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For $3 per month, Sprint users can choose a nickname or word — like **Geek — that will redirect to the old, complicated 10-digit phone number. Watch the video below to see the Star numbers in action and tell us, is this a service you'd sign up for?
Phones for handicapped people are designed to assist and enhance functions of everyday life such as the ability to make phone calls, answer calls, and have phone conversations. The modern designs of phones for those with disabling conditions serve to create a normalcy for handicapped people by allowing them to readily communicate with family, friends, and medical providers or other support services. Special phones designed for those with handicaps can increase the availability of work by opening the door to phone communication that takes place in the workplace or home office.
There are adaptive phones designed to aid people across a spectrum of handicapping conditions with selection including mobile or stationary phone systems. This phone provides, for those with hearing impairment, a speaker that gives clear sound and voice amplification.
There are phone operators working 24 hours, 7 days a week that can help you with your calls.
Medical emergencies are addressed by phones that include a wireless SOS Pendant that has a touch key to make emergency calls from the pendant worn by the disabled person. Other phones that are helpful for the elderly are those with higher decibel sound ringing for incoming calls.
Big Button Cordless Landline Phone with Answering System – An all in one cordless big button phone with a digital answering system.

Large Keypad Handicap Phone – Has large keypad buttons and a bright visual ringer that lights up. Affordable Voice Amplified Photo Phone – Make quick calls with buttons that have photos on them. Many insurance coverage or medical benefits providers afford partial or total coverage of phones for handicapped.
Users of the StarStar Me numbers can also download an Android app (coming soon to iPhone) that will let them automatically send a text to callers when they can't speak, send their contact information, or block callers. Handicapped and disabled people benefit from the added safety and convenience that phones for handicapped provide. Recent developments offer mobile phones that can be installed directly on a wheelchair thus making the phone is at hand wherever the disabled person moves. Some phones are handicap voice activated telephones so that people with limited mobility and use of limbs are able to interact with others. Compared with other regular phones, you can be assured to hear your caller at a higher volume. These medical alerts equipment is beneficial for someone who lives independently in their home such as the elderly.
Prices for the adaptive communication devices vary according to features starting in the $150 range and reaching toward $2000 and more at the high end.
There are a few varieties of handicap phones that work for landlines, wireless, cellular and some that offer medical services.

There are also cell phones with large buttons, big number keys almost as big as a dime for those with handicaps, and speaking keypads that repeat the numbers as you dial. For those with hearing handicaps, phones offer sound amplification and hearing-aid compatibility. Services that are offered with special phones can add significantly to the cost however there are affordable rates for the budget conscious.
Specially designed phones feature large sized buttons, images, and text that are adapted to the needs of the user. For those with special needs, phones can be an important investment that pays off by furnishing vital contact with people and services. The only thing missing in your highly customizable digital life is a vanity cell phone number. Also, modified function buttons can be purchased on phones designed for the handicapped user. Not for long as Sprint is now the first wireless carrier in the US to offer a service called StarStar Me, a personalized name alternative to the boring, standard phone number.

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