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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. We try to stock the most common parts and tools for brands like Apple Iphone, HTC, Motorola, Blackberry, Samsung, LG and many more at reasonable prices for the do it yourself kind of person.
We Buy, Sell or Repair any damaged Android devices, either phones or tablets at our Lindenhurst NY location while you wait! All PC & Mac Computer repair including RAM Upgrades, Virus Fixes, Data Backup and Recovery at our Lindenhurst Location.
Even though smartphone usage is ever increasing, it can still be a challenge to find a reputable place for iPhone repair and other smartphone repair solutions. We have technicians who can handle maintenance, troubleshooting and repairs for even the most recent devices. If you come to us with a cracked screen that can easily be fixed rather than replaced, we’ll do that. Back in the day, when you had to take your car in for repairs you could often get a loaner vehicle to drive around while your car was being worked on.  I honestly don’t know if this complementary service is available anymore at vehicle repair shops but a loaner car wouldn’t be nearly as important to me as a loaner cell phone would be.
So I’ll get back to my original question.  Can I get a loaner smart cell phone while getting my cell phone repaired?  I wouldn’t care if I had to pay more for this smart cell phone repair service extra perk. Ha!  That last sentence turned out even better than I planned.  Giving out loaner phones while having a smart cell phone was being repaired might also be a really smart thing for the cell phone repair service to do.  They would certainly keep me coming back for all my cell phone repairs!
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Over the last couple of years, there have been quite a few numbers of complaints that has been heard regarding Apple’s handsets.
Nokia’s issue has been mainly surrounded around slow operating system and very slow boot speed. One thing is for sure, the popularity of personal Electronic Devices has changed the computing world. I suppose there is one way to avoid all smart phone mechanical problems and that is to not use your smart phone at all or to at least treat your cell phone with kid gloves but how would that fit with your active lifestyle?  Most new smart phones are made to stand up to a certain amount of rough treatment.  And if a normal smart phone trouble arises, there are cell phone repair techs available to service your phone.

We at SD cell phone repair strive to provide the ultimate customer experience through excellent service and fair pricing. You probably have insurance but there is still that 100 dollar deductable for a new phone, sending it in and waiting for a replacement.
It’s hard to imagine being without devices that we have become accustomed to using every single day.
From screen replacement, data recovery, LCD repair and hardware repair to battery repair, water damage repair, digitizer replacement and software upgrades, we offer everything that you need. The phone with the most advanced operating system on Earth is flooded with battery issues. Samsung meteorically rise to the top of the smartphone segment has been met with various microphone issues. But the competition for being the one with the least issues is mainly played between Samsung and Apple.
It in-call voice capture ability is facing a lot of issues on the higher end smartphone models. It is has been rated third in the reliability tests, whereas Apple and Samsung have been rated as first and second respectively.
So whether you bring in a device for repair, make a purchase from our store or use any of our other services your satisfaction is our goal. These packages include the replacement part, tools, a step by step guide through the repair, and if you do get stuck you can always call one of our technicians for support. Most common problems with workhorse phones can be repaired for a fraction of the deductable and in about 30 minutes. Nokia’s proprietary operating system is slow and lacks agility and smoothness, whereas Motorola tries to do too much and simply messes up.
Apple’s phone takes up too much of its energy from the high powered display and continuous running of applications in the background. Almost all major high-end smartphones have this problem and it is becoming a major turn-off for many users. The hardware issues are not as common in Nokia, but the operating system Symbian has been a real deal-breaker for Nokia.

We stock a lot of repair parts and what we dont have we can get, usually within two business days.
Call us at 858-344-2575 if you cannot find your device in our store and we will try to accomodate you.
Samsung is only inches behind Apple in terms of market capitalization and Apple is desperately trying to give jump to its sale detaching Samsung from the cell phone repair Race. Whereas the software and battery issues are very limited, almost non-existent, the microphone issues have been seen on a variety of handsets and are posing a real problem during calls. This is can be attributed as one of the main reason behind Nokia’s movement into Windows operating system and away from the proprietary operating system.
When one exits from a particular application, it does not necessarily stop the application. In fact most applications keep running in the background and they needed to be stopped from the taskbar. The highly trained technicians at Fixology do almost every repair service to Cell Phones, iPhones, Tablets, and Computers. We have a highly trained, dedicated staff here to help you with your game console problems. Our repair technicians can repair all brands, including Dell, Toshiba, Apple Mac, IBM, Lenovo, Sony, HP, Compaq, and Panasonic.
Its convenient and easy.UnlockingMake your GSM based device capable of using any GSM Service Worldwide.

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