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The benefits to owning a cell phone are many, which is why they have become one of the most popular electronic devices sold today. We have over 20 years of experience in the loan industry and our aim is to provide easy short term and long term loans to blacklisted clients as well as clients that are not blacklisted. The province is addressing Nova Scotians' concerns about cellphone contracts with changes announced today, Feb. Many Nova Scotians told us they felt trapped by their cellphone contracts, which is why we took action and passed this legislation. Cellphone companies must provide more information about minimum monthly costs and include it in advertising.
Providers will not be able to change major parts of a contract, including services, costs, fees or locations where the phone can be used, without consumers' permission.
Nova Scotians who are unhappy with their service and decide to change providers could pay as little as $50 to cancel contracts. The amendments only apply to consumer contracts signed after the regulations come into effect May 1. Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations Minister John MacDonell says people now have to be told in clear, plain language what is included in contracts and the act addresses contract changes. Jonathan Williams, executive director of Students Nova Scotia says this is positive legislation, especially for students. OTTAWA - Cellphone customers will be able to walk away from their contracts after two years without any early-cancellation penalties under a set of new rules unveiled Monday by the CRTC.
But the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission didn't go as far as an outright ban on the controversial three-year contracts that are so widely hated by many Canadians.
Instead, customers will only have to pay the remaining value of the device subsidy if they opt out of their contracts after two years. In the lead-up to public hearings held earlier this year, the CRTC said it heard a lot of angry comments about three-year contracts.
The regulator also had a backer in the federal Competition Bureau, which supports measures to limit contract length.
Shorter contracts could also mean cellphone companies might offer smaller subsidies on devices a€” meaning customers might pay more up front for their phone, Engelhart added.
Bell spokesman Paolo Pasquini said the company already provides customers with a number of ways to avoid signing a long-term contract, and warned a two-year time frame could end up limiting their options. However, the association raised concerns about customers being able to walk away from the wireless contracts after two years. But the news that wireless customers will be able to cancel their contracts after two years without any extra penalties was welcomed by at least one consumer group. The ability to walk away from a wireless agreement after two years is one of several provisions aimed at appeasing consumers in the CRTC's new set of national standards for the content and clarity of cellphone contracts. The CRTC is also capping extra data charges at $50 per month and international data roaming charges at $100 per month to avoid huge, surprise bills.

The regulator will require providers to allow customers to unlock their devices after 90 days, or immediately if they pay the full amount of the device. Customers will be allowed to return their cellphones within 15 days and specified usage limits if they're unhappy with their service and they will also be able to accept or decline any changes to two-year contracts.
The regulator is also requiring companies to produce contracts that are easy to read and understand.
The code a€” which all service providers in Canada will have to abide by a€” will apply to new wireless contracts starting Dec. Treasury Board President Tony Clement said it's "perfectly reasonable" for the federal government to step in with new regulations for cellphone companies. In Canada, cellphone contracts are painfully long and nearly impossible to escape from early without severe penalties. Ontario is vowing to bolster consumer protection in the wireless services space by adopting new legislation. The Liberal provincial government in Ontario called the federal government "unwilling" to protect consumers "from costly one-side contracts." Sault Ste. The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) is an independent public organization that regulates and supervises the Canadian broadcasting and telecommunications systems. The CRTC does not regulate newspapers, magazines, cell phone rates, the quality of service and business practices of cell phone companies, or the quality and content of TV and radio programs. Techvibes is Canada's leading technology media property.Founded in 2002, Techvibes covers technology and business news that impacts Canadians. Useful information Get more from your BlackBerry TopUp contracts Your first bill Bundles RICA Handy numbers Call limits Legal stuff  Sitemap Your order How we work Scared to shop online? Size The BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 is a superb piece of engineering and without a doubt the best-looking BlackBerry ever released. Don’t let bad credit ruin your life take the first step to financial freedom with one of our loans for blacklisted people when you need it the most. With all our contracts your account will be credited with up to R275 airtime every month based on the package you choose.
We're making sure Nova Scotians have access to clear and fair cellphone contracts that they can cancel at any time without huge penalties. They depend on cellphones as their primary means to stay connected with family, friends and employers. MacDonell says the legislation is about consumers, and having it effective May 1 gives them time to learn what it means. That means if a customer bought a $600 phone for $99 on a three-year plan, they only have to pay the remaining balance on the device itself to get out of the contract early. However, a senior executive cautioned the company may not be able to put in place the technology and systems by the CRTC's December deadline.
But Rogers, Telus, and Bell - who are not actively regulated by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission - happily control between 92% and 95% of the market and have thus been able to craft contracts that remain very unfavourable to consumers.

It would apply to all new contracts, as well as to contacts that are extended or changed after that date. We are engaged in wireless voice and data communications services through Wireless, Canada's largest wireless provider and the operator of the country's only national Global System for Mobile Communications ("GSM") based network. We combine breaking local news with international coverage to deliver a unique balance of insight and information. Cellphone contract deals, laptops deals and 3G modem contracts.Specials on Vodacom, MTN and Cell C. The Bold Touch 9900 features a brand new operating system, faster speeds and a high resolution touch-screen making the device one of the best in the BlackBerry warehouse.
Many consumers use them to conduct business, keep in touch with loved ones or to have a fallback in case of an emergency. There are many to choose from, but that selection can seem nonexistent for anyone who has been blacklisted as well as those with low credit scores. As soon as you have depleted the available airtime you can recharge with a vodacom voucher. The Consumer Protection Act regulates cellphone contracts and protects consumers who enter into, or renew, contracts beginning May 1. These changes will definitely help protect university and college students from unclear and unfair contracts. Plus there are services such as repairs, games, insurance options, the ability to sell your old device and so much more. In these situations, blacklisted cell phone contracts can help you stay in touch regardless of your credit score or standing with cell phone companies.
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