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The cell phone as we know it today is a small device thin enough to slide into a pocket, yet with a screen big enough to watch video and play games on. UK artist and designer Kyle Bean has seen fit to depict the evolution of the cell phone in papercraft. We hope Kyle decides to make this work available to buy either finished or as a flat-pack kit. Designer Hiromi Kiriki decided to take on the challenge and create what could be the 2020 model cell phone that everyone wants. Even though it looks quite futuristic and some design ideas (such as the Sony logo) are downright ugly, it still has huge potential.
The Captivate also features Samsung’s Super AMOLED display screen technology, a 1 GHz Samsung Hummingbird Application Processor and Samsung Social Hub, a feature that integrates the user’s social networking services, messages, personal and business email, calendars and contacts.
Not just for social networking and messaging, the Captivate truly brings your home and office computer to the palm of your hand with support for push email and integrated calendar services, including Google?

True Mobile EntertainmentIn addition, the Captivate features best-in-class entertainment features, including future access to Samsung Media Hub, a full library of video and literary content powered by some of the biggest names in entertainment. As the handsets have gotten progressively smaller, he chose a matryoshka doll (Russian nesting doll) approach to the evolution, putting each generation of phone inside the last. It would look great on a shelf or as a way of wrapping a new smartphone as a present for someone.
This is the best, this far, that AT&T has offered in terms of a decent, high-end Android phone. Even though the lack of a date and price has me worried on when this thing will actually come out.
The Captivate also includes tri-band 3G connectivity and quad-band GSM technology, which allows AT&T customers to make calls in more than 220 countries and download data in more than 195.
The first phones were carried like a heavy bag, with the battery several times larger than the handset itself.

In the long run the devices that would be used for communication would also depend upon the way how data is captured and stored. Messaging is simple and easy with the Captivate’s virtual QWERTY keyboard with Swype technology, which allows users to input text faster and in a more intuitive way with one continuous finger motion across the screen keyboard. Recently i was reading an article which mentioned that Nokia was developing a mobile phone which would capture and simulate the environment of the callers and throw it on opposite side of which smell would be major feature.

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