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Here are a couple added photos of interest that many folks here in the Schoolcraft Township area are excited about. Charlie might be interested to know we now have a new 20 stories or so high cell tower just 3 doors from us at the corner since he was here! The only thing I have to say about the tower is I am glad I have lots of pictures coming down the hill to Lake Linden without the tower being in the shot.
By Steve KazellaWhen you have questions pertaining to the leasing of cell phone towers, it is nearly impossible to get unbiased, independent expert assistance from wireless industry professionals who do not have a conflict of interest representing both the landlord and the carrier. The bottom line is that no cell site lease consulting firm has more experience than us in the cellular leasing industry. Recently, the difference to our client from a carrier's a€?final offera€? and what we got the cellular carrier to agree to, will generate an additional $208,887 in cell tower rental income for our client over the 25-year rental term.
If You Are A Cell Tower Landlord Looking For Additional Revenue, We Are Your New Best Friend. Contact Us About Generating Additional Revenue At Your Existing Cell Tower or Rooftop Cell Site.

Purchase of property with existing tower Apr 17, 16 10:28 AMOkay, so as far as I can tell the previous owner can retain, payments of previous lease? The truth is that so many of the so-called "Cell Site Consultants"  or "Industry Experts" depend on the work they get from the carriers either directly or through subcontracts, and are neither unbiased nor independent. These companies call hundreds of Wireless Landlords every day about their cell phone towers or rooftop cellular site leases and try to offer a "rental holiday" and other absurd leasing solutions to take wireless income out of your pocket.
Airwave Management is the wireless industry's truly independent landlord advocate and lease consulting expert. These industry bottom-feeders make a living by bullying landlords out of their existing cell tower leases using scare tactics threatening to have landlord's cell sites taken down if they don't agree to the carrier's new terms.
It's kind of a pain to have to go to the top of Brockway Mountain to make a cell call, if you need to. We help landlords of cell phone towers and rooftop cell sites and other cellular antenna installations seeking additional rental income on their cell tower sites maximize the values of their cell site leases.
To an uniformed landlord, these letters which are not directly from the wireless carriers but from third parties plant the seeds of doubt that their cellular rental income is under threat of being completely lost if they don't agree to lower terms.

Are you a wireless landlord who needs assistance negotiating a cellular site lease purchase deal or evaluating a tower lease buyout offer? While it is true that there may be a small chance, Airwave Management helps landlords to evaluate these offers and provide landlords with a risk assessment of the likelihood of that cell tower lease and tower becoming obsolete. Every day across the United States increasing numbers of wireless landlords choose AirWave Management.
We write about this in detail on this site and in our forum.We'd love to step in and we can help with your cell phone towers!

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