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TracFone Wireless is notifying its dealers that it's planing to cut commissions on airtime sales from the current 12% to between 5% and 8.5%, effective April 1. If you're considering getting a new smartphone anytime soon, you might want to check out the new deal being offered by Simple Mobile. TracFone's Simple Mobile T-Mobile MVNO has made a number of significant changes to its plans including unlimited roaming in Mexico on all international plans, a new $60 plan with unlimited, unthrottled data, a 10% auto pay discount and more data or lower prices for several plans.
TracFone's Simple Mobile has reduced the price of its 10 GB Unlimited Nationwide plan from $60 to $55 per month.
The Federal Trade Commission today fined America Movil's TracFone subsidiary $40 million for advertising but not delivering unlimited data. Description: Slim super bright LED flashlight peel n sticks to cell phone, PDA, iPod, walkie talkies and even retractable dog leashes. Simple's combined its separate Nationwide and International plans into a single set of Unlimited plans.

Dealers who do activations and get a high percentage of repeat refills from the same customers will get 8.5%, airtime only dealers and ones who don't have enough repeat refill business only get 5%. The plan includes unlimited domestic voice minutes and picture messaging, unlimited international and domestic text messaging and unlimited data. The FTC says that from 2009 through 2014, the various TracFone brands including Straight Talk, NET10, Simple Mobile and Telcel America advertised "unlimited data" without mentioning that data speeds would be severely throttled or data service cut off if undisclosed limits were exceeded. All plans except the $25 one also include unlimited throttled (reportedly to 64 Kbps) data after their high speed data is used up.
The new plans include the International plan's roaming in Mexico and unlimited international calling features with most of the Nationwide plan's larger high speed data allocations. It includes unlimited talk, text and data including unlimited, un-throttled high speed data.
TracFone used the CTIA Code option, which, among other things, requires that beginning Feb 15, 2015, operators would disclose their unlocking policies to customers and unlock phones for customers who meet certain requirements. The first 10 GB of data per month is delivered at high speeds, including LTE where available. According to the FTC, the limits varied, with throttling starting when users used more than one to three GB in a 30 day plan period with data being cut off completely when usage exceeded four or five GB.The only warning TracFone gave users was a recorded message saying “. 4G LTE data is available on all plans except the $25 talk and text only plansThe international plans add unlimited calls to up to 10 unique numbers per month in 51 counties, including mobile numbers in India and China. I say "most" because the $50 Nationwide plan's high speed data was cut from 8 to 5 GB in its Unlimited plan guise. Auto refill is required with this plan but, unlike most other Simple Mobile plans, there's no auto-refill discount with the Truly Unlimited Plan.

TracFone failed to meet the Feb 15 deadline for publishing an unlocking policy and for unlocking customers phones.
All the plans listed include unlimited domestic calls and messaging as well as unlimited calls to landlines and mobile phones in Mexico.
The Phone Upgrade plans provide a $200 or $300 credit toward the purchase of a new phone after 12 or 18 monthly payments. In fact, TracFone is still refusing to unlock phones for customers.The FCC took enforcement action against TracFone for its failure to follow the unlocking provisions of the CTIA Code.
It includes all the features of the 10 GB Unlimited Nationwide plan plus unlimited calls to up to 10 unique numbers in 51 countries (full list), including mobile phones in India, Hong Kong and China.
The Simple Mobile website hasn't been updated with the new pricing for the 10 GB international plan yet, but Simple Mobile dealers have been notified that the new lower price is effective immediately.Simple Mobile operates as a T-Mobile MVNO using the T-Mobile native network only with no roaming.
The price cuts are probably intended to make Simple's 10 GB plans more competitive with T-Mobile owned MetroPCS' $60 ($70 with international calling add-on) plan which includes unlimited unthrottled data, off network voice and text roaming and WiFi calling, all which Simple Mobile lacks.
See my Prepaid Operator Profile: Simple Mobile post for details of all Simple Mobile plans and services. However the FTC said those disclosures, printed in a tiny font on the backs of refill cards and phone packages and at the bottom of point of sale displays and TV ads did not meet the legal requirement to clearly and conspicuously disclose the limits of TracFone's "unlimited" service.The FTC has ordered Tracfone to conspicuously disclose its limitations on data speed and quantity in all future advertising and sales materials. TracFone must also pay $40 million into a fund that the FTC will distribute to TracFone customers whose data was throttled or cut off.If you had a Straight Talk, NET10, Simple Mobile or Telcel America unlimited plan at any time between July 24, 2009 and December 31, 2014 and had your data throttled or cut off you are eligible for a refund.

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