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The $55 plan includes unlimited talk, text and 5 GB Data at up to 4G LTE Speed Then slowed to unlimited 2G. This plan offered cell phones prices from $19 to $149, most of these cell phones are running Android system.
The Renoir plan for $15 includes 500 talk minutes, 500 text messages, 500 MB of data and Wi-Fi calling. The Miro plan for $15 includes unlimited talk minutes, unlimited text messages, 2GB of data and unlimited Wi-Fi calling. Finding the best cell phone plan at just one cell phone company can be challenging, but trying to compare cell phone plans at all four major carriers -- with an estimated 10,000.000 rate plan combinations -- it's practically impossible. Thankfully, Billshrink makes it simple to compare cell phone plans based on how long you talk and the other features, like text and data that each line uses. This easy-to-follow image compares the costs of Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile at 450 minutes, 900 minutes and the unlimited plans as well as how much each plan costs with texting and data charges. For a personalized recommendation, you can use the BillShrink Cell Phone Adviser tool to find the best cell phone plan.
From there, BillShrink will look at Verizon, Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile to figure out which plans on which carriers offer the best deals for your usage.
A recent analysis by Scarborough examined cell phone statistics on mobile billing for “non-credit” using consumers, or those adults who did not use a credit card in the past three months.
Know the competitive marketplace to see where opportunities exist within the prepaid environment.

Understand media usage, both traditional and non-traditional, among prepaid wireless users to better allocate your advertising dollars.
Customize your marketing efforts at the retail partner level based on the primary stores shopped by the target customer. Contacts us today to learn more about the mobile category or visit our cell phone statistics and insights page today! It seems every week one cell phone company or another announces lower costs on their cell phone plan.
Secondly, prices in cell phone plans are dropping like a rock and locking yourself into a high priced contract ensures you won’t be able to take advantage of the lower prices we will have in the future.
Includes nationwide coverage and long range, caller ID, no contract, voicemail, call waiting, no check credit.
To help bring the magnitude of cell phone plan shopping down to a fathomable level, BillShrink has shared the Ultimate Cell Phone Plans Comparison infographic with WalletPop. It even lets you see what the charges look like on a family plan, when nights and weekends start and more. The tool can connect directly to your current cell phone account and pull in your actual usage, or you can manually estimate your use. You can sort by price, signal strength and "ShrinkScore" -- the amount your cell phone bill will shrink if you switch plans. More than one-quarter (26 percent) of these non-credit cellular users are on prepaid usage plans.

Prepaid users are 61 percent more likely than other Chicago cellular users to plan to switch carriers. Writing an article trying to find the best cell phone plan is almost impossible because they change so often.  Instead, I wrote this calculator to help you figure it out for yourself. Because two years is the average time for a new cell phone contract (Even though I recommend you not sign a cell phone contract under any circumstances) and because two years is the average amount of time the average American keeps their cell phone. Many consumers have their plans automatically billed to their credit card and bank accounts and might be shocked if they looked at the details of their bill. If you connect BillShrink to your account, the Bill at-a-glance feature gives you an easy-to-understand summary of your cell phone use for all lines tied to your account.
Carriers should be required to automatically convert their customers to unlimited plans exceeding bandwidth on downloads. Even if you aren't searching for a new plan you should check this out as it blows the reporting from my carrier out of the water in terms of ease of use. Prepaid users are avid shoppers, so co-marketing, local events or sponsorship opportunities could be useful.

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