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When choosing your phone you not only take a look at the price of the phone but also the plan that comes with it.
In our quick guide we took a look at all of the major wireless carriers as well as secondary prepaid carriers to see how much difference there was in price. The T-Mobile plan is the cheapest overall when you look at the total price but it’s a little trickier than that due to the way their plans are priced. AT&T has one of the cheaper plans out of the major wireless carriers for the Galaxy S5.
The Verizon plan is very similar to the AT&T plan with 2GB of data along with unlimited talk and text with a total $10 more expensive at $90 per month. The plans from Sprint are different than other wireless carriers as they’re big on giving unlimited data.
So overall the cheapest plan we found was the T-Mobile plan that after you included the price of the phone was still less than the Verizon plan where you must also pay a minimum of $99 up-front for the phone.
Everyone wants to save money on the growing costs of cell phones plans and seniors are no different. Like we mentioned in the guide, you will still need to go and check out what the price would be for your exact plan. Depending on the exact phone there can be different costs included and getting the best overall price is a big factor for the price-conscious consumer. We decided to look at individual plans with at least 2GB of data along with unlimited talk and text.

Instead of getting the phone for a couple hundred dollars and having the plan seperate they basically combine the two.
The phone varies in price depending on what type of sale is going on but you can usually purchase it for around $199 or less.
The one major upside is that Verizon seems to have much better deals on the S5 with a current sale at the time of this post where you can get the phone for $99 with 2-year agreement.
This means we can’t use our regular data set of 2GB or more per month as they only offer unlimited. This is the usual amount offered by the wireless plans we see so it should be a good benchmark. Verizon and AT&T even though slightly more expensive, may provide better overall quality due to their larger coverage area and faster data speeds in many areas where T-Mobile is still slowly trying to expand. The options I have narrowed it down to include the major four (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile) but not completely shying away from Boost Mobile or Virgin Mobile if they have cheaper plans. The 3GB plans may be too much for some and too little for others so you’ll need to figure out how much data you need.
When you sign up for a new agreement there’s also an activation fee for the phone just like other carriers which is currently at around $40. All-in-all the plans are nearly the same and those simply looking to save money probably aren’t going to save any money switching from one provider to another.
This means that the cheapest isn’t always the best deal so when the prices are this close you need to look at the overall value and the other costs associated with terminating your contract before you would make the jump to another carrier or start up a new contract.

If you’re thinking about going with T-Mobile than make sure they have good coverage in your area, the same goes with Sprint. This still makes the plan for the S5 a reasonable $87.50 per month according to the T-Mobile website before you add in taxes and fees. They do have free activation codes from time to time that you can take advantage of on their website.
Make sure you check the coverage map for Sprint as well since just because the data is unlimited doesn’t mean they have fast enough data speeds to make it worth it in your area. Just like we mentioned with Sprint, make sure that T-Mobile has good coverage in your area before purchasing as we’ve seen many complaints about their coverage from consumers who have bought into their new plans recently. The secondary carriers aren’t always the best value option overall, but for the right person they can save you a lot of money over the period of a few years.
Yup, only $10 more than the cheapest AT&T family plan for 2 phones and you get so many more features.

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