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Featured in the Wall Street Journal 04-01-09   Also GPS units, Laptops, Satellite phones, Radios and more! A prepaid Canada SIM card with an international cell phone is the most convenient and economical solution for staying in touch while in Canada. Your Canada SIM card will provide you with a Canada cellular phone number, which you will receive as soon as you have activated your Rogers SIM card. Customer service for your Canada Rogers prepaid SIM card is available by dialing *611 from your Canada cellular phone. For emergencies while using your local Canada GSM SIM card in Canada please dial 112 from your cell phone or 1 877 764 3772 from any other phone. Domestic rates are per minute for incoming and outgoing calls within Canada from your prepaid Rogers Canada SIM card while you are in Canada. Making International calls from your world cell phone has never been easier with your prepaid Canada SIM card.
At any time you can dial *225 free of charge from your Canada cell phone to check your account balance. With the upcoming iPhone release from both Telus and Bell, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at the network coverage provided by all the carriers in Canada. As many know, Telus and Bell are launching HSPA+ networks, a complete departure from their existing CDMA networks. While company coverage maps are by no means meant to measure actual network coverage, since often times they are not entirely accurate, the maps are the best resource customers and observers have. With that being said, let’s take a look at the various coverage offered by the four iPhone carriers in Canada.
If we compare the Telus coverage to Bell (link here), both companies offer almost identical coverage across Canada. Between Rogers, Telus, and Bell, the two latter companies offer more coverage in more areas.
Once the new networks go live and become increasingly established, the true conclusions of quality will appear.
As long as with HSPA+ on Telus I can actually get coverage at my high school outside of Calgary (Near Calaway Park) instead of having no bars half the time with Rogers(Even though Telus Cdma is the same) I'll be happy. So Rogers basically kept Fido coverage to major metro areas, even though the two networks are now indistinguishable.
When I called to complain I was told that the only way you can tell if you're on the Rogers or Fido networks is to call a number.
After a complaint to the telecommunications commissioner Fido decided to see things my way. If you plan on traveling to Saskatchewan, especially in rural areas, I would recommend Bell or Telus.
Virgin Mobile was bought out by Bell Canada… They have always leased space from the Bell network.
I am using bell currently in Ft Mcmurray, but I am not in the city, i am working in camp, and the Bell corverage is just horrible, I have to go outside and look for the right spot to call, text ,so on.
Telus gsm iPhone ceverage sucks so badly that I can’t even use my iPhone in my home and I lived in the Edmonton riverbed area.
Telus only works good when you have non gsm phones, so if you don’t own an iPhone, then you are fine. I just moved into a new building near southwest tip of High Park  recently and found out that my blackberry doesn’t work 90 per cent of the time.
I make a stupid mistake to switch from ROGERS to TELUS, I got cut off many time while talking to my wife, the signal shown only 2 bars, wonder why Telus still in business nowadays?
A calming feeling of freedom and relief washes over the missionary for the first time in a couple of years. One of the easiest options you have, especially for a short trip home, is to borrow a family member’s phone. When talking about prepaid phones in this list I am specifically talking about phones you can buy and add credit to. If your stay in the US is a few weeks or less, then you may not be concerned about the best rates long term. You may need to wait until you get to the area where you will be using the phone to purchase and activate it.

