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Offering 100+ tours to all 7 continents, Go Ahead helps you discover the world one journey at a time. Traveling internationally without a data plan can be intimidating -- especially in a world where we're constantly using our phones to Yelp restaurants or make our way via Google maps. The last thing you want to do is blow a fuse and ruin your smartphone when you're trying to charge it, so make sure to read up on your destination's voltage requirements and outlets before purchasing an adapter.
Reduce data roaming charges by updating your settings to check for email and wireless connections manually, rather than automatically. The increase of international travel means that companies are finding new ways to keep us connected through a simple Wi-Fi connection. Most hotels offer free Wi-Fi for at least 24 hours -- check with the front desk to see if they have a username and password that can use to access it. If you definitely plan on making phone calls to loved ones back at home, one of the easiest things to do is purchase a prepaid phone card.
Bring a power strip with you to power it all. Most resorts and cruise cabins do not not have enough accessible  power outlets to power all of your devices. Airplane mode is your friend, use it! Want to use your smartphone to take pictures without worrying about coming home to a massive phone bill?
Label your devices. In the case you lose your device somewhere, the person who finds it will know how to contact you.
You cannot assume that your popular cellphone will work internationally, or that your current plan will cover the costs of using it. Even if your cellphone will work outside of the country, your service provider may charge you outrageous fees or surcharges to use it. You may have unlimited data usage within the United States, but those rates seldom follow you other countries.
AC power in the United States is different from the default power available in other countries. Just as the power and data options are different in overseas locations, the phone you use may not work either.
Instead of relying on your cellphone, it might be more affordable to leverage the power of WiFi. When I was a kid it was always a struggle to decide which books and CDs to bring on a trip. If you have some downtime during your vacation it is worth it to download some podcasts that fit your interests. If you are staying somewhere with wifi this is a great way to bring along some visual entertainment. The ability to take and save pictures can be used to give yourself a momentary retreat when you need a few minutes to step back and take some deep breaths. Most large stores have rewards or membership cards and it is easy for the cards to become overwhelming and hard to manage. The privacy policy, disclosure statement, and additional information are available at About Literary Spring Designs.

But while it seems easy enough to just pick up the phone and dial (or, if we're being honest, upload those photos to Facebook or Instagram), international roaming fees and data charges can add up quickly. If you plan to visit multiple countries, Amazon is a great place to find inexpensive universal adapters and converters. Increasingly, cafes and restaurants also offer free Wi-Fi and will happily give out the password if you ask.
You can find them at gas stations and local tobacconist shops, and it'll allow you to make calls from a local landline or pay phone in the country you're visiting.
If you are prone to losing your items, these services can be used to locate your lost device easily. He is a certified Jamaica Travel Specialist, graduate of the College of Disney Knowledge, and more. If you insist on using your own phone overseas, have your carrier set up an international plan.
Even companies that advertise global access may have hidden costs that only become apparent when you receive a bill for usage. Be sure to look at the current rates in your destination, and schedule or restrict your usage accordingly.
Make sure you know what is coming out of the outlets in your destination, and buy the necessary power adapters to fit your cellphone.
Roaming charges are one example where a domestic plan can turn into a financial nightmare overseas, and you could find yourself paying upward of $1.00 per minute on a plan that is usually free to use. Very few countries still use the cellphone networks that Americans think of as state-of-the-art. Luckily the past few years I have been able to travel much lighter, but simply adding some of the stuff to my iPhone and iPad. There are several apps that you can use to input your card information and save them to your phone. Some just provide information, but many allow you to make reservations, check-in, find restaurant or hotel locations, and other features. Packing even a few print books can really weigh down your luggage so the savings in weight for using your phone to read ebooks is significant. It takes some adjustment if you are used to using Microsoft World, but it is easy to learn. Pull up a chair and join in for DIY projects, crafts, thrifty tips, photography, typography, iPhones, and web design. If it doesn't, activate international calling, rent an international phone or purchase an unlocked phone (with an international SIM card) for use on your trip. Alternatively, you can keep your phone in "airplane mode" when you don't need Wi-Fi to help prevent your phone's battery from draining too quickly. Whether it’s smartphones or cameras, here are a few tips for traveling with technology. Pack all of your electronics together in one bag until you pass through security, including your cell phone.

Once Airplane Mode is enabled, turn your WiFi back on and you will still have access to the free WiFi available at your resort.
Jonathan's expertise combined with his passion for traveling makes him the perfect choice for your travel needs.
Even then, you need to wary of costly surcharges and exceptions that affect phones when they leave the country. Contact your provider and go over the details of what you need to have available when traveling abroad, and get the facts in writing.
As always, do your research to make sure the unit will work outside the country by visiting various reviews sites such as this one.
By logging in to free WiFi along the way, you can avoid data charges, network compatibility problems and data plan surcharges.
Having a photo to focus on can help you focus your mind towards relaxing rather than getting distracted by stray thoughts. Keep in mind that an international phone plan is most useful when you plan to travel for an extended period of time.
Free apps like WeChat and WhatsApp allow you to send messages (and photos and stickers!) over Wi-Fi. To overcome this and most other problems, consider buying or renting a phone once you arrive at your destination. If you do this, be sure to make a written copy of the numbers you may need to dial so you can enter them in the new phone.
Despite this drawback it can be great if you run into any unexpected road closures or problems and need an alternate route. If you don’t do your homework, though, you could have astronomical roaming charges waiting for you when you return home.
Some carriers offer international calling and data plans, while others are happy to suspend your service during your trip so you aren’t accidentally racking up charges abroad. This tells your phone not to connect to data networks that are outside of your home network, helping you avoid those hefty data roaming charges.Want to know how much data your social media uploads and web activity actually use? Check out our extended guide.Turn off automatic featuresIf your phone is set to automatically check for new emails, it could be using data without you even realizing it. This keeps your phone from connecting to a local network, meaning you’ll avoid data charges all together. These apps can be used on WiFi and many can be used for free or for a significantly lower cost than an international calling plan.What are your best tips for using your cell phone while traveling abroad? In 2011, Marissa swapped teaching for travel writing and now calls Southern California home.

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