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What is more is that this organization does not discriminate against you based on your credit history but say that they rather look at your future potential. Need finance for a new car, motorcycle or to pay for that well deserved holiday you’ve been talking about? For those of you who do not wish to apply online for a loan but would rather consult with a qualified advisor, then you can visit one of the companies branches based around the country in cities such as Johannesburg, Cape Town, George, Bloemfontein, and Pietersberg. This company believes on providing personal loans to those who need them, no matter what a persons credit history may reflect. A wireless industry lobby group told a Nova Scotia legislature committee Thursday that the government's new cellphone bill could leave customers in the lurch.
The Dexter government’s proposed strict end to cellphone contracts could leave customers unwittingly in the lurch, says the industry association. The Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association said Thursday that proposed legislation here would be unique in Canada in requiring service to be cut off the second a customer’s contract ends. Association president Bernard Lord says the common practice is to put customers on a month-to-month plan when their contract ends, using the same terms of that fixed-term contract. Lord said service providers always try to tell customers their contracts are about to expire, but some customers don’t pay attention. New Democrat committee member Howard Epstein said the government will consider the amendment. Service Nova Scotia Minister John MacDonell said the intent is to allow for anti-cyberbullying material to be sent to cellphone users. But the Progressive Conservatives pointed to a clause they said opens up the messaging to any topic.
MacDonell said the government’s only intent is to distribute anti-bullying information.

David Jackson is The Chronicle Herald's provincial legislature reporter and The Howe Room columnist.
Naturally, the industry is against any plans to curtail their gouging of the public, the excuse floated by Mr. It's sad to see this former popular premier of New Brunswick acting as a shill for the big telecom companies . But if this legislation goes through, either cell phone companies will STOP offering up-front discounts on their phones to Nova Scotians with a contract, or the price of the contracts will go way up. The only possible outcome here is for consumers to get screwed because of the government's interference. People think this is a good thing, but the reason there is such great discounts on phones is because they're locked into a contract, and pay a big cancellation if they leave early. I truly cannot see why the government is sticking it's nose into private business, telling them how they have to run. They are a loan sourcing company which aims to make sure that you get the money that you need when you need it.
The best thing about their website is that they have streamlined their business in such a way that you can apply for a loan online. This is a fantastic way for those of you who are looking to build up your credit history again but have been unable to get credit because of a bad credit history. It contains a number of consumer-friendly measures, including capping contract cancellation fees at $50 and requiring telecommunications companies to provide minimum monthly costs of service in contracts and advertising.
They are forever trying to find new ways to rip us off even though we have the highest rates in the world already. At the end of my 3yr contracts, I like my phone run month to month until it breaks or I decide to get a new one.

Obviously it is ridiculous to expect them to sell me a $700 iPhone at $200 on a 3yr contract, when I can break the contract 1 day later and only pay a $50 fee. You won't be getting phones for cheap if there's no fee or a small fee for cancelling early.
Tell that to the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association, they are an oligarchy not in competition. That being said, if they truly believe they should be involved, then do some research on the perceived problem before coming up with half measures. Over the years they have streamlined their business in such a way that they are able to give you a loan without having to leave your home or office. Use the online “Affodability Calculator” to work out how much you qualify to borrow according to your salary, monthly expenses etc. That being said, I don't know why anyone even bothers with contracts anymore, since you can get month-to-month service with providers and still not pay for a phone up front by using a 'tab'. An perceived competition between providers is an illusion to gull the public, they speak with one voice, in this case that of the former NB premier! As long as you stay with them long enough, the phone gets paid off, and if you leave early, then you just pay for the phone. I'm a responsible consumer and I actually READ the contract before I sign it - I know the costs if I decide to cancel.

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