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Your server is the heart of your company and it's health is vital to the functioning of your business. Debtors will call you when they need to buy a car or any other time they need to borrow money. What will you do  if you do not have Phone Extension List or if the company does not provide it in particular? If you own a restaurant and want to provide it with something useful, you can try to provide table reservation form. This generic sign in sheet template is great when you need to record the attendance of people at meetings, events, or functions.
This generic sign attendance sheet is great for recording the attendance of people at meetings. This visitor sign in sheet template is great if you need to keep track of visitors to your workplace, office, or facility. The Simple Sales Receipt Template for Word is a useful template for documenting sales information and for printing an itemized receipt for your customers.

Perhaps it is impossible to memorize all phone extension numbers unless you have a very good memory or the extension number is less than 10 numbers. It also contains the Date wherein you can click to select the date from a calendar display. On a separate table, the column headers are Quantity, Item Number, Description, Unit Price, Discount, Line Total or total for each item. This is professionally designed to be printed out to give as copies to be given out to customers. You can also fill in your Company Name, Address, Phone Number and Fax Number on the Footer part of the page so customers can contact your company in case of further inquiries, returns or exchanges. In addition, this template is part of a design collection called Simple Lines Design so users in business can create many other documents that match and complement this Simple Sales Receipt. It also contains the Name where items are Sold To and the Company Name, Address and Phone Number. These are then calculated to come up with a Total Discount, Subtotal, and then an added Sales Tax and the Grand Total.

This Simple Sales Receipt Template also automatically generates a Customer ID number to identify each sales receipt. Nowadays, staff in one department can communicate and call other staff in separated department using phone and fax at once. And in order to do that, they need a phone extension list so they can communicate quickly just by seeing the list.
Phone extensions allow people to make a call to people in different room in one phone line.

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