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It seems as if landline phones, yes, remember those things, may be going the way of  the dinosaurs similar to pay phones. In the 1980s they became smaller and less expensive, but they didn`t really become mainstream until much later.
The 235-foot cell tower will be built by cell phone tower developer Horvath Communications on land owned by Mike Parde in an agricultural zoned district, planning and zoning commission chairwoman Lisa Wiegand said, and would meet the countys setback requirements of 75-feet from a roadway. You have all seen cell phone towers, those large, looming, ugly things reaching for the sky.
NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- As mobile data usage skyrockets, wireless companies are spending billions each year to maximize capacity, and consumers end up footing the cost in the form of higher cell phone bills. It's called lightRadio, a Rubik's cube-sized device made by Alcatel-Lucent (ALU) that takes all of the components of a cell phone tower and compresses them down into a 2.3-inch block.
When conceiving of lightRadio, Alcatel-Lucent's engineers stripped out all the heavy power equipment that controls modern cell towers, and moved them to centralized stations. Their small size and centralized operation lets wireless companies control the cubes virtually.
Today's cell towers, by contrast, send power in all different directions, most of which is lost, since it doesn't reach anyone's particular devices. French mobile telephone infrastructure manufacturer Alcatel-Lucent unveiled technology that shrinks a cell tower to a box the size of a Rubika€™s cube.
NEW YORK a€“ As cell phones have spread, so have large cell towers a€” those unsightly stalks of steel topped by transmitters and other electronics that sprouted across the country over the last decade.

Now the wireless industry is planning a future without them, or at least without many more of them. If the technology overcomes some hurdles, it could upend the wireless industry and offer seamless service, with fewer dead spots and faster data speeds. Remember those?  According to the latest cell phone data compiled by the Centers for Disease Control, (yes, that’s correct the CDC which surprisingly tracks cell phones) it seems as if a majority of American households either do not have landlines or do not use them regularly, if at all. Unlike today's cell towers and antennas, which are large, inefficient and expensive to maintain, lightRadio is tiny, capacious and power-sipping.
That allows the lightRadio cubes to be made small enough to be deployed virtually anywhere and practically inconspicuously: Atop bus station awnings, on the side of buildings or on lamp posts. They're inefficient in other ways as well: Roughly half of the power from cell towers' base stations is lost before it makes its way up to the antennas at the top of the tower. If neighbors don’t approve, cell towers would have to be at least 300 feet from homes. The commission recognizes the need for better communications down in that area, we know for a fact two of our board members have problems and live in that area, Wiegand said.
These could be placed on lampposts, utility poles and buildings a€” virtually anywhere with electrical and network connections.
In 2009, more visit homepage than half the world`s population, an estimated 4.1 billion people, owned a mobile phone, according to the United Nations.
Rich Kotite, a site acquisition agent with Horvath Communication, said the company planned to build the tower for a cell provider and would be capable of hosting other cell phone providers as well as county communication equipment.

Researchers have tried to create comparisons so an educated guess can be made as to whether there is a risk in living near a cell tower. A 2006 report from the World Health Organization noted that after some fifty years of human exposure to Radio Frequency signals from FM radio and television, which are similar to cell phone towers, there are no known negative effects on health. Towers can be covered or disguised to blend in, but neighbors worry these options will cause cell quality to suffer. An Australian study found that children living near TV and FM broadcast towers in Sydney had more than twice the rate of leukemia than children living over seven miles away. Highway coverage is very important now because people are constantly on their phone, Kotite said. Cellular says it’s not just the design, but the height of the tower, number of antennas and surrounding terrain all factor in to the quality of your call or the speed of your data.
Bill Lillie, who owns land adjacent to the proposed cell tower site, spoke against the measure during a public hearing held Wednesday. Yakima hopes laying out a clear balance of new technology with old aesthetics will send the right signal.

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