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California Representative Jackie Speier has introduced a new bill to Congress on March 23 cited the a€?Closing the Pre-Paid Mobile Device Security Gap Act of 2016a€?.
Prepaid cell phone users have drastically changed the way of using their service over the past few years. Another deal that includes Moto handsets is available now but not coming from Motorola this time. As promised earlier, software giant Microsoft started rolling out Windows 10 Mobile update for a number of devices with Windows 8.1 OS. This week, starting March 21, 2016, best prepaid cell phone deals are available at prepaid providersa€™ web sites and at selected stores. Sprint MVNO FreedomPop brings a great deal for customers who bring their phone and activate service with this carrier.
T-Mobile has ones again expanded the number of video content providers included in Binge On, compressed video streaming (480p) service on mobile devices that doesna€™t count against plansa€™ high speed data.
Ita€™s a great beginning of the week for all Android smartphone fans with tempting discounts on Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X and Moto X Pure Edition from a number of retailers.
Next cheapest, similar T-Mobile Android phone that I know of was the $150 one on the HSN website.

Prism II is good with video playback (most codecs with no stutter, once you get the VPlayer app), MP3 playback, FM Radio, Candy Crush, texting & having thousands of useful, free Android apps. If there's a simple way to unlock this phone and use it with T-Mobile's prepaid plan, PLEASE LET ME KNOW.
Another difference compared to the Prism II, this phone has a front-facing VGA camera - necessary for video chat. Leaked images of what appears to be the Moto G 2016 didna€™t show much specs but one feature is persistently present, front fingerprint reader.
This new bill would require an ID from anyone who purchases prepaid mobile phones or SIM cards.
In previous years, prepaid plans were all about unlimited texting and voice, with few hundred megabytes of data for checking emails or social networks. BestBuy is currently selling Motorola Moto X Pure Edition with 64GB of storage for $100 less than its regular cost, $499.99.
In leaked images, fingerprint reader is placed in front, below the screen, where speaker on previous generation of Moto G used to be. The purpose of a new bill is to make it difficult for people to engage in illegal activities as terrorist attacks or criminal doings without possibility of being traced.

Nowadays, with mobile devices capable of streaming video and music, and with reasonable pricing, everything has changed.
This means that the phone with all that additional memory can be purchased for just $399.99. After this expansion, Binge On counts over 50 video content providers in total, from which customers can stream videos without data use.
Prepaid phone plans with 10GB or more high speed data (4G LTE) have become almost a necessity.
This version of the Moto X Pure Edition is unlockedA and ita€™s available in Black and Bamboo.
Prepaid providers have recognized this trend and introduced a number of plans that satisfy needs of heavy internet users.

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