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After its decent success with the HTC One, the Taiwan-based company is eyeing to launch a new flagship model. Reports say that the phone will appear next year and we can expect it to be quite popular among smartphone users like the original HTC One, which was previously called the M7. The device may feature the new Sense 6.0 UI, which delivers multiple new feature enhancements, such as the ability to disable BlinkFeed. AT&T’s LTE network is still improving and it already reaches a level where the carriers can start offering “real” 4G smartphones to take advantage of the fast connection. Those who live in a place where the AT&T’s LTE network isn’t ready yet, may still use the HSPA+, which is a already tad faster than most 3G connection standards we used to. The HTC Vivid features a superb 8Mp camera and as far as the camera is concerned, it can record 1080p videos remarkably well. Their front page is one of the most visited web sites on the internet and if you want to sell something then there is no better place to do it.
Of course being a phone that is sold by Google, it is going to have the Android as its main operating system. The hardware of the phone is pretty much the same as all of the other high powered smart phones that are out there. The phone has GPS and Bluetooth capabilities and it is able to connect to the local WIFI that you might have in your house.
The camera on the Nexus One is a little disappointing since it only has a single flash and only takes up to 5 megapixel pictures.
Overall the Nexus One has a lot of features that the average person would be looking for in their smart phone. We carry all kinds of Boost Phones, Virgin Mobile phones, accessories,Batteries,Blue tooth, Etc. If you're paying 100's of dollars at verizon or AT&T, then bring your phone to me and forget about your contract. Samsung Galaxy S4 mini La Fleur edition is now available for consumer use with brand new exciting paintjobs. Samsung has been following the tradition of releasing special versions of its devices with floral patterns.
The all new Samsung I9506 Galaxy S4 has been introduced to enthral the users of smartphones. The Galaxy S4 Dual SIM by Samsung is integrated with a dynamic 5 inch 16M colors Super AMOLED display. The latest Galaxy S4 is packed with a 13MP primary camera with LED flash and digital zoom facility.
The powerful 2600mAh Li-ion battery allows for 370 hours standby time and 17 hours talk time. Recently, Samsung announced formal introduction of a phone with a flexible OLED screen and finally came up with the Galaxy Round. The design is quite similar to the Galaxy Note III and uses a screen with a slight curve with a 5.68-inch Full HD 1080p Super AMOLED display.
The all new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is available on the market with the latest Android OS, v4.3 (Jelly Bean) operating system.
It has been equipped with a Speakerphone and unlimited memory for phone book and call records. The phone by Samsung also sports BlueTooth, microUSB v2.0 (MHL 2), video, stereo FM radio with RDS, games, and a dynamic 13 megapixel camera with 4128 x 3096 pixels and amazing features like autofocus, LED flash, Dual Shot, simultaneous HD video and image recording.
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 supports messaging facilities including SMS(threaded view), MMS, Email, Push Mail, IM, and RSS. Watch this durability report on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 after a full month of use published by PocketNow.
The phone is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor clocked at 2.3GHz and 2GB of RAM. The South Korean company has been making clamshell smartphones for years now, but it has yet to plan of releasing such a handset in the global market. With one of its newest handset, Galaxy Victory 4G LTE, Samsung wants to have bigger share in the market. The Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE is on the thicker side and this isn’t the slimmest handset out there.
The 4” WVGA display of the Galaxy Victory 4G LTE doesn’t represent Samsung’s reputation as the maker of killer screens. The LED-equipped 5Mp camera delivers decent shots and it delivers what we should expect from a mid-ranger. Given the use of the dated 1.2GHz Qualcomm dual-core processor, you won’t be disappointed with the phone’s performance level.
The 2100mAh battery seems to serve its purpose well and you should be able to make it through a busy day. The Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE has Android 4.0 out of the box and unfortunately, the company hasn’t hinted about possible update to Jelly Bean. Samsung’s latest high-end smartphone, the Galaxy S3 is a runaway success and it has won praises from consumers and experts alike.

