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Business Description:At Cell Phone Doctor, we provide a wide range of repairs and accessories for prices that CANNOT be matched by any competitor. Initially,6 weeks ago, I had a great experience when I took my Samsung galaxy s3 in to have the port fixed(known issue with Samsung's).
In an age where people's cell phones are more important than their cars are, when something happens to our beloved lifeline, we feel like a fish out of water.
I went to three other repair shops before letting this place replace my screen and home button on my Galaxy S4.
I just purchased a new Samsung Galaxy 5 and the screen shattered because my son dropped it. I went into the store to buy a specific phone.I had previusly priced it online and found themto be quite a bit more expensive. I called all over town to get my laptop fixed but everybody was trying to charge $300 and up until I found this place. I brang my galaxy s3 with a cracked screen in and was out of there within 20 minutes.The service was great, it was a cheap fix ($75), and I got a free phone case along with the fix.
I called this business to sell my Galaxy S3 and the man was very courteous and truthful with me regarding the sell of my phone.
The screen on my Galaxy S3 shattered and this place offered me the best deal out of the many places I researched. 3 Hours I sat and waited for him to work on my phone and in the end it was still not working right. I cracked the screen of my Thunderbolt, I ordered a new screen but after taking it apart I found I was unequal to the task of repairing it myself.
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They had another customer in front of me but they were still able to fix my screen, which looks great and for a moderate price, all within 20 minutes. Not only was this guy the cheapest, ($75) He was the only one in town that even had the parts in stock to complete the task! The prices are amazing, so much cheaper than the deductible on my insurance to get my screen repaired! I needed a part changed on my iPhone 5S and called all over Cincinnati with nothing but frustration. I called ahead for a quote for a shattered iPhone 5c screen it was less than what I expected after shopping around. I advice any interested to visit.i guaranty the good and fast service, you can have you phone repaired while you there.?? I would like to share my experience at cell phone doctor.I have been to this business a couple of times for cell phone related problems and each time they have exceeded my expectations on service and price.
I have kids and they always break their tablets and phones but my buddy Abe, here at cell phone doctor , always takes good care of me.
They fixed it for half the price and it only took a couple of days to get my laptop back and working.
I brought it here for repairs after waiting over 30 minutes at the Verizon store to have two people sneer at me for not buying the insurance (which would have only cost me $100 for repairs after paying all along for the insurance!). Due to the carrier I had and the low price they offered because of the carrier I did not choose to sell to them, but he did try to work with me as far as a price. I watched as my screen was fixed in under fifteen minutes and the price was so great, I almost didn't believe it.

I called around EVERYWHERE!No one came even close to what The Cell Phone Doctor was charging! One place refused to switch my back plate unless I bought a used aftermarket part from them.
The associate seemed a little distantand detached because I didn't prefer the moreexpensive phone. I am very satisfied with their friendly and professional service and I would highly recommend this place to anyone and I intend to return if I have any cell phone problems.
My phone was fixed and I was walking out the door within 20 minutes and it looks like brand new, everything works and everything is still there! He explained what he was doing and made sure that the phone was charging properly before sending me on my way.
Not only did he fix the glass while we waited, but saved us a ton over Cincinnati Bell and gave us a great deal on a case for the phone.
The repairmen are very careful to not hold out false hope, but I think that they are better at fixing phones than even they know. Hopefully, I won't need to come back here but I am hard on phones and I will definitely come back. And it costs way less than Verizon wanted to charge me to fix it and even way less than the used iPhone4 Verizon offered to me as a replacement.
A new battery, charging port, and his services cost $50, and I got my phone back in about 30 minutes, because there were no other customers there at the time.

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