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Of course there is some disagreement with this issue as with everything.  Personally I don’t think there should be any discussion since my child is only 12 years old and has no means of paying the bill. The Senate Bill 1219 would require providers to disclose the contents of communication to the parents of their minor child. So basically my 12 year old would have to give me permission to get records of his text messages from the cell phone that is in my name. I have the right to access my child’s cell phone records if I want to I don’t care what the law or whoever say.
If each of your family members has his or her own cell phone, it may be less expensive and more manageable to sign up for a family plan instead of maintaining separate accounts.
Please note that the information provided in this article is accurate as of November 2012, but it is best to follow up with your preferred wireless provider to confirm the availability and details of each plan. With the exception of the Unlimited Nation Plan, additional lines are $9.99 each, in addition to the base rate. All Nation with Canada Plans offer a maximum of 5 lines with additional lines costing $9.99 each. This is the total monthly bill before other applicable taxes, fees, and data overage charges.
T-Mobile has a large selection of family cell phone plans with up to unlimited minutes, unlimited data, and smartphone mobile hotspot service. All family plans from Sprint include unlimited night and weekend calling starting at 7 p.m.
The major con to family cell phone plans is the fact that you have to share minutes, but that's not a problem in most cases. They aren't for everyone, but family cell phone plans can be a great way to cut costs and better manage your family's mobile expenses.

Senator Rich Crandall from Mesa, Arizona wants to change the law with the AZ Senate Bill 1219. Some lawmakers feel this type of law is not necessary and the wireless communications industry is fighting against it. A spokeswoman for a cellphone industry group said the proposed law may conflict with federal law. Most major cell phone companies offer family phone plans, starting with just two people sharing the same plan and charging an extra fee for each additional phone line added to the plan. The former includes minutes for calls within the United States, while the latter does not levy any long distance or roaming charges for voice calls between the United States and Canada. Dubbed "Share Everything" plans, they all include unlimited voice minutes and text messages for a set fee based on the type of device.
All family plans include unlimited T-Mobile to T-Mobile calling, unlimited nights and weekends, and free domestic long distance. Currently parents have access to their child’s text messages only by looking directly into the cell phone. If your minor child has a problem with you looking into their cell phone, then simply take it away and have them to buy their own. Typically, an overall bucket of minutes is shared among plan members and conversations between family members on the same plan are unlimited. Also, all Nation plans have a maximum of 5 lines, except for the $59.99 Plan that has a maximum of 3 lines. Then, an additional fee is levied for the amount of data that can be shared among all family members and devices on the same plan. They vary in terms of cost for additional lines and other features, but they all include the first two lines.

Normally, when you share a phone plan, you and the other people on that plan can talk amongst yourselves without digging into the minutes on your plan.
Texts may count twice as well, because you could be charged for both sending and receiving a message between family members. Not only do I have access to his cell (that I am paying for) I have his password to get into his cell phone and voice mail.
This can definitely save you a lot of airtime, especially when most of the calls are between family members anyhow.
Also, with multiple people using the plan, you can share a bucket of minutes; instead of two people having 200 minutes each, they share 400 minutes in total.
If you have a plan with 100 text messages and text the other person on your plan 50 times, your texts could be used up. Person A might be the heavier user one month and Person B might be the heavier user the next month.
If you have a teenager who loves talking on the phone, you might want to consider a prepaid cell phone instead, so that service ends when the budget is reached. With the family plan, so long as the aggregate minutes don't exceed the limit, there is no overage.

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