These are also prepaid phones, but they work a little differently than the options described above. You can almost always get a better rate per minute with a monthly prepaid phone than you can with the ones you have to purchase credits for as you use them. Many of the major carriers have monthly prepaid options, but their prices are usually the worst you can find. It is also possible to buy out someone’s contract if you are going to be back in the US for a specific amount of time (but longer than just a few months). With great services like Google Voice you can get a phone number assigned to you that you can forward to any cell phone or home phone you want. Forwarding a number to your temporary phone gives you the opportunity to use the same phone number for several years even though the physical phone you are using will change. My parents returned from Indonesia for what they expected to be a short (about 6-months) stay.
However due to health issues their stay has been greatly extended — this plan is costing them a small fortune each month, but due to the fact they have given this number out to so many folks they are hesitant to change. That is one problem with the prepaid phones, they certainly aren’t always the cheapest. One of the biggest problems with a contract situation is that you end up with that early termination fee that can be far worse than a high per minute rate. After having a $30 a month cell phone bill over the last year, I am hesitant to go back to a contract plan costing $100 a month.
I have even been willing to pay a bit extra per month for the privilege of not having a contract.
Learn more about the goals of Missionary Geek and the ways you can impact the content and website. You will need to provide your invoice number, full name, the city you are traveling to within Canada, arrival date in Canada, 20-digit SIM number and email address. Calling rates are listed per minute for international outgoing calls from a Canada SIM card while in Canada. Additional credit is available through the purchase of airtime vouchers, also called reload codes (not another SIM card), in Canada. After the 6 months period, the SIM will be recycled and you are required to purchase another SIM card in order to continue using your service.
Also, using the above Telus map as an indicator for Bell would be appropriate since the two companies are building the upcoming HSPA+ networks together. I used to have a Fido account with my iPhone, I live in the city and I keep getting drop calls. Is this because Telus hasn't actually implemented their 3G here yet (I wouldn't be surprised) or because I need to unlock to access their network?
My Fido and Roger phones have never worked out there, only along the major highway and it is spotty at best.
I travel often and I will honestly say this, I only have a lg keybo and while i was in the middle of the dessert of arizona and in the mountains of arizona completely in the middle of no where no towns nothing, I was able to video message, text message and call no problem and it was all done as quickly as bein in canada in the city. They took my 2 iPhone 4s when I upgraded to iPhone 5 and were supposed to give me 60 dollars (30 each) credit and I never got the money, when I call they tell me you should get your money from the store, when I go to the store they tell me you will get it as credit to your account.
When they get to the field they feel like they have to get a cell phone as soon as possible.
This can be done either through purchasing a card at a local store or recharging the phone’s minutes via a credit card over the phone or through a website. Choose a provider that gives you the best price for the type of communication you will be using. If your calls will be primarily short conversations to arrange family meetings, then a per-call connection fee can burn through your credit quickly. Some phones come with a SIM card that can only be activated with a phone number in the area code where it is bought.
These are a great option when you need a phone longer than a few weeks but not long enough to get locked into a contract.
To get your hands on a 6 month contract will still require a credit check, but you should end up with a lower cost per minute plan than the prepaid options above.
This can be easily switched from phone to phone so that you can get incoming calls to a single phone number even though you might be using several phones over a period of time.

Unless you use a smartphone that lets you mask your outgoing number, you will still register in the caller ID of the person you are calling as your temporary phone number, but anyone can call you at the main number you give to them.
His focus is helping churches in Latin America start ministries for the Deaf in their communities. Each time I go to the US for any length of time I get struck with the panic I described above. I don’t know what the rules are for being able to transfer the number, but they may be able to transfer their number to something like Google Voice and then have their number forward to another phone.
And unlike home, your Canada SIM card and cell phone service is prepaid so there is no need for a contract. If you wish to change your plan, you can do so once you arrive in Canada by calling Rogers. Airtime vouchers are available locally in Canada at convenience stores, petrol stations and local Rogers authorized dealers.
The validity of your recharge depends on the denomination: 10$, 20$, 30$ and 40$ will be valid for 30 days and 100$ for 365 days. However, it only takes a few days without a cell phone to realize that they really don’t need to send 75 text messages and talk on the phone for 3 hours every day.
It doesn’t take a full-blown furlough to cause cell phone panic to grip the missionary. Of course you would probably be expected to pay for the service, but it keeps you from having to go through the hassle of getting the service put into place. If someone calls and thinks they have a wrong number you have to remember that the caller was expecting to hear your mom’s voice, not yours. Instead of giving a list of providers, here is a list of things to look for when comparing providers. When you need to use the phone longer than a month or two then you should do more in-depth shopping and comparing options. Activation fees are not necessarily bad, but you have to see if the cost of the activation fee is offset by a lower price per minute for using the phone. Some providers give you free incoming texts while others dock your credit amount for each message you receive. However, long phone calls to update pastors on your progress may benefit from the cheaper cost per minute that the connection fee provides. If you buy the phone in a different area code or exchange than the number you want, you may have to wait until the company mails you an appropriate SIM card. The most-important difference is that these phones aren’t a good option for any stay of less than a month, but become much more economical for longer stays. If you already have a VoIP provider like Vonage, you might be able to forward your regular phone number to a temporary cell phone while traveling in the US.
Missionary Geek shows how technology can be used while transmitting the message of missions. Even a return trip of one or two weeks will have the missionary looking at all his options for obtaining a cell phone within an hour or two of the plane landing.
Many couples will have two phones, but one of them is only ever used to call or receive calls from the other of the two phones. If you are home for a short period of time you could waste half your opportunity to use the phone while waiting for the card.
While a cell phone is still probably important, the missionary quickly learns that it is not a sin to go to the grocery store without the cell phone attached to their ear.
Each day you use the phone you will pay a surcharge from your credit just for the privilege of making a call.
Though, I think Sprint was glad to see me go when I moved out of the US and no longer needed their service.
I can then change phones as necessary without having to worry about transferring the number around.

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