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Cellucity B4IGO: Buying a Prepaid SIM Card in South AfricaThe most affordable, hassle-free cell phone solution for tourists who need to call home, chat locally and surf the web while in SADoes RICA ring a bell? Thankfully, Cellucity, a reliable nationwide service provider in business since 1991, has partnered with globally trusted brand Vodacom, the local equivalent of Vodafone, to bring tourists and business people the B4IGO programme for hassle-free cell phone and Internet use while in the country.
Cellucity’s B4IGO prepaid service is the affordable, no-fuss option for travellers and tourists to South Africa keen to use their own phone, complete with apps, profiles and silly screensavers, during their time abroad. Best of all, holidaymakers and business people who sign up get to receive their South African mobile number two weeks prior to arrival, which means that family members, friends, hotels and even colleagues or clients know how to reach you even before you leave. Select the airtime and data bundle package you want from the B4IGO website (you can choose the SIM card size that’s right for you as well as select whether you want a talk time or data SIM or one that allows for both). Provide a collection date and time, and confirm from which airport you’ll be collecting your SIM card. Within two weeks prior to your arrival in South Africa, B4IGO will send you your South African phone number. If you need to add more airtime or data during your stay, simply go to any supermarket, corner shop, petrol station, Cellucity shop or Vodacom shop and purchase a prepaid Vodacom voucher in the amount of your choice and load it on your phone. Twenty years ago, in 1994  Vodacom and MTN launched the first cellular services in South Africa. This was the beginning of in industry which exceeded all expectations and which has become an essential part of life for most South Africans, where the number of registered sim cards exceeds the number of citizens.
South Africa used the GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) standard for its mobile services, which was a replacement for first generation (1G) analogue cellular networks. The GSM standard was still relatively new when Vodacom and MTN launched their first mobile services, and the number of phones were limited at the time. In the early days of mobile services South Africans had the choice of 5 makes of mobile phone brands from Vodacom – Alcatel, Ericsson, Motorola, Nokia, and Siemens. The following list provides an overview of the cellphones which Vodacom sold in the early days of mobile services in South Africa. The Alcatel HB100 featured an LCD screen, had dimensions of 170 x 65 x 23mm, and offered a phone memory of 50 entries. The Ericsson GH198 was released in 1993, and featured an LCD display, a built-in clock, alarm, and calculator.
The Ericsson GH 337 was one of the coolest phones in its day, weighing only 193g and offering 110 minutes talk time and 25 hours standby time. The Motorola 7200 weighed 272g, and offered 70 minutes talk time and 12 hours standby time.

The Motorola 8200 weighed 278g, and offered 60 minutes talk time and 17 hours standby time. The Nokia 2110 was announced in 1994, and was the first phone with the iconic Nokia tune ringtone. The Siemens S3 sported a “high-resolution” screen (97 x 33 pixels) which could display 4 lines with 16 characters per line. MTN spokespeople said that as far as they can remember, the company offered the following devices when they launched in 1994.
The Ericsson GH197, which was well known for its flip antennae, made its debut in 1993 and was one of the first phones launched by MTN. The Nokia 1011, commonly known as the “BRICK” in those days, was one of the first mass-produced GSM phones. The Hagenuk MT-2000, developed and designed in Denmark, was world’s first mobile providing a game to play – Tetris.
The Orbitel 901 was the first GSM mobile in the world to receive official type approval in 1992.
Some interesting figures from a United Nations report on mobile phone growth in Africa, via Voice of America.
At the time of your purchase we request you to enter your departure & return date, based on those dates your rent will be calculated and charged at the time of purchase. And as a bonus, the B4IGO prepaid service includes free incoming calls and the LOWEST INTERNATIONAL CALL RATE IN SOUTH AFRICA (from about $0.06 per minute). This was due to the persistance of Craig Knott against the demands of the new ANC led government to to stick with analogue networks. The phone had dimensions of 141 x 59 x 29mm, and offered 1 hour talk time and 50 hours stand-by time. The phone weighed 236g, had dimensions of 148 x 56 x 25 mm and offered 160 minutes talk time and 30 hours standby time. It boasted a 2 line, 8 character monochrome LCD display, had dimensions of 195 x 60 x 45mm and weighed 495g. It was also one of the first mobile phones to feature soft keys, and have a built-in antenna. It weighed 275g, and offered talk time of between 70 and 150 minutes, and standby time of between 20 and 40 hours. If we see any usage beyond your return date or if we have not received the phone back within 7 working days of your return, onetime fee of $20 will be charged and $2.00 per day will be charged till the day will receive the phone.

In case we have not received the phone back within 7 working days of your return, onetime fee of $20 will be charged and $2.00 per day will be charged till the day will receive the phone.
That means that loved ones and family members can call you as soon as you touch down to make sure you’re safe and sound. RICA, a formal registration process attached to every phone number in SA, can be time consuming, confusing and frustrating. This point, especially, is a big bonus for tourists and business people who return to SA frequently. Simply opt in by dialing *111# when you get notified via SMS (text) about certain Vodacom call rate promotions, and you can start to save immediately.
Simply call the number provided (+27 (0) +27 82 858 0000) and a Cellucity team member will assist you in the best way possible. So you can document your trip on Instagram, wake up to your own irritating alarm tone and have all your contacts on hand. June Events in Cape Town and Surrounds Dispel those winter blues with hot and happening annual events this June! It featured a phonebook which could store 125 entries, offered monochrome graphics and supported monophonic ringtones. The memory could hold 99 phone numbers, and the phone offered talk time of 90 minutes and standby time of 15 hours. It had various features, including last dialled and missed call lists, setting ringing volume, ringing type and tones, one key calling and any-key answer. Not to mention, you can confirm car rental or hotel reservations with a local number as soon as you land, and if you’re in SA on business, you can give clients and colleagues your information well in advance. You simply pop into the Vodacom shop at any South African international airport (they’re open from 6am to 10pm) and you’re all set up!
With B4IGO South Africa, you simply provide your address, your passport details in advance and the B4IGO team takes care of it for you. And it certainly beats footing the bill for expensive hotel calls or incurring lofty roaming charges. You will just need to make or receive a call every 3 months for the SIM card to stay active.

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