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In today's demanding and increasing mobile business environment, staying connected is essential. Mr Antenna provides cell phone boosters that can eliminate that frustration before it happens with cell phone signal boosting equipment from Wilson Electronics.
With normal cell phone coverage, missed and dropped calls are typically caused by the distance from the cellular carrier's tower, building materials used in the home or building, or obstructions from tall objects like hills or buildings. Mr Antenna's technology works with all the major carriers including Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile. The ONLY way to do it right!  With a Factory Unlock, authorized by Apple and done by Wireless Phone Booth, your iPhone will work with any SIM card, anywhere in the world! And since it's an official Apple Unlock, you'll be able to continue to get all the newest updates for your phone as they are released! Unlock your phone for use on any GSM network.A  Use your Samsung Galaxy or other GSM (SIM card) compatible phone on your choice of T-Mobile, AT&T, Simple Mobile, H2O Wireless, Solavei, Net10, Telcel, Rogers, or any other GSM network in the US or internationally!

Smartphones and mobile devices have revolutionized the working world and the challenge of keeping them connected at all times requires a strong, reliable network. Cell phone boosters bypass the elements that block cell phone service ensuring the coverage you need when you need it. Our cell phone boosters capture an external signal, even one that is far away, and amplify it in your home or commercial building. Once installed, there aren't any recurring fees; no subscription or monthly charges are required.
Mr Antenna provides cell phone boosters that meet your business needs today and into the future. He work with both of us on our ideas for our house and the work was done to our great satisfaction. The outside antenna reaches out to access the voice, text, 3G, 4G, and LTE data signals and delivers them to the cellular phone booster.

He was on time, discussed the options with us, and customized the installation for our wiring and neighborhood. The cellular booster amplifies the signal and acts as a relay between the cell phone and the nearest cell tower. The booster also gives the mobile device a stronger signal so calls and data can be fed through the booster back to the cellular carrier.

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