site. The price is no longer competitive since they cut the data in half, not that I would stay if they didn't. Two of us had market targets that are areas that have some of the worst service from T-Mobile that they have.
He was supposed to suspend the service of that phone but four days later when it was recovered the service had never been suspended. I ordered a phone from eBay and going to be jumping on some ones family plan when it arrives. I am on day three and just was told a ticket was sent to the proper people to pull the records but it will take 5-7 days more to get them. To rebuild the contacts she needs the call records meantime she has lost three job opportunities because she could call the places and check in.

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