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Though it would have been better if SpoofApp had been around for April Fools' Day, there's still plenty of uses we can think of to fake (or "spoof") your caller ID.
SpoofApp is a native application for the Apple iPhone that lets callers pretend they are calling from a phone number other than the one they are actually calling from. 4) Call a landline from popular known phone numbers and have the receiver see the name displayed with the number. FYI, YOU IDIOT, not everyone knows about this app, and even if they did, not everyone expects it. You probably are some high school kid mad at the world who is a hermit in mommy and daddy's basement with a box of Kleenex and a bottle of Jergens. Trying to protect your kids against technology is like trying to protect them against evolution. 2) Tell your kids about the app & warn them about fake callers, this educates them to not be gullible. 3) If you're worried about them answering the home phone, tell them to listen to voicemail, not answer. The LM960 Bluetooth Vibrating Bracelet is a revolutionary product that gives the user discreet and increased awareness of an incoming mobile phone call by vibrating.
The LM960 is styled with a OLED screen design complete with Caller ID; boasting a user friendly interface that can be connected and working in minutes.
By signing-up, you agree that EXPANSYS PLC and their respective group of companies can contact you from time to time by email, phone, post, SMS or MMS with information on products, services and offers. Hopefully you will meet a "bitch ass cop", your lovely attitude will present itself, and they will send you right where you belong - sitting on a nice hot stone in the gaping depths of hell you piece of shit. Hopefully, some "bitch ass cop" will find you and your great attitude will come out and they will send you right where you belong - straight to the gaping depths of hell you ignorant piece of shit. And if you think all this is too much hassle for you, that it's not fair, that THEY should change, go to a therapist, stop being entitled, spoiled, saying "it's not fair" and grow up. Everytime I watch the news someone is marching around protesting something "in the name of safety for children" ENOUGH.

I have a six year old son and am extremely upset when I hear lazy parents make arguements like this.
Now, I was seeing this guy and cut it off, but ever since then I've been getting these godamn calls!! She is now calling my cell and making it look like the calls are coming from my home landline. I've had an ex boyfriend stalking me for the past 2 years and he got a hold of this "spoof texting" and messaged me through my "Mom's Cell" telling me to meet him this weekend. The world will not open their eyes on how dangerous this can be until its breaking news that an innocent person ends up hurt or dead. Not all, though, there are definitely legitimate uses for spoofing your caller ID -- everything ranging from conducting business from the road to checking in on your kids. Once you've installed SpoofApp, you simply enter your Spoof Card details, the number you want to call, and the number you want to appear you're calling from -- and hit "Call". Until you start taking responsibility, instead of asking others to, your kids will be in danger of growing up like you. Police your OWN children so that I can enjoy being an adult without your children being ENDANGERED. Then the victim uses *67 (I think that's the code) to call my number and wondering what's going on. I think I have a legitimate reason to need to change my number so I am able to call or text. I would normally freak out and assume someone had broken into my home to call my cell for reasons unknown, but I know it's this stupid bitch trying to lure me into answering her calls. If i didn't know any better than i did, i would have taken my "Mom's" advice and met my extremely dangerous ex boyfriend. The person receiving the call will see the incoming call from whatever number you specified! Anybody that does not think that this application will be abused is completely naive to the "sickos" that wander our streets.

I do not have children by choice & it is infuriating how much MY life, liberties (heck and pursuit of happiness) are affected by yours. Got my sitter and went to see this movie only to find that it was removed from the theater because parents complained. Luckily I called her to question this text message and she warned me that it was NOT sent by her. How do protect your child from being deceived by an individual that pretends to be a police officer and informs your child that they need to rush to an accident scene that is nothing more than a ploy to get your child to some remote location?
Don't think it can happen, then let's try it out on your sixteen your old daughter and see how she passes the test in panic mode?
I am sick of being harrassed and can't document and prove its her with crap like this legal for idiots to use.
Ban this crap once and for all or devise a counter application to prevent somebody from using this type of application against you. It is your right to not be "spoofed" just as much as it is the right for others to "spoof" you! I DO NOT THINK THEY SHOULD BE HARMED AND BELIEVE ANYONE WHO DOES SHOULD BE HANGED OR TORTURED OR SOMETHING. If you want to let your kids watch movies like that do some parental work and watch it first.

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