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Thank you for participation!The independent and leading .TEL domain forum!Welcome to the objective forum for .tel domains! August 20, 2009 in cell phone, clear, concept, conceptual, eh, fake!, future products, future technology, glass, hardest phone to find ever, interesting, my cell phone is hard enough to find as it is, sure why not, why, why? The WindowPhone was conceptualized by every single person that daydreams about the future, but designer Seunghan Song actually took the time to create a rendering of it. The phone would essentially be translucent, displaying information and images on a window-like surface in a form factor relatively similar to the iPhone's. The killer feature of this concept phone is its ability to change the look of the display glass to match the current weather conditions of your location (i.e.
I know how much some of you hate things that are only conceptual, but remember: concepts are what push us towards the future.
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Here is a list of another concept-based mobile phones that are posh and would be awesome if available in the future. Transparent cell phones are a new cell phone concept but it is kind of awkward to assume it’s existence in reality when we begin to wonder about the speaker, camera, internal battery accommodation (who knows we might see them reality!).
Keeping the real benefits of making an cell phone concept behind, let’s look into some of the best and beautiful transparent cell phones concept. An excellent concept from Mac Funamizu of Tokyo who designed this cell phone concept that has been quite popular online.
This is another awesome cell phone which is not only confined to transparent nature, but also includes auto weather mode which switches itself depending on the weather condition. This windows mobile phone is made out of thin sheet and once you blow on the screen it will turn into hand writing mode, and use your finger to text message or call.

Hi Sid, Can you please tell me where it ‘ll be available and first of all is it launched or not. Taiwan-based Polytron Technologies may have  the next leap forward in cell phones, promising a transparent mobile by the end  of 2013.
When the phone is off the molecules align to  form a milky composition, but when switched on they realign to form text, icons,  and other images. The device still has some parts that are not  transparent, including a SD card and SIM card. Yu said the company will develop a smaller  lithium ion battery that would be much less noticeable.
Tokyoflash recently used a transparent LCD in  its Kisai Spider wristwatch but had trouble adding hardware to the smaller  frame. Also at question is whether transparency by  itself will attract buyers, as the prototype doesn’t offer significantly  different functions than most smartphones.
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Su principal atractivo es que incorpora una poderosa bocina que sirve también de base. Si te gusta usar jeans ajustados y los teléfonos con pantallas grandes, este modelo es para ti. Probablemente fue Atrix el resultado de esta idea, el único modelo de Motorola hasta el momento con lector de huellas digitales.
No, tampoco nos parece buena idea, tal y como no lo fue tampoco el Lapdock de Atrix de Motorola, un concepto parecido a este.

Las 10 victimas de los smartphones (segunda parte) Antes de que los smartphones tuvieran tanto exito habia gadgets que eran muy utilizados por todos nosotros, pero poco a poco han sido reemplazados (y en algunos casos ya fueron extintos) por los telefonos inteligentes. The microphone, camera, and  batteries are also visible, and will be hidden behind a dark glass cover when  the model goes into production.
Samsung and LG have had large transparent displays  for years, but there’s been little effort to make smaller devices. El concepto implica el uso de cristal de zafiro que se convierte en una pantalla táctil con dos bordes de titanio. Este concepto de teléfono Android tiene una amplia pantalla de 4 pulgadas con una carcasa delgada. Vamos a revisar 11 revoluciones tecnológicas que pese a parecer innovadoras desaparecieron. Conoce a las 10 victimas de los smartphones.Como jugar Buscaminas como profesional Todos saben jugar Buscaminas, pero no todos saben jugarlo como se debe.
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