Video playback on the 4.8” display looks amazing and it is appropriate if you consider a tablet or phablet to large. An 8Mp camera was high-end during Galaxy S2’s era and the S3 now comes with a 12Mp module on the back. It would be difficult to find major faults of the phone, as the Galaxy S3 seems to excel in terms of innovations and features. Despite being equipped with a huge 5.5” Super-AMOLED HD display, Samsung finally decides to put the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in the smartphone category. Being a Samsung device, it has some distinctive design elements including an easy-to-reach power key on the right-side of the device.
Cranked up to 1.6GHz, the quad-core Exynos chip delivers exceptional performance and if you’ve tried many Android devices in recent years, you know that not many products in the market can whiz so well under the finger.
Note 2’s 5.5” display is impressive and it’s simply amazing for prolonged movie playback, with its vivid presentation.
The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is completely phenomenal and it is hands down the best portable media device we’ve seen in months. Previously, we found that Samsung Galaxy S3 will arrive to Sprint’s network through the User Agent Profile and again from the same source, yet another Samsung smartphone is revealed. As for the features, the phone will support NFC feature, which helps users who want to live out cash-less lifestyle. Again, this phone brings nothing new to the market, but if it will be available at a low price tag, the Samsung SPH-L300 will mark the beginning of affordable LTE solutions in the mobile industry. Samsung and AT&T announced the Samsung Focus 2, a direct successor of the original Focus.
Despite its slight plasticky feel, Samsung puts the phone together pretty well and it will fit nicely in your hand. Fortunately, the interface of Samsung Focus 2 feels really snappy, although some 3rd party apps take a bit too long to load. There’s still a possibility that HTC will give the phone a completely new naming scheme and the M8 may not be included in the One series. As for what HTC Sense 6.0 UI might actually look is still a total mystery, but there’s still a chance that we would see a total interface overhaul.
HTC Vivid is one of the AT&T’s upcoming 4G (LTE) phone and the device will launch on the network at November 6. Unfortunately, the 1620 mAH battery turns out to be of a let down, within half a day of average use, it comes down to just a third of the full charge. The other reason why Google created the phone was so they could test out the power of their front page when it came to selling items. With this review, we will talk about all of the features of the Nexus One and tell you what we think of the phone. The one advantage of the Android on the Nexus One compared to the other Android based phones out there is that the people who have one are always guaranteed to be upgraded when the latest Android operating system comes out. It has a better microphone than the other smart phones that are out there since it has a second mic.
That means you do not have to use the data plan to surf the internet if you are able to connect to a WiFi hot spot. The other high powered Android based phones such as Evo 4G and the Incredible both have dual flash and can take pictures of up to 8 megapixels. If you are looking for a brand new smart phone, then a Nexus One is a good place to start your search. Overall, Samsung Galaxy S4 is a stylish smartphone with wonderful design and ideal configuration.
The display performance is powered by a super AMOLED capacitive 5.7 inches touchscreen that supports 1080 x 1920 pixels and 16M colors. While its specs are considered decent for today’s standard, the whole design is certainly solid and would easily satisfy those looking for an affordable Android solution. You shouldn’t experience any major issue and it’s a good thing that Samsung also throws in a physical camera button. Although the phone won’t last days, average user should be able to operate the phone for the whole day without worrying about the dreaded low-battery warning.
With Galaxy S3, Samsung has gone really big on innovation, by offering features that we only dared to speculate previously.
Like Siri, it’s also server-driven, so S-Voice is similarly accurate as long as you have a reliable data connection. And when it comes to functionality and raw power, it is certain the Galaxy Note 2 is a top dog.
It gives us everything we should expect from a Super-AMOLED HD display, although some would say that colorful objects look a bit unrealistic due to highly saturated colors.
Many would consider it too big to be used as a normal phone and it feels a bit odd when held to our face. The Focus 2 is not obnoxiously thick, but at 10.98mm, it’s not the thinnest handset on the market either. The adoption of Windows Phone has been very slow to pick up and Nokia is facing legal battles with its shareholders, due to inability to save itself using Microsoft mobile platform.

The Samsung Focus 2 is the latest in the line of Focus Windows Phone smartphones for AT&T.
It could be one of a few smartphones out there that feels as elegant and durable as the iPhone 4S.
Its speaker is quite loud and HTC Vivid won’t give you trouble listening what the other person is saying.
The first reason is that it wanted a device that was going to keep the other Android based phone vendors honest. They placed the phone for sell on their web site and they wanted to see how many people would purchase the phone in that manner. A phone that is branded under Google’s direct banner would look pretty silly if it was not running the latest operating system made by the company. It runs off of the Snapdragon processor made by Qualcomm so you know that the phone is going to have power behind it. This can be handy if you want to be able to cut your data plan to a less expensive version. The weakness of the camera is not a deal breaker but it is something that you should look at. S4 is powered by 2.3GHz Krait 400 processor, 2GB RAM memory, and Qualcomm MSM8974 Snapdragon 800 chipset.
Regardless of which mode you use, the pictures will come out great in normal lighting conditions. The Lithium Ion 3200 mAh battery of the phone offers decent talktime and standby time to users.
There’s obviously a not-so-impressive side of the phone, it is equipped with a couple of mediocre 3.4-inch WVGA display based on the Super AMOLED panel.
Being a mid-range device, the Galaxy Victory 4G LTE doesn’t feel cheap, thanks to its added weight. If you’ve used devices with larger displays before, it may take some adjusting when you use Galaxy Victory 4G LTE for the first time.
The display resolution is similar to the HTC One X, although the pixel density is lower due to higher display size. Compared to the Android 2.3, the significantly revamped interface of ICS seems to have layers after layers glued on top of the operating system. The HTC One X is still faster, but Samsung Galaxy S3 can prove to be a real powerhouse during daily use with its quad-core processor. The S-Pen gives us a bunch of fancy new tricks and after using it for awhile, we can see that the device can cover a lot of grounds.
To avoid sounding a little too evangelical, it is important to note that size could be a major issue for some users.
Basically, LTE will no longer be a high-end feature and eventually to experience amazing download speed; users don’t need to ride on the high-end side of things. It will also have a 5Mp rear-facing camera with full-HD recording and a 1.3Mp front-facing camera. Under the hood, the Samsung Focus 2 is powered by a 1.4GHz single-core processor, which seems a bit outdated as many Android typically use dual- and quad-core processor to achieve top performance. Phones like the Samsung Focus 2 may make it even more difficult for Nokia to regain its market share. In other words, the phone was supposed to give them competition so that they would always try to make the best smart phones possible. Snapdragon The 1,900mAh battery is significant for allowing you to play games, videos, and talking for a longer time.
The new SCH-W2014 is a powerful device that even one-ups the company’s international flagship, the Galaxy S4, in terms of raw performance. Considering that it would retail above $1,600, we would think that the W2014 should feature better display. Despite the removable back cover, the Galaxy S3 feels reassuringly solid and appealingly shiny. Samsung offers its own unique enhancement, which allows users to take screenshots by wiping the display with their finger.
Samsung insists that the Note 2 is still pocketable and providing you’re not wearing something tight, the phone will slip in just fine. At this stage, we should reserve proper judgment until the exact pricing is announced and if priced similarly or below the iPhone 5, we surely have a real winner on our hands.
Leaked images show that the handset has some interesting looking buttons at the bottom and a rather huge bezel on the top.
If you think that the phone is ridiculously expensive, Samsung’s earlier high-end clamshell model were available for $2,500.

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